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  1. Spowageblade

    Bristol City v Sheffield United

    Probably his last game! He’s got plenty of bottle speaking out like he has done I take my hat off to him. Only one chris wilder
  2. Spowageblade

    Chris Wilder interview, Praise or Grumble.

    Would be gutted if he goes but I take my hat off to him for telling us the truth
  3. Spowageblade

    Birmingham Vs The Blades

    I feel a win today roared on with a large following
  4. Spowageblade

    Blades Vs Middlesbrough

    Let’s hope for a win we are still in with a outside chance of making the playoffs, if we win and other results go in our favour.
  5. Spowageblade

    Barnsley Vs Blades

    We really need 3 points from this one to stay in touch with the pack
  6. Spowageblade

    Blades vs Cardiff 02/04/18

    Warnock does it’s again his trademark last second goal, I’m gutted
  7. Spowageblade

    Brentford Vs Blades

    Hard game for the blades we may get a point if we re discover our early season form.
  8. Around sheffield any in particular will keep an eye out for them
  9. Spowageblade

    Blades v forrest

    Looking forward to this one we have nothing to fear should be a good crowd
  10. Spowageblade

    Mind the gap it is getting BIGGER

    Another win for our boys still in with a shout
  11. Spowageblade

    The George Hirst Saga..

    Whoevers fault it is it’s such a shame he’s not playing 1st team football or a least on the bench so he can be tested at a higher level.
  12. Spowageblade

    Road resurfacing, Amey & Streets Ahead

    Not sure what’s happening potholes appearing all across the city, the tarmac they use dosnt seem to last very long
  13. Spowageblade

    Blades Vs Burton

    It could be close I’m going for 1 nil win for the blades
  14. Spowageblade

    Leeds United v Sheffield Wednesday 17/03/18

    As a blade even I hope you beat Leeds
  15. Spowageblade

    Blades Vs Burton

    We should win this one however we most be on our guard they could spring a surprise on us

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