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  1. I recall reading once on SF from a regular of that cinema regarding when the retracting roof was opened. In the summer time to 'air' the place out, that as the roof was being opened, several pounds of old pigeon excrement was discharged onto the unsuspecting patrons below.
  2. While on about Pitsmoor murders: anyone old enough to recall the oddly named 'Bread and Jam' murder in 1959? Not all that bizarre in it's nature and didn't get much local publicity because 'The Star' /'Telegraph' weres on strike at the time. It was in the Fox Street/ Rock Street area of Pitsmoor.
  3. Yes, Spital Lane. What I thought somewhat ironical was that a police sub-station was built almost next door to it (Spital Lane/Andover Street).
  4. Can't answer for his whereabouts now and I think he was around 21 at the time (1961) so might still be around. At the trial he said that he had recently married and became unemployed and had no money for Christmas...all that for five bob !
  5. Yes Brian Laws as Owl's boss failed in tempting Billy from the Irons. Both Sheffield born Billy and Jamie Vardy have the same feelings for the clubs they didn't support as kids.
  6. In the English Championship, if all 'goals', ' penalty area incidents' were to be decided by VAR then every game would end nowt-nowt.
  7. If those of different religious denominations point to the heavens (as they entitled to), then someone's going to be disappointed at the end of the game.
  8. Any one recall where Granville Lane (if it existed) was, perhaps in the South Street area till mid/late 1950s ?
  9. The chemist's on Ellesmere Road (near Lyons Road) was Greenstreet's, in the same block of shops was also a chip shop, a shoe repairer, a fruit and veg and Karr's (later Woodhead's) sweets and ice cream shop.
  10. Hasn't Wickham been on loan to the Owls before (from Sunderland) ?
  11. That came to be known as 'The Little Miss Music Murder' when an elderly piano teacher- a Miss Jones - was slain in her Ellesmere Road home by a neighbour from nearby Lyons Road name of Phillips, all for five old shillings. The incident happened at Christmas 1961 and the killer being sentenced in early 1962.
  12. Perhaps they can get about a quarter of Chelsea's loanees -44 of them last year- but the Owls are ok for goalies.
  13. Who owns/uses the old E.S.C. sports ground on Shiregreen Lane, did Forgemaster's inherit it ?
  14. What was in the Wicker Lazrus ?
  15. Not to confuse but wasn't the Plumpers pub at the corner of Sutherland Street and Greystock Street, and Corby Street ran parallel between there and Princess Street, might that help ?
  16. Actress Jane Leeves (Frazier) was born in Sussex, so must have had to work on the Lancashire accent.
  17. One perm would be Good Friday (afternoon), Easter Monday (afternoon) and Tuesday (evening) (some home, some away) and that would be when Bob Lord, Alan Hardacre and their Football League pals were running the show. Made me think, did the Owls or the Blades ever play a Good Friday game at home back then ? (obviously not against each other).
  18. Wasn't a day to forget until about ten minutes from the end but I do get your very good point.
  19. Perhaps the Owls won't need a points deduction imposed by the Football League, at this rate they'll do it by themselves.
  20. I recall that back in the 1960s-or perhaps even later- SCT used to re-hire former conductors that had reached retirement age (65) and they supplemented the regular crews, working week days part time on some of the not so busy routes, off-peak say 10am- 2pm
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