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  1. Yes the Peacock was one of the first Chinese restaurants in Sheffield, the first was the Rickshaw (Devonshire Street) followed by Zing Vaa (the Moor), then one at Hillsborough corner and another at Highfields (London Road), last two names I forget.
  2. The first pint of Ward's I had was in the summer of 1965 in the Crinolin Bridge pub near Rotherham power station. That started my love affair with the great brew.
  3. Wasn't there a payroll robbery at some firm in Ecclesfield in the 1970s ?
  4. Yes Tennant's (Whitbread's) was the Ladys Bridge brewery and Duncan Gilmour's was on the other side of Bridge Street til the mid-60s when parent company Tetley's closed it.
  5. Are you the same Geoff Young that played for Club 62 and (perhaps) lived in the Southey Green area, later moving to Torquay, Devon ?
  6. Where on Savile Street Jim ? As it runs from the Wicker to Carwood Road (Brightside Lane after that) and between Sutherland Road and Carwood Road was Firth-Brown's head office.
  7. The church hall you mentioned was actually a church and had different denominations residing there in the 60s and 70s, it was once a Mormon tabernacle later a Methodist church and when it closed it was a Muslim temple. It was at the triangle of Grimesthorpe Road-Ellesmere Road-Lyo ns Road. All Saints school was across the street and was a junior school, the secondary school in that area was Burngreave. Was that church always used by DPS pupils or a temporary arrangement ?
  8. Yes it was Brian Tiler, the Millers won that game 1-0, not sure who scored, perhaps Frank Casper.
  9. Didn't the Millers beat the Owls in this competition in 1966 when Wednesday were in the old First division and FA Cup finalists, perhaps Brian ? (the Rotherham born lad who went to Aston Villa) was the captain.
  10. Perhaps the referee had a 'Fergie time' watch ?
  11. As for Bury FC don't know much about them apart from when Peter Swan moved from the Owls and said the club and fans were very good to him. I think former England and Man City player Colin Bell started his career there. Sometime in the mid 60s , behind the bar in Coronation Street's Rovers Return was a list of Bury FC's fixtures.
  12. Did they actually move or was the stadium sponsored ? With no disrespect to Bolton Wanderers, we'll see how long that lasts as they started the season with 12 point deduction penalty and could end up in League 2 and then what ?
  13. Well if the Owls go to League 1 they will perhaps not have to worry about playing Bolton Wanderers and Bury.
  14. Yes the Crazy Daizy became the Geisha bar and the only thing Japanese about the place was it's name, a better decorated and smarter place than CD but less fun.
  15. Yes, where was the Brewery Tap ? and also the Pig and Whistle, wasn't that an early 90s pub (or later) on Leopold Street ?
  16. The pub on Campo Lane near the bus stops was the Golden Ball at the Vicar Lane corner, it is now called 'Couch' (whatever they do).
  17. Correct Mr.T. but they also had Vinnie Jones later on. when Howard Wilkinson was there I think. On top of the thugs there was Allan Clarke who couldn't shut his trap towards the referee when they didn't get every 50-50 decision.
  18. Yes Mr.T. As for the Belfast lad, a book I read about him 'George Best,an Autobiography ' by Duncan Hamilton (an excellent football writer) states in the book that the only times in his career he wore shin pads was when he was playing against Leeds United !-not a bad statement considering he played against sides from Spain, Italy and Argentina (well Estudiantes).
  19. Agree entirely with your comments but as you will be aware UEFA have been plotting this ruse for about 25 years with the top teams from England, Germany, Spain, Italy ,Holland, Scotland (yes the jocks) altho' French teams were not considered but neither were Man City or Chelsea in the dark 80s seasons for them. Interesting about 'teams from smaller league's', perhaps they mean teams like Grimsby Town, Leyton Orient, or even Chesterfield and Fylde enjoy having a mid-week outing to the far reaches of the former Soviet Union ?
  20. Watched the Villa -Everton game, Villa's Jack Grealish played the match with socks down and no shin pads, have they changed the rules on that ?
  21. Essen, Germany and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for two
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