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  1. Did you really go to Burngreave school from 1957 to 1962, that is FIVE years. I was there from 1958-62 and don't recall bands (or indeed school band) in the assembly and a pupil didn't need to have to have a headmaster's office visit to get 'whacked' ( Hughes and Rodgers when I was there), the sadistic heathens that were the sub-ordinates would have gladly inflicted the punishments if they had to do it in their underwear with Brylcremed forelocks flopping over their eyes on the stroke of excruciating impact. Are you the same Ron Marshall of newsagent shops ?
  2. I hope hanging on to one-nowt leads are not a sign of things to come, the Owls are hardly the Inter Milan of to 1960s.
  3. Yes Mt.T. I was wondering the same as I once ordered a DVD from the Uk and it wouldn't play (not much of a loss at like three quid). I think 'Region 1' is called ' North America' which includes Mexico.
  4. I recall the Claymore pub on Arundel Gate in the early 70s when the original landlord -Frank Keys- would have a kilted piper perform the introduction of Robbie Burns' night, usually on a frosty mid-week evening , would produce lavish servings of the Caledonian delicacy free of charge but whether it had ' Hendo's as a relish I'm not sure but it went down quite well with a couple of pints of William Younger's Tartan ale.
  5. Was that the same Sophia Loren film where some scenes were shot in Cyclops Street, Grimesthorpe ?
  6. When Harry Catterick and his replacement Vic Buckingham were there, the Owls never finished below 6th in old Div 1.
  7. Was that song by Jimmy Crawford and the Ravens ?
  8. Unless I read that wrong, I don't think Johnny Haynes played for Doncaster boy's as he was a born and bred Londoner
  9. Don't MU have a another player on similar wages who might as well be driving a bus around Manchester for all the effect he 's having at Old Trafford ?
  10. Alan, have the Owls ever scored four goals in the first half of a competitive league game (in our lifetime that is) ?
  11. The Owls without two regulars that day; Springett (injured) ,hence McLaren playing and Billy Griffin starting in place of Bobby Craig perhaps ?
  12. BAE used to have a plant in Grange Mill Lane, Wincobank/Blackburn.
  13. In the early 60s there was a record store between the ABC cinema and the Bank Street corner ; Curtess's.
  14. And two goals from a Sheffield born lad at that !
  15. My comment wasn't meant to sound like a discourteous reply Alan (not that you implied so), I respect your input(s) on SF.
  16. The Blades 'softened them up' ? They had one shot at goal all afternoon and managed to win 2-0, not that I want to take away the Blades' win, two nowt in football at any level is still two nowt !
  17. Yes Mr.T. The Millers did indeed reach the first English League Cup final - against Aston Villa -inaugurated in the 1960-61 season, the final being a two-leg affair. Rotherham won the first match at Millmoor 2-0 but lost the return game at Villa Park 3-0,
  18. The Cambridge Coffee House was next door to the Sportsman pub, between the pub and the Barley Corn (later Henry's), the Piccolo was higher up Cambridge Street nearer the Albert pub.
  19. Not sure how long the bus strike lasted but the same year-1959- there was a national newspaper strike that affected the Sheffield Star & Telegraph.
  20. The correct name was St.Catherine 's Roman Catholic Convent based at Underwood House (Burngreave Road/Abbeyfield Road). It became a private Catholic junior school -for girls I think-late 1950s,early 60s, and is now a nursing home. As for the two Dr.Leddys (Burngreave Road and Up well Street), they were Dublin born brothers.
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