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  1. I think the Tizer place on (wherever it was on there) Penistone Road may have a storage depot, as it was made in Manchester by Pickups, who made the Burdock too. I don't recall the Oringillo place on Claywheels Lane unless it was part of the old Hope and Anchor brewery.
  2. Did that training ground -which the Owls used until 1966- belong to the Power station ?
  3. Sheffield Transport at Meadowhead (?) was something like sports ground. Firth-Brown's (Atlas & Norfolk grounds) at Shirecliffe Road, at least two flat football pitches and farther back in to Roe Woods, a cricket field with a pavilion, also a licenced club that was open regular pub hours. I think some of the grounds are what became Sheffield United's academy. ---------- Post added 27-04-2018 at 17:11 ---------- I think Bawtry Road had a few of them ?
  4. The training ground is still there, at Middlewood. ---------- Post added 26-04-2018 at 23:44 ---------- That was some International X1: Can you imagine three international Arsenal players travelling up from north London for a mid-week (non paid) friendly these days ? ---------- Post added 27-04-2018 at 00:01 ---------- In that Burnley game -I was there too- were the goalies Dave McIntosh and Adam Blacklaw ? ---------- Post added 27-04-2018 at 01:26 ---------- Roy Shiner, maybe not in a game like that but always liked him, he would run through a closed barn door and goalie- in search of a goal for the Owls, a bit like a diminutive Derek Dooley. I once met Roy's brother in Ryde, Isle of Wight where they were from..however...
  5. Perhaps Albert Quixall played, as he didn't leave the Owls until 1958. ---------- Post added 26-04-2018 at 18:44 ---------- Perhaps Albert Quixall played, as he didn't leave the Owls until 1958.
  6. They did deliver in the Sheffield area but some of the companies were not Sheffield based. I think Ben Shaw's were from Huddersfield, Hague's , Rotherham (perhaps). and Davenport's were from Birmingham, who I thought did beer-at-home deliveries (awful stuff too.) Birmingham beer in Sheffield ? They had to get a grip of themselves ! ---------- Post added 26-04-2018 at 17:21 ---------- Fentiman's, that's a name from the past, where were they from ?
  7. Not sure if they were a Sheffield company but was it Gardner-Merchant ? I used to work as a contractor at Bassett's. When they took over the canteen, prices increased the quality decreased and nasty attitudal serving staff too.
  8. Arsenal have had a south Yorkshire born manager before and he did ok, as in Herbert Chapman.
  9. Peter, I think I once read that Firth-Brown's (Carlisle Street East and Saville Street East area) employed around 20,000 people at one time -not including the Scunthorpe works- that seems a lot of people, my dad being one of them, even during the late 30's and WW 2. 2,000 makes more sense.
  10. Long way from Sedan Street for a Sunday dinner time pint Jim.
  11. 'Off load some of the big earners and turn to youth', are you talking about Sheffield Wednesday or Sunderland ?
  12. I think Huddersfield Town were the first do it in what might be called 'organised football'. A remarkable achievement when there were no Arabic oil consortiums, American billionaires, or Russian ogliamaches (?) to finance them. ---------- Post added 19-04-2018 at 22:44 ---------- The 'Terriers', and Arsenal did it by solid management fulfilled by money coming through the turnstiles.
  13. Yes Jim he did and I think Herbert turned out for the Blades at one time. ---------- Post added 16-04-2018 at 23:48 ---------- Not Lee Chapman tho' was it Jim ?
  14. Yes Mr.T. The 'Terriers' did do that ( the 3 gold stars on their current shirt signifies that) and mangaer Herbert Chapman was in charge of them in at least two of the wins. Chapman then went on to manage Arsenal where he repeated the feat. Herbert Chapman was born in Kiveton Park. It takes a Yorkshireman to do things sometimes.
  15. Yes (if I recall), Hungary were (on the tv screen) playing from right to left, The ball a played to the right wing around the half way line, collected by Florian Albert- what a great footballer he was and a striker too- as he levelled towards Brazil's penalty area, he put in a low cross that didn't touch the ground and Farkas. who hadn't stopped running for about 70 yards, whacked in a shin high volley.
  16. Not all the pre Charlton days were all that dark, as in; Eric Taylor, Harry Catterick, Vic Buckingham and Alan Brown were not bad. However,under 'Jolly' Jack Marshall and Danny Williams,things did turn gloomy.
  17. Sheffield Wednesday have won a domestic trophy since Newcastle United last did, As for Manchester City..er. well...
  18. Just to add: between the tenures of Harry Catterick and his successor Vic Buckingham, the Owls didn't finish lower than 6th in the old First Division (now Premier). Imagine that now ?
  19. The first season subs (or A sub)were allowed was the 1965-66 season for league games and 1966-67 season for the FA Cup. You are right, Keith Peacock of Charlton Athletic was the first sub in a league game (Aug.1965). In those days the sub -they only had one- could only replace an injured player and not as a tactical move. ---------- Post added 16-04-2018 at 13:57 ---------- I think was the game the Hungarian player Farcas, scored a cracker of a volley.
  20. Great write up and that's the season (1958) I started watching the Owls. As for the 'Arsenal style' shirts, they started wearing them in the 1965-66 season (except FA Cup) until 1972-73 season when the stripes returned. The first game of that season was at home to Fulham with Peter Swan returning from exile.
  21. The prime minister 'earns' less ? I wouldn't pay that woman in Rocking Horse dung !
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