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  1. John Fantham is the Owls leading post-war goalscorer with 166 from 1958 to 1969, Derek tho' managed 62 in 61 appearances for the Owls from 1950 to 1953.
  2. When I first read that I thought you meant Francis Jeffers !!!
  3. I don't know if it had a downstairs room as it was a large wooden one storey structure as opposed to bricks, nearly next door to it on the Snig Hill side was Harroll's, who sold curtain materials, drapery etc.
  4. It was at the top of Snig Hill at the Castle Street/Water Lane corner, I think there was a driving school next to it on the Snig Hill side.
  5. Yes Donny Rovers but the only really good players I remember with them are Alec Jeffrey and Harry Gregg unless I can be enlightened on more recent ones (Charlie Williams ?). Doncaster is in South Yorkshire but Leeds and Huddersfield are in West Yorkshire.
  6. As any body from Barnsley FC ever played for England while at the club ? I can only think of John Stones (Everton/Man.City) and Tommy Taylor (Man Utd) both of whom had left the club by then and Danny Blanchflower (N.Ireland) was a former Barnsley player but never capped while there,
  7. Alan, I think that Keith Ellis should be in that forward line as David Layne didn't join the Owls until 1962.
  8. Thanks for the replies, I was thinking the name was something like that but thought there might have been a café of a similar name in the Pond Street bus station complex.
  9. Anyone one remember the name of the café that was across Snig Hill from the Black Swan pub ? I think it was demolished around 1974ish to make way for the building of (the then) new law courts.
  10. Excuse my ignorance but what is 'The Brentford model' and why would they not want promotion from the Championship, is it because that this is their last season at Griffin Park anything to do with any of this ?
  11. The Owls highest attendance for a game at Hillsborough is 72,841 in an FA Cup game against Manchester City in Feb.1934 -a 2-2 draw. My dad, who was at the match told me that Matt Busby was the City captain that day.
  12. Perhaps one reason for a low attendance was that Owl's fans had to pay extra for this game as season tickets don't count in cup games , (if that's still the case).
  13. The Who also had a great intro on 'I Can See for Miles'.
  14. The Owl's could get by winning 1-0 if the only goal chances City get in normal time are a penalty (or two if De Bruyne isn't playing). Yes Alan, saying Manchester City to get six at Owlerton is a bit out of your nature.
  15. Yes Brooker but weren't Westwood, Rhodes, Winnall and perhaps a couple of others put on the back burner under the last manager ? Summats goin' on as we all can see.
  16. You can't jog my memory Alan the realisms are always there: Willie Lawson, Fred McIver, Brian Woodhall, Steve (? that 'striker' they got from Rotherham ) etc, some of my heroes that suffered like me thro' the lost decade.
  17. Yes right Alan, as I still have trauma symptoms 45 years later.
  18. Didn't Tony Hateley suffer the same affliction as Jeff Astle ? Both players starting their careers with Notts County, if that's owt to do with the equipment at Meadow Lane.
  19. Is this five out of the last six league games at home they've lost ? Getting to be like the barren mid-1970s.
  20. I was using the two mentioned football clubs as an example, ( I could have added Portsmouth and Oldham Athletic too) and not to undermine Sunderland or yourself Igor. As for David Moyes, he seems to have made himself a poison chalice wherever he goes and to think that he could-may God forbid- possibly be the Owl's next manager the way they pick 'em .
  21. Where on Ellesmere Road was that ? As I lived in that area till 1986.
  22. Well I said 'board' as a management thing (if the Owls have such infrastructure these days), perhaps I'm a bit lacking as to how football clubs are run today.
  23. What if Man City win the Champions League this year and unless they've changed the rules, don't the holders qualify automatically for the next year thus leaving one extra place open in the English Premier which could be the Blades ?
  24. Something has to be done at boardroom level before the Owls end up like Sunderland and Coventry and those two didn't see their current fate coming either.
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