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  1. 5 hours ago, abbeyedges said:

    The programme for that match showed all the 11 players who were playing for Wednesday.


    The Manchester United team showed numbers 1 - 11 and then eleven spaces as they didn't know which players would be available.


    Difficult game for Wednesday to be involved in. The whole world were rooting for Man Utd. 

    Yes I recall that programme (wish I still had it). Those days Man Utd used to print both team line ups for home games on the front page with a drawing of a man in a suit and trilby  shaking hands with a player above the names. As you stated. the United line up was left blank as they didn't know who would be starting. The FA. gave them special permission to play two players signed only a few hours before even tho' it was after transfer deadline -no windows then, just a couple of days - I think they were Stan Crowther (Aston Villa) and Ernie Taylor (Blackpool).

    Makes me wonder how it took till 2018 to give Harry an OBE.

  2. 24 minutes ago, Padders said:

    Goalkeeper was Ronnie Briggs..

    Fantham, Finney, scored 2 apiece,  Ellis scored a hat trick.


    24 minutes ago, Padders said:

    Goalkeeper was Ronnie Briggs..

    Fantham, Finney, scored 2 apiece,  Ellis scored a hat trick.

     I thought that name was one of the Great Train robbers until I read it properly ,thank you Padders

  3. 2 hours ago, ALAN 58 said:

    R. I. P  Harry, l was privileged to see him a couple of times and often wonder would we have scored seven  that cold night in Feb 1961 if Harry had played. 

    Man Utd's goalie that night was a lad who was third choice (name I forgot), I think David Gaskell was reserve but he too perhaps injured. I recall Harry Catterick wrting a letter  -it was in the Star- to the young goalie to cheer him up.

    Also: is Bobby Charlton the last one living from the players that survived the crash ?

  4. 5 minutes ago, staninoodle said:

    Attracting a manager to a club facing a possible points deduction of 21 points,with no cash to spend isnt really that appealing,add the prospect of losing upto 9 squad players close season,and you get a total wreck of a club,and a possible accounts deficit of circa 65M plus the current seasons losses,and your looking at  free transfer players and a restricted wage budget and playing academy prospects.

    I get the feeling Jos already knew this and thats why he promoted so many youth players to prepare them for the task ahead,and let them gain experience,the fans lost patience,JL lost his job,how will they react when it becomes a reality?

    I fear the worst is yet to come,this is just the tip of the iceberg

    Good article and I have a feeling your last sentence may be prophetic. To sum up the Owls over the last few seasons is that 'Every silver lining has a cloud'.

  5. 22 minutes ago, abbeyedges said:

    I think the winter break is spread over a fortnight. Clubs who have this weekend off will play next weekend.


    Similarly those clubs who are playing this weekend (eg the Blades) will have a weekend free next week.


  6. On 04/02/2020 at 12:25, jad279 said:

    Hi John , i worked at the labs from 71 to 79 , then i went to work for post office telephones as i had some training on electrical instruments while i was there. I remember the name Roy Gunstone but Alan Edwards was in charge then . When i left Roger Hooper was the Department Manager. Working at the labs was a great for me as it opened a lot of doors later in my working life . They were also Great days , Bowls and a pint at lunch , cricket on the field after work , and visiting interesting places like the ind coup brewery when we went to study trier stainless vats.


    Where were the labs and the cricket field situated ?

  7. On 23/04/2015 at 23:30, beezerboy said:


    Not sure when it actually opened but I went there in 1960 whilst apprenticed at E S C. Geoff Stringfellow was also there in the same class.After two years we moved to Pond St

    Yes, Geoff Stringfellow worked. At ESC Brightside after leaving Burngreave school, his dad Jim worked there also.

  8. Talking about attendances and a bit away from Sheffield, I read (on BBC website) that the attendance at the West Ham-Brighton game on Saturday was over 59,000 ! Can that be right for two teams swirling around the relegation drain ?

  9. 1 hour ago, Voldy said:

    Yes, in 1951 that route shown in hillsbro's  post started in Leopold Street  (Church Street end)  took left turn into West Street. On its return trip via Division Street,  to avoid a reversing manoevre, completed the 'loop' by taking a left turn from Barkers Pool (at  Wilson Peck ) into Leopold Street back to its terminus. This was prior to the construction of the Fountain which came some years later. Routing must have changed as the 60 later ran to the Midland Station but I don't know when that occurred.

    In the 1960s there was a bus that ran down Charles Street perhaps en-route to the Midland station. Would that have been the No:60 re routed? If so, how did it get to Charles Street from Glossop Road?

  10. 5 hours ago, apelike said:

    No, government control and nationalisation are two different things. It's a similar thing to what happened to some banks after the crisis of 2008.

    Perhaps a better idea would be, let  the banks run the railway and the railway run the banks but which would fail first ?

  11. 7 hours ago, Padders said:

    Think everyone knows the result and performance.. very predictable.

    Yes Padders,  the way results are going, the Lions to win two nowt with the goals coming in the 87th and 94th minutes.

  12. 59 minutes ago, rogets said:

    Man City were lucky on that occasion 

    The last time the Owls played Man City in a cup competition was at the Etihad, don't want to remind myself of the score that night.

  13. On 19/01/2020 at 15:29, Cornish cream said:

    Hello everybody.  I am one of the people mentioned above. (VH). I lived on the prefabs.  I used the steps at the bottom of Margate Drive to go to Owler Lane Intos School every day. I belonged to the youth club at Grimesthorpe Methodist Church, was on the committee, and was a Sunday School teacher, and Sunday School Queen. Brian Duty was the person who died, he was about 19, I think. He lived just a few doors from me, and died an awful death. John Downward lived on Grimesthorpe Road, not far from the bottom of Margate Drive. -. he married Valerie Duffield, who lived on the prefabs. I used to be on here as Cornish Rose, but I forgot my password..!


    I went to school (All Saints) with the younger Duffield sister, Janice, their mother was the cashier at the Coliseum pictures on Spital Hill.

  14. 1 hour ago, Jim Hardie said:

    ......or his Man Utd chances. The new manager, whoever it is, might want to cash in on de Gea.

    After today's performance Jim, the new manager may be coming sooner than we think and that appointment (of whoever) is not going to change things at OT very quickly.

    15 minutes ago, Baron99 said:

    Having just watched Man U being torn apart by Burnley, losing 0-2, Henderson might get a re-call sooner rather than later.  Maybe they should sell de Gea & by a few defenders? 


    As a Blade, I'm still surprised that Maguire is the world's most expensive defender. 

    Just curious, where in Sheffield is Maguire from, as in lived when a school kid ?

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