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  1. 1 hour ago, Jim Hardie said:

    I seem to remember he was in the army when he first played for Wednesday and he had a sports shop near the ground with Gerry Young after his playing days. 
    RIP John.

    Yes Jim, I believe he was in Germany when in the army and the Owls used to pay to fly him back and forth on a weekend pass for some games. RIP John.

  2. On 05/09/2020 at 12:26, gamezone07 said:

    of course we now have the online pharmacies, but at least local chemists has a link with the person, dropping the medicines off, etc, now it will be even more inpersonal


    Lloyds at Sutherland St have been great, its so sad.

    I believe the Lloyd's you refer to is at 11 SUNDERLAND Street (off Cemetery Road), Sharrow,

  3. 18 minutes ago, bassett one said:

    but we had a top manager with steve bruce,unfortunatly we lost him ,but take wolves they got a top man,leeds also did,it did although take them a while,united took a chance and got what seems a top manager,all i am saying it starts at the top and you can get a good one like the other teams have,and if you pay a good wage and scour europe for one or england ,they are there,rather than the ones that go from club to club,blaming everyone for the sack except themselves,i dont think monk is good enough thats all and i dont like the idea of giving these people lots of cash ,then sacking them and starting again,because they dont like the players at hand you have to pay again,we can get a top man if i was the boss ,i would get a good team of experts,choose a top man,then sort out the players needed and it can be done,we cannot continue employing journey men,there are top managers out there who would love to have the chance to manage our great club and i think some have applied,but the wages havent matched the job.

    I wouldn't call Steve Bruce a top manager.

  4. On 28/08/2020 at 11:44, bassett one said:

    i disagree with any team losing money is bad ,as its not about that so much in football,how do you compete with those with parachute payments? who have 3 chances of promotion with a huge advantage?,worried about teams going into' administration thats easy make the owner pay the league a deposit in case they do,say if they wish to spend the same as them that came down they must deposit that amount in a separate bank that is kept by the FA,but all teams can only do that if they havent had the chance of the parachute money,but many companys lose cash and then achieve there full potential and sell out at a profit.but hes a top man,but does need advice on how to run a football club thats tied to FA rules,i thought the wolves way was best sign top players on loan and only sign them if they get you promotion,it worked well and gave them a top team once up as well.

    I think the 'Wolves way' with loan players might have been more luck than judgement  as it was only proven when they did get promotion. Not to contradict you bassett one, good post.

  5. 4 hours ago, ron hersey said:

    I was captain of Firs Hill infants school in 1949. Miss Frith was the headmistress at the time.

    I lived at 67 Roe Lane which was about a 100 yards from the school.

    There were some pig styes at the top of Osgathorpe Rd on the left as you walked to the allotments. If you carried on walking past the 

    allotments you would reach the Atlas and Norfolk sports ground.


    Ron Hersey

    Are you sure about Osgathorpe Road ? As it's nowhere near(even the bottom) to Atlas and Norfolk sports ground.

  6. 8 hours ago, iansheff said:

    A difficult start to the season for Wednesday, Cardiff away, Watford at home, Bristol away and starting on minus 12 points at the moment.

    I hope that's Bristol City and not Bristol Rovers in case the Owls had been relegated as punishment while I slept.

  7. 19 hours ago, cressida said:



    Knew him,   my mother had a large house, after he visited he always asked me when I was having a party


    God Bless

    Where was your mother's house Cressida? He used to live in Glossop but died in Stockport.

  8. Wayne Fontana dies from Cancer aged 74. Great entertainer along with his Manchester mates the Mindbenders. Appeared many times at the Stringfellow clubs-Black Cat, Blue Moon and Mojo -between 1963-65.

  9. 33 minutes ago, Ridgewalk said:

    That's an odd one that. Chelsea play in Fulham. So when they win a trophy which High Street do they parade on and to which Town Hall ? I do puzzle over important issues like that.

    Why " Port Vale" at all, what does it stand for ? Lots of clubs were founded by Churches eg. Barnsley St Peters, Everton ( St Domingos), or as Works teams, eg. Thames Ironworks ( West Ham I think).

    Correct, Thames Ironworks became West Ham United.

  10. 1 hour ago, hilp4 said:

    Does anyone remember the name of the old Wall’s lollies that we’re triangle shaped and about eight inches long, and came in a cardboard push up cover. Not Jubbleys, they were much chunkier.

    Don't recall the name of the lollies but remember that Wall's had salesmen-1950's ?-on bicycles with a big wooden container over the front wheel with a slogan 'Stop Me and Buy One' on the front of the big box, at least in the Shirecliffe area.

  11. 3 hours ago, ALAN 58 said:

     Very true Ridgewalk, i should imagine they all started in the boozer

    I'm trying not to be pedantic Alan but I think Arsenal started out as Woolwich Arsenal, that place being a district in south London before they  moved north of the Thames. I believe the club Port Vale was originally named Burslem Port Vale and I think Tranmere is an area in Birkenhead. As for QPR...got me there.

  12. 2 hours ago, ALAN 58 said:

     Like yourself Jeff ,i have never found the reason and can only summize  it,s because we are from Sheffield. Just to add to the debate   who named Port Vale ( from Burslem) and Grimsby Town ( Cleethorpes) and even Man U  was founded under the name of Newton Heath.

    And Chelsea's ground, Stamford Bridge is in the borough of Fulham.

  13. 3 hours ago, ALAN 58 said:

     The days are long gone when a colour clash occured and the away team either changed there shorts or socks and the goalkeeper changed  his jersey from green to yellow. We have for a few years had home and away kits, all at top prices, and as we know all the kids want the latest no matter what the price is and we do as parents  do our best for them and cough-up. Back on  todays topic as long as the Owls play all home games in the traditional blue and white stripes suits me, and this latest kit  keeps with both tradition and a modern theme . The silver and grey looks ok and i,m sure will  see fans of all ages wearing it. Lets just hope the players selected to wear it are worthy of wearing it.


    Didn't the Owls have a grey away kit in the 80s (with purple trimmings) ?

  14. 5 hours ago, pattricia said:

    Is spam something that I can click on ? 

    On my yahoo mail page at the top of the page next to Spam, there are three dots... click that on and you may see 'block sender', see if that helps as I didn't know about that until I saw your post (I have a similar problem) and the subsequent replies.

  15. 1 hour ago, Magilla said:

    The "deep state"... doesn't exist!  :?


    LOL, aye, at precisely the same time a riot was going on outside :hihi:

    I don't know if it was riot, from what I saw it was a peaceful protest until the heavy mob moved in with tear gas and flares. Trump says he didn't order that assault and didn't know who did.

  16. 5 minutes ago, Annie Bynnol said:

    The death of a student in a Sheffield landmarks in 2017 was a tragedy.

    This unnecessary deaths affected a large number of people including  family, friends, emergency workers and owners.

    Please consider joining an organised/experienced group if you must induldge.

    Where did that happen ? Of course you don't need to name the unfortunate person.

  17. 1 hour ago, alan p said:

    Hello St Petre, I remember now it was the Hallcar my brother used it when he lived on Carwood Lane. I last saw John Kelly when he moved onto the Hyde Park flats that would be about 53 yrs ago now. Its such a long time ago wonder what has happened to all the people I have mentioned. Alan.

    Yes, sorry about getting John Kelly's relocation wrong

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