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  1. You know what the difference is. Its not odd at all.
  2. Its backwards freaks like this dude that shows me apostasy was the right path to choose.
  3. A complete halt to illegal immigration and a reduction in legal migration. Come here the correct way or get sent back to where you came from immediately. More nurses and less managers in the NHS An end to the BBC tax. The ridiculous TV license needs to go. Let the BBC stand or fall on its merits and ability to fund itself.
  4. No company vehicle. I was driving my Vauxhall Grandland. It was possibly a crash for cash attempt, im not sure but im just glad I have dash cams installed.
  5. I know you weren't. Sorry, I didn't mean to word my reply that way. When I said "You and Your" I was being sort of general, not mean yourself at all. Sorry again for that.. :-)
  6. Blaming someone elses actions for your own bad driving is poor form at best. For example, I was cut up buy an Audi on the Parkway recently. Then, as if to hammer the point home he/she then slammed their brakes on in an attempt to make me hit them up the chuff. I just changed lanes, adjusted my speed then got on with my day. I didnt retaliate. Sure I was angry but life is too short. Life is also fragile especially when you are driving around in two tonnes of metal that if driven like a moron can cause untold damage and take someones life in an instant.
  7. Im glad to see Im not the only one who is thinking along these lines. I thought for a minute I was getting all cynical in my old age.
  8. Without trying to sound uncaring, Well done Royal Mail. Your son obviously drove in a way that was contrary to RM's rules and from what you say he possibly got angry and therefore drove in a dangerous manner which warranted him losing his job. I never thought I would say this but well done to the BMW driver.
  9. I never claimed it isnt a problem. I named two places where it clearly is a problem. Thank you for your correction on the numbers. How many of those alleged 1.2 million women were hit for being a women and only for being a women?
  10. Ill ignore your last comments because thats typical of people like you. How many of the alleged 1.2 million reports (assuming all 1.2 mill are genuine) were women who were attacked, assaulted, called harsh names because they were women and ONLY because they were women?
  11. What % of those women were killed for simply being women? As tragic as that is, 139 women killed in a country of 60+ million shows we are not a misogynistic country no matter how much you say it is.
  12. Unless you live in the middle east or El Salvador you really have nothing to complain about.
  13. Insulting is tool of the insecure and weak individual who cannot handle reasoned debate. On this forum i have had my heritage,, honesty and motives all brought into question in quite insulting ways just because I had a differing view. The majority of the insulting comes from a small section of the forum. Repeat offenders who can be easily ignored as their views usually cant be posted without them having the need to get insulting/.
  14. Maybe I should complain about the doctors receptionist then. She called me Lovey or maybe I should just accept that people who continually look to be offended will always find something to complain about.
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