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  1. Sorry about your loss, I’m pleased that you were satisfied with the ceremony, conversally I attended the funeral of a friend of some 50 years standing back in Jan this year, had I not known that it was his I could have been that of anyone. I’m very sentimental about living people and animals, all those that are no longer with me are a lovely memory, albeit my memory.
  2. Trust funerals £1,100 deal includes cremation and return of ashes. There are plenty more at a similar price, if you don’t need someone who didn’t know the deceased to talk a load of false sentimental garbage.
  3. Don’t read any newspaper, no matter what the Corbyn comrades say, ‘‘this of course makes me a Tory. :hihi:
  4. I can’t better this, we are where we are, let the club learn from it’s mistakes, I just wish that there was a definitive set of rules that mere mortals like me could understand.
  5. Let he or she who has never been corrupted take one step forward.
  6. Had the attack taken place on say, the offices of the Daily Mail by the far left, I suppose that would be fine.
  7. I do hope that the masks were made by a Jewish firm, and that they made a disgustingly huge profit on them.
  8. Like Castro’s’ Cuba and his ‘Paredon’, which comrade Corbyn admires so much. Che had a birthday massacring black, hispanic and white, of all sexes and ages, come the revolution I suppose.
  9. Your last point is interesting, infact the playwright Alan Bennet classed is as the most important paradox ever, in that we will all die, but have to live together in the interim.
  10. You are wrong, all that you need to do is clean your gutters and the plastic mesh roll regularly, but everyone to their own.
  11. To digress, we have started using 15 days parking in hotel car park + 1 day stay at a hotel within walking distance of the terminal. We pay circa £100.00, the car park within walking distance of the terminal costs £70.00, so with an 07:15 flight it’s a no brainier.
  12. Yes they can, even the likes of Foot and Milligoon never encouraged the fiction that the Corbyn faithful spout, whilst he says little as they do it for him, not his fault is it?
  13. That’s where Woodthorpe folk take their holidays.
  14. Yes, anyone who isn’t a disciple of Corbyn is a Tory, there must be a hell of a lot of Tories then.
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