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  1. That reminds me of an episode of The Bill where two cops were following a car driven by two likely lads. The governor asked his oppo to radio in for a PNC check on the vehicle because he thought that the two people in the car were up to no good. “How do you know that guv?”, the oppo asked. “They have villains heads, son!” came the reply. “Get it checked”. When the oppo had come off the radio he said to his guvernor “Villains heads eh, guv? The vehicle is registered to the Metropolitan Police!” 🤣😂🤣
  2. If stuff kept working we wouldn’t have to buy new stuff. Even non-commercial organisations like the BBC get caught up in this nonsense. iPlayer Radio has now been discontinued in favour of the awful BBC Sounds. It’s not even as though you have a choice. One day it’s working, the next it’s not.
  3. Support for the NHS isn’t universal, it is a matter of political opinion, so how on earth can you take it out of politics? 🙄
  4. On some wards it is 100%, including staff nurses. A mate of mine was recently recovering after an operation in the Hallamshire. Two weeks later himself and his partner went back to the ward with the obligatory ‘Thank You’ card and tin of Roses. They didn’t recognise a single nurse who had been the ward while he was there. When they asked they were told that the week he was in, all the nurses on that ward were agency nurses. I believe that this costs the NHS sometimes like £1.5 billion a year. This is £1.5 billion leaving the NHS and going into the bank accounts of the various privately run nursing agencies.
  5. Like agency nurses, who on many wards outnumber NHS nurses 2 to 1.
  6. I noticed a few of those. It reminds me of the BBC reporter during the Grunwick strike in 1976. The reporter asked one of the strikers “How solid is support for this strike?” “99%!” came the answer. “Do you know where we can find the 1% so we can interview them?” replied the BBC reporter. Anyone who doesn’t accept that the BBC is conservative with a small ‘c’ is fooling themselves. I wonder if David Dimbleby is doing the election night coverage this year. He really struggles to contain his delight when the Conservatives do well.
  7. I suspect that in these modern times the vendor was obliged to inform you of this when selling you the house.
  8. It threatened to rain in Wakefield today but it didn’t, and it was quite clear and bright later on. I got two different junk food shop menus through my letter box this morning but didn’t think that it was connected to the failure of Brexit to happen. €uro Car Parts on Penistone Road is still called €uro Car Parts. Apart from all that, a fairly normal day.
  9. This is now the third time a Brexit deadline has expired and so far the only response has been a few coked-up neo-Nazis fighting with the police in Whitehall, a drunken idiot waving a Union Jack on top of St Pancras station and somebody painting ‘Leave means Leave on a road in Essex! Where is the far-right populist outrage we were promised if we didn’t leave by (insert your own date of choice). I have always said that an attribute of many Leave supporters is basic laziness, and a willingness to blame everyone but themselves for all life’s ills. Today’s pathetic response to yet another passing deadline shows that to be fairly accurate.
  10. I presume he means that Labour’s programme is once in a generation given that Thatcher/Major/Blair/Brown/Cameron were all on the same page on the economic question. What Labour is promising is very different and it is a shame that Corbyn’s view of the EU has damaged potential for something that probably would transform our country. If Corbyn had stepped down at the party conference in September and been replaced by John McDonnell or Rebecca Long Bailey, we would be looking at a very different election campaign possibly with Labour as favourites and the young membership re-energised.
  11. I thought that the 5S was the last iPhone still supported by Apple?
  12. Do you seriously think that Farage will get any seats at all, never mind enough to be in the mix when it comes to a coalition?
  13. Brexit in whatever form, will cause more economic austerity than any Tory government past or present and that will hit the working class first and hardest. Car Boot -supporting economic attacks on the working class to facilitate greater profits for crisis capitalists!
  14. We don’t have a postie anymore. The two women we had for years were brilliant and would even give me my mail if I was on my way to the park with the dog. Now we seem to have a different postie every week.
  15. If it was a spoofer, they need to be very careful. Impersonating a police officer carries a prison sentence and that bit of the M1 is bristling with cameras.
  16. Looking at the long list of more moderate and liberal Tory MPs standing down in December, the post-election Parliamentary Conservative Party will be much closer to Jacob Rees-Mogg than Ken Clarke. Just heard that Nicky Morgan has stepped down too!
  17. Unmarked police cars come in all shapes, sizes and makes.
  18. Of course it would be much easier for Labour to adopt a Remain stance and ditch Brexiteer Corbyn, then they wouldn’t have to rely on any other party for support in forming a government. As it is, the best that Labour can hope for is a coalition with the SNP, Lib Dems and the Greens which of course will come at a price.
  19. A ‘hard Brexit’ pretty much sums up Farage’s manifesto.
  20. Or were in, but the postie couldn’t be arsed to wait for the door to be answered.
  21. It’s worth bearing in mind that in 2017, the SNP lost a bunch of seats to both Labour and the Conservatives. As both those parties are standing on a pro-Brexit ticket, I suspect that the SNP could clear up in Scotland and Nicola Sturgeon knows that, hence her support for an early election. If the Conservatives win and try to drag Scotland out of the EU on a hard Brexit, Scotland will soon get its independence. If we end up with a Labour/SNP/Lib Dem/Green coalition, Sturgeon’s price for her support is a second Scottish referendum. The SNP will probably be the only party guaranteed to be smiling on December 13th.
  22. Votes possibly, but I doubt that they will win many seats, if any at all.
  23. Kinder Downfall can be tricky in wet weather or poor visibility but this happened on Easter Monday which if I remember correctly was a beautiful sunny day. Experienced walker too. It just shows that you can never be too careful.
  24. Polls at the moment are entirely pointless as there will be more mind changing and party swapping than in any previous election. Also until Farage declares that he is running, there are many Leave votes going begging.
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