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  1. They must have changed it then when they got rid of tax discs. Taxing it on a V62 ensured that keeper details were kept up to date.
  2. You should be able to tax it at a Post Office with a V62 as long as it is showing insured and MOT’d on the DVLA database.
  3. Should the 31% of UK citizens (21 million people) pay for a monarchy they don’t support?
  4. Police should be able to collect DNA evidence if she knows where she was spat at and hasn’t washed her clothes. A couple of years ago someone was jailed for spitting at a railway guard. The police should take this seriously and if they don’t, tell her to ask to see an inspector immediately.
  5. I also heard that Corbyn spied for the Kaiser in the first world war.
  6. Did she inform the police? Spitting at someone is an assault, and police (and public transport workers) now collect saliva as evidence. If someone is so lacking in self control that they behave like that, there is a very good chance that they have been arrested before, in which case their DNA will almost certainly be on the police database.
  7. We need to know. The logical conclusion to draw from your recent posts is that you will either vote Conservative or Brexit Party. Which is it to be?
  8. Whose name is the account in? If it is in your name then it is completely irrelevant what your tenancy contract specifies. It is you who has the contract with your electricity supplier, not your tenant. It is very unlikely that a new supplier will take you on with an outstanding debt.
  9. That was the Soviet Union. The current Russian state is very nationalist, right wing and fearful of the EU, hence its support for Brexit and anyone who supports Brexit (Boris Johnson and his Tories)
  10. An interesting topic. I know of at least one person who not only takes stuff from food banks but sells it on a market stall. It is difficult to police, as unless you have someone ‘self-means test’ their status to those running the food bank, you will never know who genuinely needs the help.
  11. Inform the electricity board and have it fixed. I know a couple of people (one electricity, one BT) who have ended up having to pay large, back dated estimates after long periods of not being billed. I assume that pay as you go is the same, as the electricity consumption will be metered somewhere.
  12. General election 2019: Tories stand by Gower candidate over Facebook post https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-50283520
  13. While not exactly the same thing, would you say that rules preventing a teacher having a relationship with a pupil (over 16) is a breach of human rights?
  14. Why on earth would he apologise for something he hasn’t done? 🙄
  15. I hear that Farage is not standing. I take it that is because they can’t find a single constituency where they can’t guarantee the embarrassment of an eighth failure to be elected to the Commons. 😱🤣
  16. Yes but that is just everyone you know. The majority of people in the UK did not vote for it so why should the majority of UK citizens be held to ransom by a shouty minority? 😳
  17. Tinsley canal just on from the Arena is a good place to watch After Dark from. Ironically I discovered that when they wouldn’t let my dog into After Dark so we had to watch them from the canal side.
  18. Yes, because of course it makes far more sense that all those important industries should belong to a tiny number of shareholders rather than every citizen of the UK! 🙄
  19. Ken Clarke, interviewed on Newsnight last night couldn’t categorically say that he was going to vote Conservative in December. The lunatics have really taken over the asylum of the Tory Party and ‘moderate’ Brexiteers would do well to remember that when voting. If I was a moderate Leave supporter I would seriously consider voting for Farage as a protest vote. Bozo’s lot are now capable of doing some serious damage to our country if they get a working majority. At least Farage has no chance of getting any real power.
  20. Something which might help the progressive forces in this election is Twitter stopping political campaigning on its platform. facebook are now under pressure to follow suit, but are reluctant given the millions it earns from fake news. If facebook do ban political adverts/news-feed the Leave alliance will have to rely on the good old Sun, Mail, Express, Telegraph, Star, LBC and BBC to fight their corner.
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