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  1. Rightly or wrongly, most voters neither know nor care about Palestine or the State of Israel. It is Corbyn’s pro-Brexit stance which is damaging Labour! The time to get rid of him was last September at Labour’s conference.
  2. It was also an absolute disgrace that when panellists told outright lies it was Caroline Lucas who had to point this out and correct them while Fiona Bruce just looked on. After this election there really does need to be a full examination of how the BBC behaved during this campaign.
  3. Really? Trump has already suggested that he would pardon members of his family if they were ever convicted of anything during his presidency.
  4. If Andrew was being advised properly, he would voluntarily go to the US now while Trump is still in power. Trump is obsessed with the British royal family as well as being sympathetic to those engaged in underage sex so he is very likely to give him a pardon before Andrew goes anywhere near the Big House.
  5. A lot of posters on here, feel very threatened by an articulate and intelligent black woman! 😵
  6. I would take legal advice on this. I have a friend who is having ongoing trouble with a council tenant. Some of the antisocial behaviour has been witnessed by both housing officers and council wardens but the council has repeatedly told her that their witness evidence would not stand up in court if the offender chose to deny that the events had taken place. They could be lying but they could also be trying it on in your case. On the other hand as apelike pointed out, you may be responsible simply by being the registered keeper of the vehicle. My brother’s car was caught by one of those council ‘spy cars’ parked up to catch people making an illegal left turn at a junction. He was in the States at the time of the offence so rang them up and told them to do one. The next thing he knew was a court summons through his door. Turned out that under that particular council by-law, it was irrelevant who was driving the car as it was the registered keeper who was responsible.
  7. That’s not a media matter it’s a political one. Corbyn should have been dropped at the September conference and a clear anti-Brexit position taken. Now Remainers won’t vote Labour nor will most working class Leave supporters who tend to be right wing and would have struggled to support a Corbyn Labour Party regardless of Brexit.
  8. It will be nowhere near the pain they will be feeling if they help elect an unfettered Johnson government. Who will they blame then?
  9. Really? Then why are the most viciously anti-union and anti-working class elements so desperate to see it happen?
  10. I was up Rivelin Valley at the weekend and although the rain had stopped, there seemed to be a lot of water in the river. 😵
  11. A much better idea than leaving it with the police. I’m not saying that SYP is corrupt, but they are certainly incompetent.
  12. Yes, clamp down on any genuine racism, certainly, but pandering to a campaign which has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with an attempt to undermine his party is not real leadership. He should have told Andrew Neil to do one and called the Chief Rabbi out for using his position for personal political reasons. That would be real leadership and go some way to dispelling his image of being indecisive.
  13. Those were my thoughts exactly when I saw film of that appalling attack on two young Jewish boys on the tube in London last week. The fight against antisemitism is not helped by using the issue to score political points and the Chief Rabbi using the plight of his own people to gain a few more grubby votes for the Conservatives should hang his head in shame. He’s a disgrace. 😡
  14. Really? Do you not remember the survey which showed that most Sun readers thought that it was a Labour supporting paper?
  15. Believe me I’ve tried, but despite asking for evidence of Corbyn’s antisemitism on countless occasions, all I have ever seen is the same tired old references to his support for Palestine and criticism of the actions of the Israeli state. Maybe you have some evidence which we haven’t seen yet. I won’t hold my breath. 🙄
  16. Why on earth should he? As one of the very few MPs who has consistently fought against antisemitism and all forms of racism, why should he apologise to anyone?
  17. Interesting developments in Scotland. I was there last week and a significant number of people who are not by any stretch of the imagination, Scottish Nationalists are going to be voting SNP as the best way of preventing a Johnson government. I didn’t meet one person who said that they would vote Labour. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the SNP clean up in Scotland next month. A late Labour surge as in 2017 could well see a Labour/SNP ‘coalition’.
  18. Yet when evidence of this ‘surge’ is asked for, all we get is the same old pro-Palestinian/anti-Zionist examples which are trotted out time and time again as examples of antisemitism. Even if you took all the complaints of antisemitism against Labour, the vast majority of which are unattributed comments on social media, they amount to less than 0.1% of Labour’s membership. If you call an increase of less than 0,1% a ‘surge’, then that says more about either your gullibility or your extreme prejudice against the left of the Labour Party than anything based remotely in reality.
  19. He made a ‘special’ English fry up once, where every individual item was cooked to perfection. For a bit of extra time and effort he turned an ordinary breakfast into something closer to haute cuisine.
  20. It is a trope of the populist right, especially in social media. Ironically it is most often used after saying something which is completely untrue.
  21. Chris Williamson was right on the money on this issue when he said that Labour should stop being so apologetic over the antisemitism attacks. This has nothing to do with antisemitism and everything to do with trying to undermine the Labour Party and Corbyn in particular. Pandering to it won’t make it go away, it will just prolong it. Corbyn should have had the balls to point out that the majority of British Jews are secular so the Conservative supporting Chief Rabbi doesn’t even represent the majority of British Jews.
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