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  1. The sign outside has always said February 22nd. The last time this place closed was around 2004/5. They demolished the building and rebuilt on the car park then reinstated the area where the shop had been as the new car park. Not sure what they achieved other than the entrance being on Doe Royd Lane rather than Halifax Road. Floor space and car park area were exactly the same! ?
  2. The biggest flaw in the scheme is that it is not a social housing scheme but essentially a private housing project. As such, is it actually appropriate to spend public money on security and subsidised insurance for a private enterprise? A much better scheme would be to offer secure rent controlled tenancies (or possibly a lease) to people who were prepared to put a certain amount of their own time and money into restoring the properties. This could be done in conjunction with some form of community builders/skills exchange and subsidised/recycled/sponsored building supplies. Those eligible would come from the housing waiting list and people would be selected for skills, vision and enthusiasm as well as housing needs. Most importantly, NOTHING would start on site until the group of people had been selected to populate a minimum of 50% of the houses per street. This would ensure that there is a sense of community and common purpose right from the off as well as offering a degree of protection from those who seem to think they are entitled to steal from others in their area.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but my understanding of what had happened was that it was the restrictions that came with the government funding for some of the properties, that was causing the delays. The only mistake the council made was allocating some of these houses in the belief that the problem would be quickly resolved. Hardly major council incompetence!
  4. They do say that religion exists to frighten children and comfort old people. My experience of friends facing death is that those who are contented with how they have lived their lives find it easier to face death than those with regrets.
  5. Is the system losing fluid? If it is then there is a leak in the system somewhere. If it isn't and the pedal still goes to the floor, then the fluid is probably leaking back past a seal somewhere. Most modern clutches are disengaged by hydraulic pressure (master/slaver cylinder) and engaged by mechanical means (usually a spring). If the hydraulic system has been replaced and the problem persists then as Obelix says, the actual clutch mechanism itself needs looking at.
  6. Didn't her great grandmother also have penchant for the 'services' of a Scotsman? Must be a royal tradition.
  7. There's an element of truth in that. While there have always been idiots and anti social elements mouthing off, the Brexit vote does seem to have given people like that, a renewed sense of entitlement to behave badly. ?
  8. Didn't someone discover a while back that the special seasoning was ...... salt & pepper lol ---------- Post added 20-02-2018 at 14:38 ---------- (and can a mod correct the spelling mistake in the thread title )
  9. Arrogance lol. Like every other creature on this planet, when we are gone that's it. It is an arrogance to think that we are so special that there is something more for us when we are gone. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust!
  10. Don't take this the wrong way but if you were more interested in the actors having been on telly than the quality of the play, maybe you could have saved yourself the money and stayed in and watched telly?
  11. Do not EVER automatically renew your insurance with whoever it is. Ring them when you get your renewal quote and tell them that you have just looked at the same insurance policy on compare the meerkat and it is x% cheaper. They will tell you that that price is based on a new business quote. Tell them that you want to cancel your insurance and you will look to see if any other company's are offering an even better quotes as a new customer. They will then say "Let's have a look and see if we can get you something better." They will then invariably offer you exactly the same policy for sometimes up to 20% less than you've been quoted. I've been doing this for 15 years now with the SAME company and they have never given me a new quote of less than 10% off what the renewal price was.
  12. Read your history!!! As someone else has already said, the EDL actually started off as a response to a national police crackdown on football hooliganism.
  13. Have they changed the tax rules then? I am self employed and do most of my work for 6 or seven employers. However I have colleagues who have been forced to go on PAYE because although self employed, they work exclusively for one employer. In fact I have heard of people putting in fake invoices (and even paying tax on the income from them) into their tax returns, just so as the revenue don't class them as working exclusively for one employer. ---------- Post added 15-02-2018 at 23:38 ---------- Looks like I was right. Christa Ackroyd formerly of Look North has been deemed by the revenue to have been an employee of the the BBC and not a self employed sub-contractor. £400K outstanding in unpaid tax!
  14. Not sure about a political party, but certainly a party party! I haven't looked at any of their facebook stuff for a while now but when I last did, it seemed like a bunch of teenagers getting over excited about an upcoming party before any of their demos. Political discussion-nil. However plenty of discussion about drink, drugs, what they were going to wear and how they were going to have it large. They're a joke, man!
  15. I'd suggest extra light for a beginner with normal tuning. The Martin Extra Light sets are about a fiver and the product code is M170.
  16. I've been playing with Martin Phosphor Bronze strings for years. No complaints. Reasonably cheap and last well if you keep them clean.
  17. I don't know anything about that but I once had a van broken into and the only thing taken was the first aid box. I never could get my head round that!
  18. Have they changed the law on parking on zig zag lines at zebra crossing? It used to be a fine and three points. Now not only does everyone do it, but you see cop cars driving past them and taking no notice!
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