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  1. Not in the same league I know, but it is also time parents faced prosecution for piercing kids ears, tongues etc.
  2. I'm not sure you understand how the civil courts work in this country. In a defamation case, Bradley will simply be asked by the court to prove to its satisfaction, that his claims about Corbyn are true. Any attempt to widen this to other unrelated matters will be given very short shrift by the judge. Also if Bradley was relying on information from the security services, he will be waiting a long time. Such information is rarely made public and usually in such a redacted form as to be worthless. If Corbyn sued, this matter wouldn't even get to court. Any serious legal adviser would urge Bradley to apologise and make a very healthy donation to a charity of Corbyn's choice. Or risk a very expensive day in court. I don't know how wealthy Bradley is but I very much doubt that his party would make the same mistake as the 'kippers and offer to cover his costs and damages.
  3. Before we get too carried away with this, let's not forget that in the 1970's, MI5 had Harold Wilson under surveillance even as he was a serving Prime Minister and it is thought that there were those within MI5 who were actively plotting to bring the Wilson government down. And Wilson was by no stretch of the imagination any threat to the status quo. Like the BBC, MI5 sees the Conservative Party as the natural party of government in the UK. Does anyone seriously think that anything MI5 has on Corbyn would have any credibility in the real world?
  4. Are you sure? And what if he doesn't? Is the sky going to fall in? No, of course not. Those who support him will continue to support him, those who hate him will always hate him and all the rest will be divided between those who are unsettled by the accusations being made and those who start to wonder what this guy has that is upsetting the great and the good so much.
  5. That is quite a claim to make about someone who even if they did exist, we know virtually nothing about. There are countless figures in more recent history who would have a greater claim to that accolade because of real stuff we know for fact that they have done.
  6. Its working title was "To Have and to Hold". I can't remember what it actually aired as.
  7. And that is what is at the bottom of all this stuff. If Corbyn wasn't absolutely wanting to change things (as much as he is going to be able) the press would be bored with it by now and moved on to something else.
  8. Would you agree then, that it is also eminently reasonable to ask the same question of Teresa May considering her current position?
  9. Love it. Sex in the thread title and 9 replies and 591 views (and counting!) A friend of mine made a film for Channel Four in the early days and one of the minor characters in it was a prostitute. The continuity people as well as those who wrote the programme guide described the film as being 'about prostitution'. It's ratings were higher than all the other C4 films in that series put together. Queen Victoria's legacy is alive and well!
  10. No, I asked for proof that he had ever met the IRA. As I said earlier, many politicians have met people who have been in the IRA. Anyone who served on Belast City Council since 1983 has met and shared a room with people who had been in the IRA. Are you seriously suggesting that they are all IRA supporters? Good luck with that lol
  11. I'm not so sure that he does. We the people are a lot wiser than we're given credit for. Most people can smell bull**** and this has been going on for such a long time now that it has become a bit of a joke. What next "Corbyn Ate My Hamster!!!" The only harm the press could do him would be if they could find evidence that he was dishonest or disingenuous. Like him or loathe him, even his enemies agree that he is a man of principle who has for all his faults, stuck to his guns and not kept changing to court the current political fashion. He is excruciatingly boring. He has been an obsessed political animal all his life and it is hard to believe that anything 'saucy' would ever be found about his private life. In fact if it was I suspect his popularity would likely rise rather than fall. No, I'd advise him to ignore it and not give it any credence by engaging with it. It will either blow itself out, switch it's focus to Momentum or annoy enough people to actually increase support for him in the country at large. At the end of the day it is a massive testament to how fearful the establishment is of him.
  12. See here in lies the problem. You don't like Jeremy Corbyn, we get it. But calling you out for spreading lies and half truths about him does not make us either IRA apologists or even Labour supporters. It could just be that we think that personal attacks and the spreading of lies and disinformation ultimately does a disservice to political debate. If Corbyn is guilty of anything, it is of being 20 years ahead of the curve on what was happening in Ireland. All he said back then was 'Look, there are two sides to every conflict and we can either endlessly go on supporting the bloodshed on both sides or we can stop, look at the issues, sit down with all sides in the conflict and see if we can find some level of agreement that the majority of people can live with'. And that is exactly what happened in 1997. By and large, history has proved Corbyn (as well as John Major by the way), right. Apart from a few cranks on the far right, a hand full of dissident republicans and a small but significant number of loyalists, the vast majority of people both here and abroad think the peace process and the GFA were a good thing.
  13. Not a great example to give. After the Brighton bombing many people, none of whom in any way shape or form would be called IRA supporters were cursing that Thatcher had survived. You seem to forget how loathed she was at the time. If Corbyn was to be charged at the time as you suggest, half the population would be standing in the dock with him! ?
  14. To be fair, Lidl's bakery products have always been pretty good. Their almond croissants are actually nicer than Sainsburys and almost half the price.
  15. So Corbyn has met someone who may or may not have been in the IRA? I have met people who may or may not have been in the IRA. Andrew Neil has met people who may or may not have been in the IRA. Every US president from Reagan to Obama has met people who may or may not have been in the IRA. Teresa May has met people who may or may not have been in the IRA. The pope has met people who may or may not have been in the IRA. In fact the Queen has actually met someone who very definitely was in the IRA. Are you seriously claiming that all these people support the IRA?
  16. In many cases empathy and cooperation are methods of survival.
  17. Yet when I ask you for evidence to support either of those claims you seem to have great difficulty.
  18. Corbyn never met the IRA. However William Whitelaw and other senior government officials did meet them in 1972. Are you saying that the Conservative Secretary of State was giving the IRA political legitimacy and therefore support?
  19. This is the problem with such smears. At no time has Jeremy Corbyn ever claimed to have supported the IRA but here are at least two people who firmly believe it. And of course if I were to ask Obelix or monkey to provide ONE SINGLE QUOTE to prove their claim I suspect I will be waiting a long time.
  20. No lol! When someone mentioned The Pheasant being a listed building, it reminded me of someone posting as a joke on Facebook that it was going to be turned into a mosque and the EDL called a demo and 100 idiots turned up and marched from The Wordsworth to Lane Top to protest about it!!!!
  21. He should definitely ignore them. The media campaign against him up to and including the last election, proved largely ineffective. A large part of it was targeted directly at Labour supporters who were repeatedly told "Look Labour will never win an election in a million years with this clown as leader". Now that has been well and truly blown out of the water, the likes of the Mail, Telegraph, Sun & Express are resorting to increasingly ludicrous allegations. Anyone who remembers Blair twisting and turning in response to every criticism from the Mail and the Sun and how badly that ended, would see absolutely no sense in Corbyn paying any attention to any of these claims. Eventually the campaign will be seen as increasingly bitter and counter productive. At this point it will probably turn on Momentum and those on the left of the party by which time with Brexit stuck in the mire and the Tories abrogating all responsibility for domestic matters it will probably be too late.
  22. It depends on what you mean by people. Yes, believing in a divine construction or an afterlife may help someone in the short term but in the long term it undermines any attempts to make real change for the better. All religions have propped up the status quo and as such have a negative effect on the well being of most of the human race in the long term.
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