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  1. The cafè in Weston Park is nice and you could kill some time in the museum next door.
  2. That page is showing a different ad now but the ad it linked to is still in a browser window. http://earnwithbitcoin.co/index1.php?offer_id=1692&aff_id=3456&aff_sub1=%7Bsub_param%7D&aff_sub2=aff_id_2966&aff_sub3=offer_id_1660&aff_sub4=http://bitcoinmillions.co/&aff_sub5=%7Bsub_param%7D&source=1022500df7b3992dc5e8f0d97a0c39 If I see it again I shall screenshot it and email it you.
  3. Because you have ad-removing software or because you pay no attention to it? ---------- Post added 27-02-2018 at 17:37 ---------- Yes this ad is on the Car Battery thread, which is why I described it as targeted.
  4. It is a racing certainty that at some point you will leave the property, even if it is in a wooden box!
  5. A fake news story that Elon Musk has quit Tesla is being used on this site to link to an advert for a 'get rich quick' Bitcoin scheme. Given the amount of public debate about fake news and targeted advertising, do people who post here have any objections to this kind of advertising being directed at them?
  6. Or indeed qualified electricians! I used to do electrical fault finding on a mates old motorcycle. He was a qualified electrician but couldn't get his head round 12V auto electrics.
  7. It depends what you mean by 'not qualified'. The law simply says that the work must be carried out by a 'competent' person although a certificate of inspection needs to be issued by a 'qualified' person.
  8. I didn't mention quality, I mentioned price. Last autumn I bought a Yuasa YBX5000, list price £190 for £89 on the internet with free p&p. At less than half price I would certainly call that cheap. As for quality, Yuasa are one of the best car and motorcycle batteries produced. And on the subject of AGM batteries, I'd avoid if you do a lot of distance runs as AGM chemistry is very susceptible to over charging. And Euro Car Parts although reasonable for most things list very expensive batteries on their website.
  9. Does anyone actually care what people on social media say?
  10. Played brilliantly by Roger Lloyd-Pack who also starred in The Vicar of Dibley! ?
  11. An easy enough job to do for a reasonably competent amateur. 6mm twin and earth is sufficient for an electric shower up to 8.5kW. However if you are going to the trouble of running new wiring from the fuse box to the shower (via a 45A switch of course) I would recommend you run 10mm twin and earth. The cable won't cost much more and it gives you the option of upgrading to a higher powered shower in future without rewiring. I'm not sure what the wall you are mounting the shower on is, but if it is a tiled brick wall it is neater and less clunky to use 15mm copper pipe rather than plastic 'quickfit' types. Make sure you have a decent water pressure. In my experience, low pressure in an electric shower can make it fiddly to get the temperature right. And remember that after it has been running for a minute or two it is trying to heat water that is coming from a couple of metres under the ground. Some of the lower power electric showers can struggle on a cold winter's night to provide water hot enough for some people's comfort. And I may be wrong but the switch can be inside the bathroom as long as it is no less than 60cm (2 feet) from the bath or shower. I'd check that.
  12. I think they supply a lot of Internet firms. The last battery I bought from the internet came from Andrew Page.
  13. A car neither knows nor cares how much you paid for its battery! ?
  14. Lots of cheap batteries on the Internet. (and most come with free p&p!)
  15. Although usually much more expensive, one advantage of a main service agent is that if they want to test a temperature sensor for example, they will take one off the shelf and fit it. If the problem is resolved they will charge you for the part and the time it took to fit. If the problem is something else they will refit your original part and just charge you for time it took to fit.
  16. Back on topic, an interesting study has just been done by Loughborough University into all aspects of media coverage of the 2017 election campaign. It is a lot to digest but if you scroll down to Fig. 3-2 you will see a graphic representation of the positive/negative coverage by the newspapers for all the major parties. Looking at that in the light of how close Labour came to winning that election, it seems that the right wing press is now a busted flush as far as influence over an electorate goes. I say again, Corbyn can quite safely ignore these smears and negative coverage as they seem to be making little difference to how people vote on the day. https://blog.lboro.ac.uk/crcc/general-election/media-coverage-of-the-2017-general-election-campaign-report-4/
  17. I can't remember whether you said how old the car was but most modern cars have extensive factory produced digital service manuals that are available to all dealers and most good garages that 'talk you through' a problem eliminating the most obvious problems and avoiding repeating the same diagnostic. This takes much of the guesswork out of finding a problem (or combination of problems), saves unnecessary labour costs for the customer as well as the fitting of replacement parts that aren't needed. In my experience it is laziness as much as lack of experience that leads to bad practice. A cousin was faced with a £850 bill to fix an electric ariel on her car. All it turned out to be was a power connector which had come adrift under the carpet below the front passenger seat. The garage basically couldn't be bothered to take out the front seat to check it so firstly replaced the powered ariel and then her car radio. Luckily she asked to keep her old radio and ariel and my uncle connected them together and found that they were both working perfectly well.
  18. My point is that assaults (because that is what they are) from tattooing through ear piercing to genital mutilation are all illegal except on medical grounds, because the child is not of an age to give lawful consent. It is not a case of changing or strengthening the law, just one of enforcing it.
  19. I think it's mainly stag and hen dos he targets. Here today and gone tomorrow. He has been there at least 15 years to the best of my knowledge. Oh and on the cost of living in Prague which is the point of this thread, the whole of the band Killing Joke upped and relocated to Prague in 2005 I believe, largely because it was so cheap to live there! ?
  20. I thought everyone knew you can't have a tattoo until you're 18.
  21. The Tattooing of Minors Act of 1969 already makes it an offence to tattoo anyone under the age of 18.
  22. WHY......... Because he asks how much you are changing and if you say for example €100 he says he can offer a better rate than the bureau. If the bureau is offering say 2,500 Czech Krona* for €100 he will offer you 3000 Czech. Then he takes you aside and counts out 3000 worth of notes. Unfortunately about 500 of them will be Czech Krona, the rest will be various random Eastern European junk currencies. All you are doing is counting the 00s. After all, we don't know what all this weird money looks like, do we? Then he disappears like the shopkeeper in the Mr Benn cartoons and you are left with about £20 worth of various junk currency for your €100. Which you only discover when you walk into a bar and try to buy a round using a 100 Hungarian Forint note (worth about 25p!*) (*exchange rates are not accurate and simply for the illustration of the story)
  23. The Yaris is a great little car which is why the second hand/resale prices are quite high compared to others in that class.
  24. There is a money changing place in the top North East corner of Wenceslas Square. If you stand outside looking at the rates, you will almost certainly be approached by a man in a beige camel hair coat offering you a much better exchange rate. Avoid!!!
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