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  1. We have computers now for a start. Air traffic control using only binoculars, telephones, primary surveillance radar and strips of card? Good luck with that. And while on the subject of air traffic control, although not an EU body in itself, we are members of Eurocontrol by virtue of our EU membership. Yes, we can leave and rejoin as an independent member but that will take time and cost money. In the meantime our aircraft will be grounded, not just in the EU but the UK as well.
  2. Could we? That system was the JAA which no longer exists (it became EASA in 2007 lol) I don't think anyone is claiming that the EU is perfect (far from it) but you don't cut off your arm because you have a rash on the back of your hand. That would be complete madness. Wouldn't it?
  3. Can't they do that while they're driving. Everyone else seems to!
  4. Back on topic, is it still the case that most petrol stations only make 1p a litre on fuel and make most of their profit on the crap they sell in the shop? In that case there is no economic argument for sacking off staff and only selling fuel via pay at the pump.
  5. Let me get this right. You want offenders' IDs made public to prevent innocent people being attacked? How about we all respect the law and allow our judicial and penal systems to do their jobs.
  6. I manage to do that in the shop or walking back to the car.
  7. I fear that ship may have already sailed. The lead in times to relocate out of the City of London are measured in years, not months. Banks and finance houses cannot afford to wait to see what deal is eventually done and are already putting plans to move in place. Money and finance have no national loyalty. If Credit Suisse knows that if they move to Frankfurt it is 100% certain that they will be able to continue trading with other European countries but only 30% certain if they remain in London they will move to Frankfurt. Those who say we should be playing hardball with the EU or walk away really have no idea how damaging economically the whole Brexit project is*. We are negotiating from a position of incredible weakness and Tusk and Verhofstadt know it. (*or do know, but just don't care. Didn't a recent survey show that most Brextremists would be prepared to lose their jobs if it meant leaving Europe?)
  8. If this thread is becoming a petrol station moanfest, may I ask why people take so long to drive off after paying for their fuel when someone is waiting behind them to use the pump? When I've done, I get into my car, put the key in the ignition, start the engine, stick it in gear, check my mirrors then drive away. It takes no more than 10 seconds max. Why do some people struggle to do this in under a minute?
  9. I heard an interesting interview a few years back with a physiologist who said that human performance improvements are quite linear and governed by some absolutes like maximum rates of metabolisation of energy sources. He said that if you factor in improvements in technology and the aerodynamic advantages in skin suits and helmets, a fairly accurate graph can be drawn from the 1930's to the present day of performance increase with time. If you then superimpose real results over the top of it you can see the two curves diverging around the time of the 'Armstrong era' which if available at the time would have alerted people to the fact that something was not quite right.
  10. I believe that police response times to forecourt drive offs reflect their low priority, in which case you will be well paid up and away by the time it gets official.
  11. Such as? The irony is that even if a negotiated Brexit means we remain in EASA, we will still be subject to the European Court of Justice but without any say over how it is run. That's why this whole Brexit thing is a nonsense. Like it or not we live in an integrated world and to disengage from it is not only going to be deeply damaging to our country's wellbeing but will also be impossible to administer. Like it or not, the Brextremists in government can scream and shout all they want but there are going to be all sorts of compromises made and it is still going to end up looking like a dogs dinner!
  12. And how come the wrong engines were found if no bits of the plane were found? Much of the plane was found including the flight data recorder which mirrored exactly the flight path which air traffic control secondary radar had recorded. And a video simulation made using data from the data recorder also corroborated a number of independent eyewitness accounts of the last minutes of the flight. Unfortunately the NTSB handed over responsibility for the crash investigation to the FBI and no report has ever been published. However, there is more than enough information in the public domain to support the assumption that American Airlines Flight 77 did indeed crash into the Pentagon including mobile phone logs to and from the plane in the last minutes of the flight.
  13. The only alternative narrative which holds any kind of water is that elements within the US government knew in advance of the attack plans and allowed it to go ahead for whatever reason. Everything else is just crazy talk.
  14. Including the thousands of friends, family and acquaintances of the perpetrators, very few of whom would be in the slightest bit interested in backing a US government/New World Order/Illuminati/ Lizard conspiracy theory.
  15. That's very true but while we still have enough to fill kids' party balloons AND cool MRI scanners, we ain't going to be getting it from outer space any time soon.
  16. So do lots of places in space but while it costs 1000s of times more to fetch them than they are worth, no one is going to bother. It cost Elon Musk something like $100 million to launch his old car into space and even that is supposed to be a third of the price of most commercial space launches.
  17. Given that the vast majority of people detained in 'terrorist' raids are very quickly released without charge, that is one hell of a lot of innocent people you want to lock up! And given that you also bang on about lenient sentences and 50% remission, where on earth are you going to imprison all these people? Dude, you need to do less shouting and more thinking!
  18. Because they belong to their own aviation safety organisations that are recognised by EASA and as already pointed out, some airlines are already banned from European airspace if their operations or maintenance standards fall below a threshold set by EASA. At the end of the day it will be the airlines' own insurance companies which will ground them. Once the UK ceases to be a member of an internationally recognised aviation safety organisation IT WILL BE ILLEGAL to fly in most international airspace and as such airlines will have no valid insurance. Another consequence of this is that without that insurance, they may also be prevented by IATA from selling any airline tickets. The Brexit crazies may bang on about how 'it won't happen' but if the UK leaves the EU and its organisations without a deal this is exactly what will happen! That is why Ryanair is stressing about it. Although an Irish registered business, they operate a ton of flights in and through the UK. In the event of a no deal Brexit, UK airspace will become effectively 'unregulated airspace' and as such, Ryanair and other airlines will not be insured to fly in, over or through it. There'll certainly be no need for a third runway at Heathrow!
  19. Wiggins used intravenous triamcinolone before the 2012 Tour de France on advice of the Team Sky doctor. That is very much to do with Team Sky. It also doesn't help that Wiggins' Team Sky medical records now seem to have vanished.
  20. Interestingly, despite the blind faith in capitalism in the US, NASA decided to let the contract for navigation software development for the moon landings to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  21. That still leaves the questions - if triamcinolone is not appropriate for Wiggins' condition(s), it has potentially more harmful side effects than Sambutamol and there is NO performance advantage, why on earth was he taking it? Scientists often disagree but I suspect Team Sky, their backers and their own scientists all found a measurable advantage in it's use. At that level (again, as in Formula One) they are dealing with combinations of small advantages to make a decisive difference in competition and have very highly paid, highly skilled people working for them with access to cutting edge research tools.
  22. Posting a link to a crank website is not the best way to advance an argument lol
  23. Most likely a healthy vote to remain. Most studies of those who didn't/couldn't vote put them in the remain camp and that is before you factor in the under 16's as in the Scottish independence referendum. I remember someone saying at the time that it is easy to stir people up to vote against something. Much harder to stir people to to enthuse about something which is rightly or wrongly not massively loved, even by remainers. I certainly have no love for the EU but it has largely been a force for good and in 2016 it made no economic sense whatever way you looked at it for the UK to withdraw. In fact going back to your initial point, I would go further than a compulsory vote and have made the result compulsory but only as long as there was a quadruple lock on the result, ie. it would have to have produced a simple majority in ALL FOUR constituents of the United Kingdom. Despite Brexiteers screaming and shouting 'we won the vote!' and 'respect the will of the people!', the WHOLE of the United Kingdom is being dragged into this madness by a slender majority made up of English and a handful of Welsh votes.
  24. If there's a 'no deal' Brexit, nobody will be flying anywhere other than within the UK. And before people say that our good friend Trump will let us fly to America, we won't be able to do that either. Once we drop out of the European Air Safety Agency, UK registered planes will not be legally allowed to fly in any airspace other than the UK's.
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