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  1. Yes, a lot of people who voted leave were racist, some weren't. But what can be said without fear of contradiction is that almost all the leave voters were xenophobic.
  2. Didn't a recent poll claim that most leavers would be prepared to lose their jobs if it meant leaving the EU could be guaranteed?
  3. That's it! A very funny film that I haven't seen for yonks. Thanks
  4. I do actually understand the finer point of what you are saying. I called it a philosophy because it is a modern philosophy based on an understanding, misguided or otherwise, of the Old Testament. I call it the Old Testament because we are discussing the views of a largely Christian US population who view the bible as Old Testament and New Testament and the origins of that belief are in what they know as the 'Old' Testament.
  5. Can anyone remember the name of that film about the Aussie radio telescope that was charged with beaming the pictures back from the moon? Because the earth spins, NASA had to have a back up comms link in case the timing of the moon landing went tits up. This was somewhere in the Aussie outback. Because Neil Armstrong was too excited to sleep after landing on the moon they decided to go early with the moon walk. The Aussies got the call to fire up their comms link but never having expected this to happen were caught completely on the hop. Very funny film. My favourite bit was when the US ambassador visited the local high school and the music teacher proudly showed of the school band by asking them to play the US national anthem. And they started playing the Hawaii Five-O theme tune. :D:D
  6. What the likes of the BNP/NF/EDL really don't get is that they are on the same side as the extremists they claim to oppose. Frantsen and Golding are no different to the poppy burners. They are all sociopathic, obsessed extremists who have more in common with each other than the rest of normal society.
  7. I agree, they may have been but people at the bottom of society as you call it, would have been much worse off if the UK hadn't been part of the EU. UK workers are below the EU average in terms of health, wealth, employment rights, working hours, cost of living and housing because we live in a system where successive governments both Labour and Tory have put the interests of the wealthy and privileged above those of everyone else. This will be borne out when those first to suffer from withdrawing from the EU are the weakest and poorest in our society.
  8. Since the EU referendum this kind of nasty racially aggravated harassment, has increased markedly and shows no signs of abating. I would say that there is a very strong public interest in punishing those as harshly as the law allows until such time as these people grow up and start treating their fellow citizens with respect.
  9. OK, a question for reptep and Car Boot. Neither of you seem willing to condemn the actions of Golding and Frantsen. That is fair enough. I'm not a big fan of anybody being pushed into 'news bite' statements that can be misrepresented at a later time. Remember Corbyn was criticised for not condemning the IRA. Of course he condemned it when he said that he condemned ANYONE who used violence in the conflict, whoever they were. No, his 'crime' wasn't that he wouldn't condemn the IRA, as clearly he did, it was that he wouldn't single it out for special condemnation. A more useful question to ask of reptep and Car Boot is do either of you think that the actions for which Golding and Frantsen were convicted, justified?
  10. That is complete nonsense and you know it. Name me a single campaign on sexual offending where the target of the far right hasn't been those of ethnic origin? And what have you to say on the far right's long and dishonourable history of covering up the many sexual offences from within its own ranks?
  11. Remind me again who is going to suffer first and hardest under Brexit? And I must have got it wrong then, because all I heard on the economy during the campaign was about how big business was going to profit greatly from the relaxing of EU red tape governing workers' rights, disability rights and health and safety. Working time directives, minimum wage legislation and equal opportunities and disability legislation all came from Europe, many at great resistance from consecutive Tory governments. I will say it again, the leave movement originated from the far right libertarian wing of the Conservative Party and has always been led and bankrolled by millionaire businessmen. In what possible way could that be in the interest of the disadvantaged and vulnerable? If you think that, then you seriously need to give your head a wobble!
  12. I think the jury is still out on that. The Brexit vote has made it more acceptable (or should I say less unacceptable) to voice blatantly racist views and has measureably led to an increase in racist hate crimes. These people are meat and drink to the far right and however incompetent and inept their leadership is, these organisations will always be a magnet for those who choose to blame everyone but themselves for their sad and angry lives.
  13. The problem with the Old Testament philosophy of 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is that you then surrender the moral high ground. You also make logical argument very difficult because if you kill someone because they have killed and killing is wrong then surely by the same reason, you yourself should be killed because killing is wrong. Besides in america, capital punishment is rarely about deterrence and almost always about frustration and vengeance.
  14. Let's not forget that these people were not targetted because of their sex offences but because of the colour of their skin. As far as I know, the far right has never campaigned against white rapists.
  15. Not sure that it was. During a Newsight report from Lincolnshire in the days after the vote in 2016, a representative of the NFU said that almost all of his colleagues in the area had voted to leave. Interestingly when asked who would pick his veg after the UK leaves, he seemed to think he could still used the same Romanian workers that he had been using for years. He said that his understanding was that European citizens would lose the right to work here but if he chose to employ them then he would be allowed to. Yet another example of 'leave' meaning a multitude of different things to different people.
  16. I know in these days of political correctness we shouldn't make an issue of how people look, but if the people in that photo see themselves as the master race they may as well give up now. Joking aside, it is their disgusting hate filled views, not their looks that are to be condemned. That is the real ugliness!
  17. A realistic wage is one which will attract local unemployed labour who until now have shown no interest in this kind of work.
  18. In the short time I've been on here I've definitely got a whiff of the far right from a number of longstanding SF posters. Strange that they haven't shown up in droves to defend these two racist idiots. I thought the whole point of Brexit was to make Britain back British again and stand up to political correctness?
  19. An interesting Brexit fact is that a lot of Lincolnshire farmers voted to leave even though now they will not only lose their EU subsidies but will have to pay a realistic wage to locals to pick their fruit and veg. (If they can find anyone willing to do it that is!)
  20. There'll be folk saying Wallace & Grommet didn't go to the moon either!
  21. That would be the 'leave' that was led by a millionaire businessman and bankrolled by a load of other millionaire businessmen? Interesting argument!
  22. Aside from their foul views, it never ceases to surprise me how completely incompetent these people are. Apparently they were arrested after banging on a shop window screaming "Paedophiles!" "Foreigners!" at those inside without realising they were at the wrong shop in the wrong street! You really couldn't make this stuff up! Laurel & Hardy's Big Nazi Day Out lol.
  23. The two clowns who came to fame last year when Trump retweeted their fake news tweets were today jailed after being convicted at Folkestone Magistrates Court. I wonder if Trump will ask the Queen for a Royal Pardon for them when he plays golf with her and Prince Phillip during his State visit? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-43320121
  24. You do know that no one is actually accusing him of using illegal drugs? Don't you?
  25. I think that it is you who is struggling to understand something which is actually quite simple. Many non-EU airlines belong to EASA but play no part in policy or decision making and are ultimately subject to the European Court of Justice in matters of airline safety, crash investigation and other air transport matters. A no deal Brexit means however, that we would cease to be part of EASA and as such, UK airlines would be pretty much grounded. Yes we could rejoin as an associate member but that would take time, cost money, disrupt aircraft certification and at the end of the day we would still be subject to the ECJ with no input in rule making. And this is becoming a theme as the Brexit story unfolds. Many pro-leavers kept banging on during the campaign about all these EU organisations and quangos where we had to accept their jurisdiction but had no say in the initial rule making. This was absolute nonsense because we always had as much say as any other EU country either through the European Parliament or Commissioners that we appointed to Brussels. The irony is that leaving is turning out to be such a mess that we will probably have to stay members of all sorts of EU bodies, from some form of customs union, to EASA and Euratom to name just a few. But with no longer any say in the rule making! Well done Brexiteers. That's really getting our sovereignty back!
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