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  1. So what? Most people I know are not Labour activists but the majority of them are disgusted at the way the Tories have attempted to make political capital out of this young man’s death.
  2. He is a liar. That doesn’t mean he lies about everything, does it?
  3. Slightly off topic but when they showed that clip on Googlebox last week, only the Welsh couple and the woman from the caravan in Hull had ever heard of Aberfan. The Welsh couple had tears in their eyes as they talked about it which shows how raw the memories of the disaster still are in Wales, over 50 years later. 😢
  4. My use of the word strangely was strictly ironic. 😉
  5. Which strangely has been completely ignored by the BBC News at One.
  6. More rubbish being posted as fact. Many of the mentors/facilitators of deradicalisation programmes are sucessfully rehabilitated former extremists.
  7. It was given heightened news coverage largely because the election campaign had just started, and all parties were busting a gut to show how much they cared about ‘the North’. Now normal service has been resumed.
  8. Rubbish! You have not a shred of evidence to back that up. Are you also calling for the life imprisonment of repeat drunk drivers? After all, they kill way more people in the UK than terrorists have ever done.
  9. Sometimes you get people who will stick flowers on graves that they think there is no one left to tend them. Maybe your grandma’s grave is one of them.
  10. Not pointless at all. To defeat your enemy you first have to understand them and their motivation. Although it’s very easy to scream and shout and call for them to be locked up forever, all you are ultimately doing is prolonging the problem.
  11. Every time he was reminded of this he said ‘Yes but I’ve only been in power for a few months’. He seemed quite happy to hold Corbyn responsible for the actions of Tony Blair’s government over 20 years ago but wouldn’t take responsibility for anything a Conservative government has done in the last 10 years, even though he was a member of government, which Corbyn never was.
  12. I guess the description is too close to home and it is always better to paint enemies as a different to us as possible. Papers like the Mail and Sun have published the most vile homophobic and misogynist rubbish for decades. Then they print the most ridiculous faux outrage when Islamists demonstrate exactly the same hatred of women and LGBT people.
  13. Shami Chakrabati told Andrew Marr that politicians should not use Friday’s attack to score cheap political points. Ten seconds later Marr is being told by Bozo that Labour is to blame for the early release scheme brought in by a left-wing Labour government. Marr had to remind him that Blair’s government could not be described as ‘left-wing’ and that the Tories have been in power for 10 years. The guy is a bumbling shambles but will certainly appeal to the less discerning sections of our electorate.
  14. By who? They espouse a right-wing philosophy therefore they are right-wing terrorists.
  15. A bizarre thing to say on a thread where not a single poster has been an apologist for what happened yesterday.
  16. It makes absolutely no difference whether you are referring to one case or a million cases. Once you start going down the ‘Oh well it’s obvious what happened here’ route, you undermine the rule of law. Do we also start locking people up because ‘everyone knows that they are guilty’?
  17. Speaks for itself? They said that about Hillsborough, they said that about the Birmingham Six, they said that Jean Charles de Menezes and Harry Stanley. What makes us different from the US, Iraq, China, North Korea, Russia and the Philippines is that we have an accountable police force. The kind of reactionary, knee-jerk reaction you and others are showing to acts like this is precisely what our enemies want.
  18. Are you seriously suggesting that an incident where a member of the public is shot dead should not be investigated? 😵
  19. Most of these one-off attackers use knives because they are saddo loners who wouldn’t have a clue where to get anything more dangerous than a kitchen knife from Wilkos. Look at some of the evidence presented in some of the recent terrorist trials. These people are so incompetent that they make Four Lions look like a serious documentary.
  20. Who’s going to pay for it? People convicted of violent crime aren’t always jailed because there currently aren’t enough prison places and removing the right to remission would add tens of thousands to the prison population. Prison discipline, already poor, would get much worse as the threat of losing remission is currently the most effective tool the prison service has in maintaining order. England and Wales already have the highest prison populations in Europe and you are suggesting we increase it even further because of the actions of one head the ball with a knife and a fake bomb vest?
  21. Good luck with that. The law says that everyone is entitled to 50% remission unless a case can be made not to release them on license. I’m sure that you would like to see everyone locked up for ever but that is not how it works in the real world! 🙄
  22. And where on earth are you going to get a real bomb from?
  23. I’m entirely sure what the relevance of what he was wearing and the length of his beard is. 😵
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