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  1. 58 minutes ago, CaptainSwing said:

    Corbyn's position was pro-second-referendum, which is what you've spent most of the last three years arguing for. 

    Except that I have never once argued for a second referendum.


    Being a Brexit-lite party was never going to win an election for Labour against Bozo’s ‘Get Brexit Done!’ campaign. The only chance Labour had of winning this election was by standing as the only credible Remain Party. To do this they would have had to have ditched Corbyn some time ago.


    Yes, it would have lost some Leave seats in the North but would have picked up many more in other areas. Pandering to the minority of traditional, mostly reactionary older Labour Leave supporters has absolutely failed as a strategy as most of those people have still voted for Johnson or Farage.

  2. Whichever constituency you reside in, think carefully about the best way to use your vote to keep Bozo and his clowns out of office.


    As it looks now, the best people can hope for is a hung parliament with another election in six months by which time Labour will have dumped Corbyn.

  3. 39 minutes ago, Baron99 said:

    Well if you're looking for role models!?  Good luck trying to find one from any party within the HoC. 

    What a ridiculous thing to say given that there are over 600 MPs and you probably only know a handful of them who you’ve seen on the telly. 🙄

  4. 3 hours ago, Michael_W said:

    ..... the left will always claim the media is bias towards the right and vice versa, what are your own observations ?

    Which is why an independent academic study* would be useful, although such studies in the past have shown a bias to the right across all media.


    (*Of course the right are also suspicious of academics and also view them as a bunch of lefties! 😳)

  5. 1 hour ago, hobinfoot said:

    It’s not just the establishment who find the current Labour Party unacceptable but many of it’s traditional supporters.

    Yes, that’s true.


    Unfortunately in trying to please voters who are naturally politically right wing and socially conservative Labour is perpetually committed to being a poorer version of the Tories where nothing ever changes.

  6. 2 hours ago, Hotmale 1954 said:

    Yep. Won another Election to carry on implementing watered down Thatcher policies, which the Tory voters found very attractive.

    The establishment still calls the shots and Blair watered down the Labour Party until it became acceptable. 


    The current Labour Party is not acceptable to the establishment hence the unprecedented attacks on it particularly Corbyn. If Labour loses this election, suddenly all the character assassination and the antisemitism row will mysteriously vanish.


    Job done!

  7. 1 hour ago, Mister M said:

    OFCOM have ruled that Channel 4 said the broadcaster was fair in the face of Tory threats..

    That was always going to happen.


    Channel Four fulfilled their regulatory requirement by inviting all major party leaders. They can’t force Bozo to attend therefore the responsibility for there being no Conservative representation during the debate rests squarely with the Conservative Party.


    Complaining to OFCOM just makes them look stupid and reinforces the idea that they have a sense of entitlement above other sections of society.

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