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  1. UK freeports blow as exporters face tariffs to 23 countries: https://www.ft.com/content/625d1913-9242-4d97-9d0b-9cd6925c4e0e "Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak have declared that eight new English freeports — announced in the Budget — will be a “transformational” benefit from Brexit. But officials disclosed on Sunday that recent post-Brexit trade agreements with 23 different countries included clauses that specifically prohibit manufacturers in freeport-type zones from benefiting from the deals." Liz Truss strikes again!
  2. If you refer to “People should claim asylum in the first safe country they arrive in rather than making life threatening journeys to the UK.” ..then no, it isn't. The 1951 agreement does not make this requirement of refugees. https://fullfact.org/immigration/refugees-first-safe-country/ Perhaps they should, but legally, they are under no obligation to do so. UK case law supports this interpretation.
  3. According to the BBC this morning, many Jersey based boats have come out and joined the blockade in solidarity with the French on this matter
  4. Not really, the EU isn't asking the UK to do anything it didn't agree and sign up to. If you can highlight something where that isn't the case, have at it! So, nothing then.
  5. You prove my point for me! The EU is only asking the UK to do what it agreed to do. Nothing remotely unreasonable. The UK government is blaming the EU for it's own failure to prepare (or be honest with the people of N.I), and you're not even attempting to hold the right people to account! Such as?
  6. Which of course, in regard to the N.I.Protocol, is precisely the opposite of what the UK government has tried to do.
  7. No, it doesn't. Actions have consequences, they may be good or bad.
  8. Even better, regarding Brexit: Of the Conservative party: “political piracy … They will go to any length. The current team in Downing St is not up to the challenges of Brexit nor to the responsibility that is theirs for having wanted Brexit. Simply, I no longer trust them.” On the UK's civil servants: "dignified, competent and lucid" but “They have above them a political class who, in part, simply refuse to acknowledge today the direct upshot of the positions they adopted a year ago.” On Global Britain: “I do wonder what, until now, has prevented the UK from becoming ‘Global Britain’, other than its own lack of competitiveness. Germany has become ‘Global Germany’ while being firmly inside the EU and the eurozone.” On May's Lancaster House speech: “I am astonished at the way she has revealed her cards … before we have even started negotiating.” “Have the consequences of these decisions been thought through, measured, discussed? Does she realise this rules out almost all forms of cooperation we have with our partners?” On Boris re: the need for customs and quality checks on the Irish border: it was “my impression that he became aware, in that discussion, of a series of technical and legal issues that had not been so clearly explained to him by his own team”. On Nigel Farage: [behaved] “irresponsibly, with regard to the national interests of their own country. How else could they call on people to make such a serious choice without explaining or detailing to them its consequences?” On the FTA negotiations: There remains "real incomprehension, in Britain, of the objective, sometimes mechanical consequences of its choices” https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/may/05/tory-quarrels-betrayals-uk-post-brexit-future-barnier-eu
  9. Not really, it's just a bitter rant... summed up as: "Germany makes products people want to buy, the UK... not so much" There is zero evidence whatsoever of any bias in Germany's favour. Then you look at the "About" page... and see it's basically propaganda for simpletons
  10. This is categorically false, the EEC was *always* a stepping stone towards political union in Europe, it's literally one of it's founding principles! This was well known before the UK joined the EEC, and indeed was one of the central planks of the "No" campaign at the time. Nothing was ever mis-sold. Again, complete nonsense.
  11. Than the ones who risked their lives and have actually fought to protect it?
  12. ...about those that fought against "German hegemony" in WW2? Nope You were talking about old people that fought against German hegemony.... those voters didn't... ...those that were still alive went out of their way to highlight the stupidity of it Worse... clearly!
  13. Not even those ... as your link make abundantly clear. No-one complained. ...if it wasn't a figment of your imagination?
  14. Agree'd. It's funny reading this thread, ironically, like a Till Death Us Do Part convention It could be argued that their commercial value is reduced if less people want to watch because they find them offensive, so some judicious pruning to cater to modern audiences is just an issue of return of investment, nothing more. I haven't found any evidence that any significant number of people have ever complained, woke, left or otherwise... a nice trope, but not based in truth. Personally, I think a disclaimer would suffice.
  15. They're not necessarily, it's not all elders: https://blogs.lse.ac.uk/brexit/2019/04/05/britains-wartime-generation-are-almost-as-pro-eu-as-millennials/ The ones with actual experience of what division brings weren't voting for Brexit.
  16. No, I didn't! "Brexit means that we've got extra paperwork etc, etc, but this is totally divorced from that". "That" being the paperwork, not Brexit! Context matters! Again, the issue here is your complete inability to comprehend basic speech! And again. 3 times in less than a day... the desperation is palpable! You're going to need that on copy/paste the way things are going!
  17. There is no twisting, I quoted her verbatim, anyone can watch the interview. The only person spinning like a top here is you! Indeed there will, and for many years to come. No need, the post stands, is correct, and can be verified. Back to that safe space you always end up at when you've made a bit of a fool of yourself... twice in one day today! Desperate stuff! Keep on digging...
  18. UK fishing is now disadvantaged compared to what we enjoyed as EU members, as a consequence of Brexit. She couldn't say it any clearer Your desperate squirming doesn't change that... that you've managed to convince yourself it's disconnected from Brexit... priceless!
  19. I haven't misrepresented anything, you have...or should I say, are spectacularly failing in trying to do so! She says it's not related to the the deal the UK struck with the EU... ...no-one ever claimed it was, except you. She quite clearly says the failure to secure a deal, that was only required as a result of Brexit, has left the fishing industry in a worse position. That is a consequence of Brexit, just as the ramifications of every deal that is required as a result of Brexit will be. Frost damage to crops though... not so much
  20. Of course it is, that's self evident, Norway isn't in the EU! The consequences of Brexit are not purely related to the Brexit deal the UK strikes with the EU The point she so succinctly makes, that seems to have escaped you, is that Brexit is the reason the talks were needed in the first place and that their failure leaves the UK in a worse position than it enjoyed as EU members. Admittedly, it wasn't on the side of a bus, so understandable you missed it... Clearly then, your cognisance isn't! Desperate stuff...
  21. And she's been 100% clear where the fault lies: "It's a black day.. it's a total disgrace that the UK haven't managed to retain the rights the UK has had for decades, never mind any brexit bonus..." "European Union boats are fishing in Norwegian waters" UK fishermen have lost access to Norwegian waters, EU fishermen haven't. It's the opposite of the Brexit bonus they were promised! I did, you need to get your ears checked! https://www.itv.com/news/calendar/2021-04-30/brexit-is-this-the-end-of-british-fish-and-chips-and-hundreds-of-humberside-jobs What she clearly says is this issue and the EU paperwork issues fishermen now suffer are not related (because Norway isn't in the EU), but they're both added complications and burdens as a result of Brexit.
  22. Neither was the frost in France! Pretty desperate stuff... Of course, the UK's concerns are nothing whatsoever to the EU Seems to be going down well... https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-56940914 ...oh, no... it's not! Arlene figured it out, you..... not so much
  23. They didn't do it alone, they did it in partnership, which is why many of those who did that fighting (who were still alive) lamented the stupidity of Brexit.
  24. Will no one think of the fishermen!! https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-56932551 UK Fisheries chief executive Jane Sandell complained that the UK government had failed "even to maintain the rights we have had to fish in Norwegian waters for decades".
  25. You mean even as late as this morning she still hadn't worked out she'd been played for a gullible fool... ...looks like she's got the message now!
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