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  1. No, not really.. LOL, the lady doth protest too much methinks! Hmmm... I'm not so sure, if you take out the dead ones , and those on zimmers and in wheelchairs and everyone who has to attend hospital that day... I think it'd be pretty easy! Given the scale of public support for either side over the last few months, those that are actually prepared to go out, it'd be a massacre. Anyway, before you get carried away, I'm joking Which they will because that bill is only going one way, and that's up!
  2. Yep, and just imagine what an embarrassing humilation that would be for any UK government You can bet on it, that £39bn will be paid!
  3. I agree, but executing all leavers seems a step too far
  4. Only works on gullible idiots? Well, that and the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties under which the UK is bound by it's agreed commitments Not to mention that any future negotiations would be dependend on it's payment. OK, but still... less wrong than you
  5. Indeed it is. It's payable *regardless* of any deal. The government has already conceded this.
  6. Wrong I'm afraid. The EU holds all the cards, both legally and economically.
  7. Nothing whatsoever to do with the EU, again.. it's their own governments policies that are at issue. Approval of the EU in France is up 10 points since Brexit I've seen it, they're not complaining about the EU Yeah, the one where they immediately about faced the second they saw what a disaster Brexit is?
  8. The payment is an obligation agree'd under treaty, it's payable, we owe it. The government agree we owe it. It will be paid regardless of what you think. Not as a percentage of total exports. Only 8% of EU goods come to the UK, 40% of UK goods go to the EU Again, you clearly haven't thought this through
  9. And yet, approval is up across the board, even in the UK I've yet to see any problem mentioned by any leave proponent that wasn't a *direct* result of UK government policy & nothing whatsoever to do with the EU LOL.. I can see you haven't really thought this through
  10. Only 8% goods exported from the EU come to the UK. UK-EU exports are a bigger part of the UK’s economy than the EU’s Convinced you say?
  11. It's demonstrably true. And as a result, make savings from efficiencies of scale and shared recources that cost far more to do in isolation. Hence Brexit is already costing double our current EU contribution, and is set to rise further if we ever leave The irony, given your "problems at home" spiel (besides the reality that they're entirely a result of UK government policy and nothing whatsoever to do with the EU) is that leaving will exacerbate them! If only they'd put that on the side of a bus eh
  12. Conspiratorial claptrap. Of course, you forget that that £100 also allows sharing of rescources that it turns out, cost more than £100 if you want to do them on your own Your analogy is flawed, it's only fit for simpletons Haahaa... whats the punchline?
  13. Speaking of socialists.... UK should 'cool down', drop Brexit - Socialist candidate to head EU Commission: https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-eu-timmermans/uk-should-cool-down-drop-brexit-socialist-candidate-to-head-eu-commission-idUKKCN1RT26W
  14. Magilla

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    Am I supposed to come up with different questions to the ones you've spent the last two pages avoiding like the plague, or are you really too lazy to scroll up?
  15. It's not with some irony that the homepage of that website highlights how much worse the UK is compared to the EU with regard to arms sales/investment, which proves my original point. Of course, not a peep about that from you... something familiar there eh

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