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  1. "We shouldn’t have to tell anyone not to believe this claptrap... but"
  2. This has nothing whatsoever to do with "democracy" Jurors, in part, ensure the law doesn't end up out of step with current morality. They may feel, given the evidence, that a verdict based entirely on the law may be unjust. Context is everything. ...as is their right. Yawn. More yawn. No, they explicitly aren't, they *were* prosecuted! They had their day in court and prevailed. Nope: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-56853979
  3. Trumps average of all polls at the same time in his presidency: Approve 38.7% Disapprove 55.0%
  4. "...because you can't get French cheese" was the claim made on Dragons Den Hey, if they want to repeatedly make a complete arse of themselves... who am I to stop them
  5. False equivalence, none of those were about destroying constitutional norms and overturning elections! Pales into insignificance by comparison: https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/list/?category=&ruling=false&speaker=donald-trump Credibility you say? Yawn, the incumbent almost always loses ground in the midterms. Trump did, Biden probably will too... it's entirely normal.
  6. On the face of it that does sound like good news. However, prior to Brexit just over a third of UK catches were landed outside the UK, so it's inevitable domestic sales would increase. The proof of the pudding, given the significant rise in costs and red tape, is whether those increased sales ultimately lead to increased profit. Doesn't seem to be any published info on that as yet, for some reason
  7. She doesn't compare them She stated that the date will be remembered in the same way those other dates are... ...she's 100% right about that. ... by using misleading hyperbole! Weird how those "critics" are the same people who's rhetoric led to it in the first place? ...and have the cognitive ability to be able to comprehend the meaning of the statement in the first place! Looks like you, and those "critics" in your linked article, fell at the first hurdle!
  8. A jury is free to ignore the laws of the land if their conscience tells them a guilty verdict would be unjust. Like most of your claims, not backed up by reality, or the facts in this case.
  9. Sure, no worries: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jury_nullification Essentially, jurors are free to favour their conscience over the law.
  10. As is their right, and in part, the reason for having a jury at all. They're not just there to judge the defendant, they exist to strike a balance between following their own sense of justice and respecting the accumulated cultural knowledge represented by the law. The jury have the freedom to ignore the law or the judge’s guidance on how the law should be applied. There's nothing "woke" about it. The jurors in the case do not agree with your view.
  11. Then there would be no point in having a jury at all.
  12. Technically, there is no criminal damage in this case to emulate A great day for justice and common sense.
  13. Depends on what you call "making it work"... it doesn't necessarily mean it will be beneficial to the country or it's residents. Would reducing the standard of living, or rolling back the welfare state be "making it work"? In other news... Brexit will get real in 2022: https://www.fnlondon.com/articles/brexit-will-get-real-in-2022-this-year-has-been-a-hall-pass-for-everyone-20211213 "The past 12 months have 'been a bit of a hall pass for everyone and that is now coming to an end' Brexit is not going to be good for the City and the UK financial services industry. 2022 is when we’ll start to really see that.”
  14. Mr.Perkes was interviewed again a couple of months ago, his views haven't changed
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