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  1. UK’s Post-Brexit Mexican Trade Deal Left Obsolete: https://bylinetimes.com/2021/04/22/uks-post-brexit-mexican-trade-deal-left-obsolete/ "The UK’s trade deal, which was meant to replicate the existing EU deal with Mexico, will now face stiff competition from EU countries, which have negotiated better terms to sell their manufactured goods and other products to Mexico."
  2. Whether a landline remains an "essential" service, the context of the sentence, is reliant on whether you can reliably receive one or the other.
  3. They are connected in the context of the article, in that they all can be used to make non-landline based calls.
  4. In what way? Which bits are inaccurate or misleading? Seems to me the BBC are just reporting the results of a survey...
  5. ...because they're the only ones that matter... my mistake! I explicitly qualified "civilian deaths" in my initial response so my interpretation was clear.
  6. Which does not mention civilian casualties at all! LOL... ...you know the people dropping the bombs tend not to be those killed by them when they explode... right?
  7. ...and couldn't, when Trump was President, because that data was no longer in the public domain in any official capacity. If you think dropping more bombs in 4 years, than Bush and Obama did in 8 (or in the case of Yemen, than both did in 16 years), could somehow result in a lower body count, then this is the appropriate emoji. Which in no way disputes that most of it was "taken back" before Trump was in office, there's a reason they state "last of". Probably best not to cite a quote that directly refers to 4 newspaper articles then!
  8. https://chicago.suntimes.com/news/2019/5/8/18619206/under-donald-trump-drone-strikes-far-exceed-obama-s-numbers https://www.2lt.com.au/trump-who-vowed-to-end-wars-has-dropped-more-bombs-than-bush-or-obama/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/niallmccarthy/2018/11/13/the-u-s-never-dropped-as-many-bombs-on-afghanistan-as-it-did-in-2018-infographic/ Trump massively increased the number of bombs dropped, more than Obama and Bush combined in Yemen... ...while removing any accountability re: civilian deaths: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-47480207 So we can't check out the body bag count, only bombs dropped. All things being equal, the count is significantly higher for Trump! Shame it only bolstered their hold on power. Categorically false. The Trump administration mostly finished the job, but the Obama administration launched the campaign against the Islamic State, killed more fighters and removed much of their ability to generate income from oil (operation Tidal Wave II), long before Trump took office.
  9. We're in the midst of some of the most right wing governments in my lifetime, all of which have done precisely nothing other than legitimize these totalitarians. Trump publicly stated he trusted Putins word over his own secret service, North Korea's Kim "is a great guy, doing a great job", President Xi "We love each other". Issues around Iraq, Syria a result of actions insisted on, by a right wing government... ...but yeah, it's all the lefts fault.
  10. How so? The left behind looking for someone to blame for their woes, & the comfortably well off who think Brexit won't effect them too badly... pretty much spot on. Issues that are a result of UK government policy, not EU membership, and that Brexit will exacerbate. "They believed that Brexit would free up funding for some of this investment" How daft do you have to be... ...phrases involving the words "gullible", and "turkeys" still hold true.
  11. "the poll also showed she would be beaten in a second round between her and Mr Macron, by 54 per cent to 46 per cent." ...and that's a poll taken in the depths of the Covid crisis! Comments seem pretty accurate though: "If Brexit has shown the French, one thing, it is how leaving the EU will destroy your economic and your political leverage/future worldwide, as can been seen in the UK's now begging of the smallest of Countries to please give them a (EU duplicate) trade deal. " No mention of cracks
  12. LOL Clearly you have failed to understand the meaning of the word "unless"! Sigh... the nuances of the English language... since my claim is qualified with "unless", that's implicit in the statement
  13. Is that why you chose a link that highlights increased spending on UK research.... that is paid for by that aid budget? Your claim that " it will impact on scientific funding abroad but not the UK" is completely wrong. None of it was detailed in the budget, and the Treasury has not made funding available. Surely you mean "might happen", since none of it is yet sorted or finalised.
  14. Some have happened, the others I qualified with "potential". They will happen unless the government changes course. LOL, didn't see that coming! Maybe they're saying it because the threat is real Regardless, the foreign aid budget has been cut, which covers a lot of the funding highlighted in your previous link. That global market now includes the EU, who's auto manufacturers started removing UK suppliers from their supply chains some time ago.
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