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  1. Accurate as ever. The VAT rate is 5% ... and as usual, it's the exact opposite direction to which you claim. The EC has already announced amendments to allow member states to set whatever rates they wish
  2. As before, I'm not sure making yourself look a gullible plum counts The irony
  3. You implied some impropriety where there is none. Easily debunked. Again, you fell for it hook, line and sinker! If you didn't, why post it? .. and the UK's Department for International Development, or Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade... both of which are lapping up Brexit The Lib-dem view/policy is the same as it was before he worked for this NGO... yet "You're not going to convince me" that the total lack of any change in that policy isn't somehow related? So easily debunked. A shame you couldn't be bothered before spouting it eh Wow, £2000 for 2017/18 somehow swayed someones opinion to such an extent that they kept their opinion *exactly* as it always was. Yeah, when you put it that way it makes perfect sense... I mean, it's obvious... right? Not at all, it's entirely accurate. More so, given your response I'm not sure desperately trying to back up a conspiracy theory, and failing badly, qualifies. You're so desperate to believe it, to such an extent that "You're not going to convince me" otherwise! Not even with the truth!
  4. I'm not sure you should be casting any stones re:: misinformation. They might be right, afterall, as a die hard labour supporter you're going to have to vote for a different party or your Brexit is looking decidedly shakey Like you, doesn't have a great track record. Fined in 2018 for publishing fake news.
  5. Hook, line & sinker: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-50160148
  6. Simply... a lie! Usage/legality is entirely down to member states, nothing whatsoever to do with the EU or the four freedoms.
  7. How much for filling-in all those ditches?
  8. Before of after Farage? ...fool you once and all that
  9. Indeed, the Broad Lane City Walk-in Centre in town is owned and run by One Medical Group.
  10. .. and he's not going to win an election on a no-deal ticket, he's not even going to try: Boris Johnson tells Tory MPs if Brexit delayed he would not fight election on no-deal platform https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2019/oct/09/brexit-latest-news-boris-johnson-plans-emergency-saturday-sitting-of-parliament-after-eu-summit-live-news Aye.... until leavers have to wipe that egg off their faces....
  11. temerity:- "unreasonable or foolhardy contempt of danger or opposition" "a rash or reckless act" https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/temerity ...essentially... stupidity.
  12. The stumbling block was there during the ref, it was never "put up". Brexiteers shouldn't have claimed it wouldn't be a problem when it obviously was going to be. The fault lies with those who refused to face reality. If you're leaving a pre-existing customs union borders are a necessity. No, it wouldn't, because the UK isn't giving up N.I! None would suggest not having a border would be acceptable either No, he's saying that if anyone does leave, they would need a border. Just as the EU already has with all third countries.
  13. Of course he'll ask for an extension, the predictions categorised as "project fear" are real... his chance of ever winning an election if he delivers no-deal vanish in a puff of smoke. It's going the same way as his "lie down in front of the bulldozers" line, a convenient lie to fool the gullible... nothing more. Benefitting the UK, the economy and piublic services. All of which are a result of UK government policy, not EU membership.
  14. It's not now... being the most salient point to mention A not insignificant proportion of residents support attacking cameras or any attempts at border controls... hence Boris' plan probably isn't going to work in regards to peace in NI. It also breaks the agreement the government made in 2017 which doesn't exactly bode well for any schemes that rely on "trust"
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