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  1. This small claims thing is a ruse (IMHO)... have a look at some websites that describe the process and you'll see that if he's really that bothered about £40... he's not going to the small claims. There's no guarantee he'll win, the application costs at least £25, he's got forms to fill in, evidence to produce, your costs are limited and he'll have to go via the mediation service otherwise he'll run the risk of more costs that he'll have to bear.... it's just not worth the hassle for £40. Not sure how good it'd look when you point out the police had to be called either Also, you might be able to use your house insurance legal cover, depending on policy, so that'll certainly put a dampner on him I'm sure. I see you've decided to refund anyway though... fair play, I'd do the same, not worth the hassle.
  2. That could be why he has so much support, there was some speculation on Newsnight that a lot of MP's are backing him not because he'll deliver Brexit, but because he's the one who'll get away with diluting it or calling another referendum.
  3. Tell him you'll need to inspect the item to verify it's state, so ask them to drop it off and you'll make the call re: refund. I guess it depends on the item and whether you'll be able to spot if it's been tampered with. As for standing outside the house, it's his time to waste. If he challenges you, blocks your path or prevents you going about your business... call the police. Might be worth ringing them to have a chat anyway if you're concerned for your safety... I guess it depends on your impression of the buyer. If he strikes you as a bit loopy, ask yourself, is it worth the hassle for £40?
  4. As before... like Honda, Japanese companies moving out of the UK aren't going to mention Brexit... but everyone knows, just like Honda, that Brexit is a factor. If you believe the issues highlighted, none of which you appear to be able to dispute, will have been no conseqence or consideration whatsoever... I've got a bridge to sell you Not very.. it would seem, hence their main competitor went bust in March, for similar reasons... It's not as I'd hope at all, Id rather there was no trend... I voted remain Indeed, good news.. for the moment. So, this NI plan of yours? Any news on that? I'm really interested in that van... and no, I'm not changing the subject, I'm happy to talk about both.
  5. Not at all, I'm quite happy to keep talking about it... Actually I asked the NI border question in my original response along with the Sony stuff, so I'm not trying to divert attention at all, that'd be you! I've highlighted the reasons I think Brexit will have influenced the decision of which distribution centre Sony would close, if you can dispute the points I raise, have at it! Apparently, neither was Honda, and "officially" neither will be the next Japanese company that bails... though, as everyone who works in that sector made plain, of course Brexit is a factor. In reality, Japanese companies are doing exactly what they said they would do... Indeed, especially ones that have no idea what costs they're going to have to bear in a region that has, apparently... gone mad! Bathstore nears collapse, risking 700 jobs & 168 stores https://www.retailgazette.co.uk/blog/2019/06/bathstore-nears-collapse-placing-700-jobs-168-stores-risk/ "Bathstore, the UK’s biggest bathroom specialist, faces collapse putting 700 jobs, 168 stores at risk. Bathstore’s chairman, Geoff Battersby, said the company had been hit by a marked reduction in consumer confidence in 2017 and increased sourcing costs following the devaluation of sterling in the wake of the 2016 Brexit vote." Don't tell me, bad management
  6. Well, it means that when push comes to shove, they're not actually conservatives (at least, not anymore).
  7. It's a topic that has been under discussion over the last two days Anyone of substance wouldn't be spending all their time on faux indignace to avoid responding. They say, while doing precisely that! Weirdly, when normal people speak to each other, they sometimes ask questions! Who'd have thunk it! So, do you have a plan, or is it just more unicorns and wishful thinking?
  8. None of the issues highlighted are speculation, they're reasons that make the UK operation the most obvious choice for closure. They would... wouldn't they... just like Honda did, wasn't entirely true there either So.. about those vans crossing the border illegally...... you've got a plan... right?
  9. We don't know what area the UK centre covers, but if it distributes to other nations, either freely in the EU or using EU trade deals that the UK has not yet replicated, the UK operation is going to be seriously hobbled in a way that the EU centres aren't... as a result of Brexit. They manufacture discs there too, from what I can gather, so raw materials (or delays to them) might be an issue also. Then there's the tax & tarrif issues already mentioned, meaning these companys can't even plan their future in the UK... The UK operation is now less agile and flexible than anywhere else in western Europe... it's not difficult to see why, if anywhere is to be shut, the UK will be the first in line. Face it, it's just going to be easier to serve the UK from a more stable nation if you're a multinational like Sony, at least for the time being. BADOOM-tish! If you have a solution to the smuggling issue mentioned earlier, let's hear it... otherwise there's no "might" about it, it will happen.
  10. If one has to be closed, Brexit makes the UK operation the most obvious choice
  11. Sony to move Europe headquarters to avoid Brexit disruption https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46968720 They're doing both. Just like Honda had nothing to do with Brexit... unless the person speaking was an expert on the car industry or one who understands how Japanese companies operate.. in which case it was a big factor If you can convince yourself, fine... nothing to do with you... right? The notion that Brexit will be of no consequence whatsoever is fanciful (IMHO).
  12. What makes you think they only distribute in Britain? Even if they do, which isn't clear from the article, as a Japanese company the tax changes being bandied about for post Brexit UK would mean they might have to pay tax in Japan as-well. The same reason Panasonic recently left the UK for Holland.
  13. Doesn't explain why it's only the UK plant closing first Unless that system can prevent locals loading a van up with goods and driving them over the border illegally, then border checks will be required. The technological solution proposed won't do that, it'll only work for people who are honest.
  14. Perhaps, but if the choice was which one to close Brexit would pretty much make your mind up (IMHO)
  15. They voted for a series of vague promises, mostly easily proven lies, from people with no serious plan and some of who (Farage) were not in any position to deliver on them... Of course some of the blame lies with the 17.4m! *Before* Cameron promised it would be binding! Most likely, they wouldn't have done if they'd had any notion that Cameron was going to go back on everything that was agree'd as a condition for the the vote to take place at all.
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