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  1. Aye, in much the same way as a surgeon operating to save someone's life, then suggesting the danger was imagined because they didn't die Nah, Brexit's all about being sick of experts, so that operation never happened... hence the somewhat obvious (and predicted) results.
  2. If you're deliberately not looking, otherwise... not so much
  3. Jesus Tony, those Brexit lemons really are bitter... aren't they!
  4. Hey at least the majority didn't say he was a direct threat to democracy, responsible for the storming of the capital & should be removed from office All Quinnipiac polls! According to Quinnipiac, some way to go yet to reach the lows of his predecessor. Probably not the answer you were looking for?
  5. I've posted a few fairly scathing reviews on there without much issue. You could always ask them where it's gone.
  6. Not so great for those laissez-faire customs checks on goods entering NI though :S Brexit is ‘going badly,’ say Brits: https://www.politico.eu/article/brexit-is-going-badly-say-brits-in-new-poll/
  7. As Tony points out above, she's not been convicted of any crime. Each to their own, personally I don't particularly care for Begum either, but I don't agree with removing her citizenship. It also smacks of a double standard, since many adults who have gone off to actually fight have been allowed to return and face the consequences without much fanfare.
  8. Did she collaborate with an enemy of the state? What does that actually entail? Is there proof that'd stand up in a court of law? Even if there was, does any of that apply to children? Doubtful, I'd wager.
  9. They played Trump like a fiddle. The nuclear program never stopped, they just took the time to quietly continue their cruise missile program to deliver them.
  10. How so? Brazil ordered one from the French under similar terms.
  11. Good to know... sounds like Biden's pulled a blinder then.
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