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  1. Not only that blog... ...the governor of the Bank of England, and the LSE appear to think you're wrong too! https://www.businessinsider.com/brexit-impact-worse-than-coronavirus-andrew-bailey-bank-of-england-2020-11
  2. Nonsense! No business cuts off its nose to spite its face... ...Nissan, or any business like Sony, Panasonic leaving the UK is entirely a result of the economic impact of Brexit, there is no "revenge".
  3. The people of Sunderland were promised by all the leave campaigns that Brexit would never lead to Nissan leaving the UK, and any notion of that happening was "Project Fear". You can't accurately assess the pros and cons if you are deliberately lied to in regard to them.
  4. ""Of course we will continue to respect these rules, but the world is changing a lot since 25 years ago. Not one of the big [tech] platforms existed," he said, repeating several times during the call that Europe was "open, but sovereign." The Frenchman also indicated that the Commission would seek to trigger an exemption to WTO rules to ensure the data proposals comply, but ruled out the EU changing its commitments." Will they when/if it ever gets beyond the draft stage? The article seems to suggest the answer is "no"
  5. Indeed, CB's solution to every problem faced by any perceived underclass is always to make it worse, or cost more Sometimes you have to wonder!
  6. Same here! I found a better deal almost immediately doing it the old fashioned way. TBH I don't have a high opinion of any of them, I tend to use their cheapest quote as a target to beat, and so far that hasn't been difficult.
  7. Another one of these "We've been robbed" stories designed to appeal to a particular subsection of society, despite it happening to this song for the last 40 years "Herrenvolk", not a word you hear very often
  8. Brexit makes a border a necessity. You explicitly voted for changes to the Ireland / Northern Ireland border, even if that border now ends up in the sea. Not just me, everyone the UK trades with or hopes to do a FTA with, will also be interested, not least because it would allow them to force an advantage for their ends via the WTO. Is sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming 'I am clueless' classed as education? Given the huge increase in boats full of asylum seekers crossing the channel, it's certainly working out well The IM bill will facilitate smuggling, not reduce it.
  9. Perhaps, but that's not because the UK is simply refusing to bother to check goods entering at those ports. They do have customs and border controls in place, there are checks on goods entering from other jurisdictions... ...not quite the same as suggesting not bothering at all. LOL, like Boris' "WW3" guff you fell for hook, line and sinker... no remain campaign ever suggested it wouldn't.
  10. ...*if* you catch them, to catch them you have to actually look, which is precisely what the IM bill strives to prevent! A FTA won't change anything with regard to the Ireland / Northern Ireland border, that's why the NI protocol exists as part of the WA and stands regardless of any deal. For everything to stay the same, even with a FTA, the treaty breaking parts of the IM bill must be removed.
  11. We're not allowing it, goods are checked by the border forces of the various EU members to (try to) prevent it at points of entry. The point being that after Jan 1st, those points of entry for the UK will also include goods coming from RoE/NI. Smuggling, in this context, is in regard to avoiding duties and tariffs on legal goods, since we are still in the SM there aren't any! Currently, loading that van and driving over the border isn't smuggling, after Jan 1st it will be.
  12. Neither are currently an issue since we're both in the same jurisdiction. The issues arise when we leave. The UK, as a signatory to United Nations charters, is obliged to put these protections in place. There's a good article covering the subject in the FT: https://www.ft.com/content/1ce27838-d370-11e7-8c9a-d9c0a5c8d5c9 "As the weeks pass, so the ideas get sillier. One circulating among certain Brexiters at the moment is that the UK could gain the upper hand over the Ireland issue by simply leaving the Irish border open after Brexit, charging no tariffs and making no inspections, and dare the EU to be the first to put up customs posts. Would this actually work in the real world? No, for many reasons."
  13. The Trump Effect? Golfing while the US burns:
  14. Only works if those moving those goods are honest, it won't stop smuggling or counterfeit goods entering the UK. How do you envisage this technical solution will stop anyone simply loading a van with goods and driving over the border with them? Unless people are going to be stopped and their cargo checked, it can't.
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