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  1. Paul is still there and his shop is still spot on too. Not bad prices either.
  2. A classic walk, makes you realise how lucky we are in Sheffield. Superceded, ho-ho!
  3. Woodthorpe Hall on Fannishaw lane between Dronfield and Totley is amazing, it's probably booked up for the year already though as they only have 12 weddings annually. We do a lot of weddings for our business and this place is an absolute jem!
  4. My partner and I run a pizza oven (Sunshine Pizza Oven) hope it's ok to mention that, and we've made a fair few in our time. Favourites include : Margherita with ricotta, pesto and cherry tomatoes - a very summery pizza; nduja (a spicy calabrian salami) with olives and roast garlic ; fennel salami with smoked mozzarella and mushrooms.
  5. Two places for raw cows milk spring to mind, Manor Farm in Brimington, S43, and Beltonville Farm, Sk17, opposite Millers Dale YHI. Both around a pound a litre.
  6. There are a number of places around Sheffield where you can buy raw milk too. Manor Farm, Brimington S43, and Beltonville Farm, Sk17, opposite Millers Dale YHA spring to mind.
  7. Learnt an interesting thing regarding WW1 recently. Apparently the main explosive used by both sides for shells and bombs at that time was a thing called gun cotton - basically cotton soaked in a chemical mixture which exploded when set off. Cotton doesn't grow much in Europe so it was imported from the USA by both sides all through the war. It wasn't on the banned list so Royal Navy ships couldn't impound vessels carrying the stuff bound for Germany. Which is a bit odd.
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