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  1. Well, I stayed in student digs for 4 years, with my student fiance who was reading bio chemistry at Sheffield.Uni... I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time there & I have lots of happy memories. We used to travel from Liverpool at term times, & I always looked forward to returning to your lovely city. One day, I will return & tour around our favourite places - it's definitely on my bucket list 👍
  2. Hiya Patricia, it's more than likely your battery has reached it's end of life... You can replace it - providing the back casing can be removed... Hope this helps you out, Cheers, 👍
  3. Good afternoon all, just wondering if anybody has a pre 2010 photo of Clarkeson Street. The reason I ask is :- we were in a student house (9) in Clarky, around 2005 for a year & recently, decided to reminisce & have a look back. Sadly though (for us !),the road has changed dramatically - with several houses knocked down & replaced by the new entrance to the Childrens Hospital &, the original car park has been replaced by a multi story Q park. We have no photos' of our original house (we can see that the mission, Beuhula Kop & house number 5 remains - but not ours !!) So, we loved our time in Sheffield & spent four lovely years there & we would love it, if somebody could supply us with a picture of the road before all the changes,& help us keep our memories alive. Looking forward to any replies, Many thanks, Freddie & Heather
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