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  1. Good, he wasn't funny anyway. Tried far too hard.
  2. They had issues with the landlord so decided to close. They scrawled a childish goodbye message on the shutters, which was removed a couple of days later.
  3. You do know the council didn't build this retail park, don't you?
  4. BID has nothing to do with religion, crikey talk about barking up the wrong tree.
  5. Eh? :confused: Anything against forum rules can be removed as it is already.
  6. Or they didnt want to comply with the ridiculous demands....
  7. Cant agree with that, there were thousands more people in the immediate area than usual.
  8. What, for finally getting round to doing something he should have done months ago?
  9. Oh, I see. I thought you were comparing Sheffield against all the other cities who offer free parking.
  10. If you look at who was headlining back in the days when it was a free event on Devonshire Green, its no surprise it is now a paid event. Anyway, was there still a free event at Devonshire Green this year anyway? Anyone strapped for cash could still go there, couldnt they.
  11. This cant be right, the organiser of Lowedges Festival told us all there would be trouble.
  12. I would rather not state which venue as they werent happy with the veiled threats to licenses made in emails from the Police/SCC over the whole thing.
  13. Reviews are still there. What they do seem to have removed is their own post apologising for today and inviting people to contact them for a refund.
  14. Paid? As far as I am aware no payment had to be made, they merely had to comply with a few things including a coordinated social media posting. Who told you they had to pay?
  15. You are jist gutted this event wasn't in Lowedges, aren't you?
  16. Top decks of buses in my experience are associated with scroates and chavs, so I prefer to avoid them and use the lower deck. I hope this is OK?
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