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  1. Pleased to see the Gin Bar at corner of Sheldon Road and Abbeydale Road is back open again after a revamp. It looked quite crowded as I walked past last night. Lots of new exciting things happening in this area now, what with Steel City Cakes re-opening soon as a new "two-thirds" bar and there seem to be plans afoot for the old Vault antique centre/HSBC Bank which sems to have applied for a late night music licence - anyone know what the plans are for this ? There is a proper local scene of pubs and restaurants and cafes now developing in this area, who needs town 🙂
  2. Graves art gallery and library is still very much open thank Gawd - interesting Richard Hamilton exhib is on there until almost the end of the month - he was influenced by Marcel Duchamp of the infamous urinal art found object ... there thats my link back to the subject of toilets 😜
  3. Its worrying the state of this park after the last music event ... all ripped up and mucked about ... what is the Council going to do about it ? 😮
  4. Me too in same area - hope its not the general communal drains or something !
  5. Has anyone noticed an increase in house flies the last few days due to this weather? I've had the windows open and had quite a few fly in - I live near Abbeydale area which i am told had drain issues - could this be related ? 😮 PS I've blocked the sink so I know they are not flying up from there !
  6. Yes that is it - pork sandwich is just one of their options.
  7. May try and get there with my video phone - might be the last do in the last pub in Upperthorpe .. or is it Netherthorpe 😮
  8. Looks like this is now finished as its fully furnished now and some more ledges to rest drinks on. What do other people think of this place? I think its na excellent addition to Abbeydale Road.
  9. Has the one in Chapel walk been mentioned? It is good - they do large and small sizes 🙂
  10. What has happened Christa Ackroyd ? I do miss her 😞
  11. Yes - he constantly interrupted Mel B - I was aghast with him !
  12. Typical of Microsoft adding new features which have then to be constantly switched off - I guess they must find work for their programmers somehow - sigh !
  13. Not sure if this should be in the Going Out or General Discussions section?
  14. So excited by the future plans for this building. https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/abbeydalepicturehouse I hope they achieve their goals. What does everyone else think? It should be a cultural amenity for the community and hopefully not just another Weatherspoons 🙆‍♂️
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