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  1. Yes Chakra is a lovely place - had a take away coffee from there the other week... very friendly service and reasonable price - once people can sit in for a coffee again I would imagine it to be a very nice place to have coffee in, nice surroundings and music .. and even incense 🙂
  2. It is open for takeaway business as I verified today.
  3. I take it the one at Hunter Bar roundabout will still be there?
  4. It was quite reasonable to assume that it would be closed, as it has (or had?) indoor seating, but it is great to see that it is still trading as a takeaway shop during lockdown. It's also nice to see that old post office unit (having been vacant for what seems like years), finally put back in use.
  5. Too right it will - the city centre is crawling with these unfortunate people, more than ever recently - I try to do all my shopping in my suburb of Sheffield now and only go into the city centre if there really is no other alternative 😞
  6. Surely it is the parents responsibility primarily to feed their children, and not the government? Don't have more children than you can afford for the sake of obtaining a small few extra benefits 😞 And anyway the central Conservative government in London has already devolved significant amounts of money to the regional councils precisely to help with this situation for the very most needy 😕
  7. Its just my observation, but the area around Abbeydale Road, which is always very "lively" in the firework season, seems a bit subdued this year - probably the combined effects of Covid lockdowns, Covid on finances and disposable income to buy fireworks and an increased police presence in that area? Has anyone else noticed this?
  8. Meersbrook Park, though you will have to park near the park and then walk up a moderate incline in the pack, about 20 mins, to enjoy the very best and highest view across to the city centre, but its worth it (some park benches are available).
  9. Admirable of Delphine, Chesterfield Road , to help out with school meals recently.
  10. It looked like it was open when I walked past it last week - however that was before Tier 3 lockdown , so I am assuming it is shut now ?
  11. I agree it should be stopped - I fear this year there may be many more bonfire in peoples private gardens thta will keep the firemen busy and of course the usual firework vandalism in the Abbeydale Road area, although thankfully one of the local fireworks shops in the area now has a planning application up to become a Vegan/Veg venue - does anyone know if this has been granted, I hope it has so that less fireworks will be on ale in the area 🙂
  12. I recently had fish and chips from a new chippie called Poseidon, at corner of Hunters Bar roundabout and I must say the chips were very good indeed. I would definitely recommend it. Its a real competitor to TwoSteps chippie also in the area (Sharrowvale).
  13. I've not been yet, but good to see that Dempseys has finally reopened and on a recent visit there it felt totally Covid secure and safe. Also concerning Covid, it was good to see that DINA venue which has often done LGBT events in the past, have received support money to keep going through the pandemic crisis.
  14. Thats why the Barrow Boy will survive as everyone knows it sticks to its opening times.
  15. Tried to link this to my other Post but this inflexible forum software doesn't seem to have the ability - so have to duplicate my post again from under the Teller thread... Fancied a quick tipple last night (Monday) on way to pick up a pizza. The Teller was closed. The Gin Bar was closed. The Two-Thirds Bar was closed. Doubtless had I ventured up that far, the Dead Donkey would have been closed too. Only the Barrow Boy , and I suppose the Broadfield (not sure about the Picture House Social) were open. I'm sorry new venues, but in the run up to Christmas you have to be prepared to be open more hours to get the once a year custom, and alas have to pay staff (ugh I know its a nasty phrase!) to do so !!
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