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  1. Sad end of an era under landlady Pammies long tenure The last day was last Wednesday before it closed. The karaoke nights on Sunday evenings were legend, as well as all the specialist nights in the function room and the Reggae nights. I understand someone else is taking over the lease and its re-opening soon. Does anyone know who and when? And will the karaoke and reggae nights still be happening?
  2. Oh no end of an era how sad - I had many happy meals in there over the years ... however now hearing about the mice and rats - ugh! maybe just as well its closed !
  3. GinTreeS7

    New Irish Bar for Sheffield.

    I think its more Irish themed than actually genuinely irish like Flynns or Fagans ... I've been in once and its nice , although hope they resolved the sticky floor issue .... However alas I wont be able to enjoy it any more as its in West St and I dont frequent that area any more due to not feeling safe in town of an evening now 😞
  4. They will most likely all have been off scoring then when the deliveries come ... just a haphazard guess 😮
  5. In addition to the centre of Sheffield I also avoid foreign places since I was mugged abroad in a mediterranean country and had my wallet and all my euros stolen. I am happier these days to lead the life of a hermit. I (just about) feel safer in my own home.
  6. GinTreeS7

    The Sheffield gay scene part 2

    Is there another pub opening soon? I have heard there is a male-only sauna opening but that does not interest me 😕
  7. GinTreeS7

    Fish and Chips in Sheffield thread

    Ocean fish and chips in Heeley/Chesterfield Rd, near the Crown Inn, now *theres* a lovely chippie 😉
  8. Glad that I was safe and wrapped up warm last night and decided not to go out into the city centre. I have small pangs of feelings for the homeless guys out in it but when they frighten and intimidate me and are abusive to me and chase after me for money for drugs then most of my sympathy drains away for them.... Nope you won't catch me out in the city centre ANY MORE of a weekend evening ....
  9. Please be sure again that its NOT SAFE in Sheffield city centre at night. I know 😞
  10. Drug-using homeless guys are pretty rampant in Sheffield these days - especially around West St Division St the Moor and all that area ... thats a good section of Sheffield city centre now blighted and out of bounds to ordinary people wanting to go out of an evening there 😞
  11. Very scary - if I was a woman I'd be petrified !
  12. GinTreeS7

    Graffiti in Sheffield.

    For some "good" Sheffield graffiti artist check this out which features the work of Faunagraphic .... https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0bx2ryc/countryfile-countryfiles-inspirational-women
  13. GinTreeS7

    Nags Head, Shalesmoor

    If the road was never widened, could it not be rebuilt again ? However I think this is incorrect and indeed the road now runs where it once stood, as it used to be located directly across from the Ship Inn ... I stand corrected?
  14. GinTreeS7

    Pour, Chesterfield Road

    I went in a while ago but made the mistake of going in before 6pm... a chorus of dogs yowling and a rabble of children with their yummy mummys and beardie daddys were noisily devouring pizzas .. not exactly conducive to a quiet drink ... fortunately I waited it out and after about 6pm when the parent types dragged their yowling brats and animals home it sort of quitened down and a more sophisticated night crowd started to arrive. I tried the pizza. I must say it was nice but very expensive at 12 quid. If you were sharing with a partner you are effectively paying 6 quid for about 3 slices. The veggie ones are nice and spicy - green or red chilli. I couldnt really say much on the beer - generic real ale stuff I'm told it rotates regularly. Nice surroundings but was surprised how little they changed the layout and decor since it was Luna Rossa restaurant. Maybe it will grow and shape into a really good real ale place in due course and its a good new addition to the Heeley scene rather than a closed abandoned restaurant.....
  15. Why have SCC done this ? Do they not actually want more jobs and prosperity to come to Sheffield ?

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