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  1. GinTreeS7

    Dead Donkey bar

    I popped in the other night and yes its a great new addition to Abbeydale Rd and I wish it well. Some former bar staff from the Broadfield are involved in this new venture. Yes they need more seating, and if people have to stand, please install ledges around the pillars so peeps have somewhere to rest their beer on, this was probably raised already 🙂
  2. GinTreeS7

    Kommune - anyone been?

    I think it was a big mistake for the Hop Hideout to move from Abbeydale Rd. Whatever is supposed to be taking its place at the same location in Abbeydale Rd seems a woefully long time about opening - wonder if its issues with the landlord or something ....
  3. Ah yes chicken feet and heads ... Eastern delicacies lol
  4. If shes any good she will contact you in advance ....
  5. GinTreeS7

    The Sheffield gay scene part 2

    I sympathise with the attack in Queer Junction a few weeks back - not sure if it was homophobic or not or just some ******** customers, and it has set them back a bit in their plans to open more gay venues in the quarter, but glad that QJ is open as usual again now and soldiering on while the venue damage is repaired. For latest updates, see: http://www.thegayquarter.co.uk/
  6. I agree it was a Sheffield institution. I well remember the two friendly smiling ladies always willing to oblige and always great service. I remember one Chinese new year when they had a "dragon" dancing around the restaurant. I have a video of it somewhere on an early mobile phone when cameras on them were radical at the time 🙂 I wish them a very happy retirement. I would hazard a guess that the restaurants new incarnation, like other old chinese restaurants in town which have changed hands, such as the Wong Ting, will cater to a largely chinese clientele only and thus the food will be a lot less "western" 😞
  7. GinTreeS7

    St Patricks Day 2019

    I think considering Brexit it would be a bit provocative to have a white tent in Fargate this year 😞
  8. I doubt if anyone born in the UK would make that mistake .... was it "outsourced" to for example an immigrant employee not born here who just saw green white and orange ?
  9. GinTreeS7

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    This is true - the road has always been vibrant with venues always shutting down and opening up .... but if anyone wants to try an alternative vibe you could do worse than venture down to Abbeydale Road especially the area around the old cinema ... teams and teams of new coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and bars are have opened up in recent years 😮
  10. So does this mean that the Central Libraries and Art Gallery are now safe from being turned into a Chines hotel ... have Sheffield council come to their senses and realised that these are actually good facilities for the local community over some wealthy chinese business man ?
  11. I would give that whole area and most of West St a miss if I were you - there is rampant drug dealing, street drinking, begging, threatening behaviour, asking money for drugs, etc going on - its not just Tescos that is suffering but surely most of the club and bar businesses in West St and the streets off it must be suffering as they have certainly lost 100% of my business as I stay away now ... a sad state of affairs .. I wonder if other cities have a similar issue with their main nighttime "going out" street (s) ....
  12. Sad end of an era under landlady Pammies long tenure The last day was last Wednesday before it closed. The karaoke nights on Sunday evenings were legend, as well as all the specialist nights in the function room and the Reggae nights. I understand someone else is taking over the lease and its re-opening soon. Does anyone know who and when? And will the karaoke and reggae nights still be happening?
  13. Oh no end of an era how sad - I had many happy meals in there over the years ... however now hearing about the mice and rats - ugh! maybe just as well its closed !
  14. GinTreeS7

    New Irish Bar for Sheffield.

    I think its more Irish themed than actually genuinely irish like Flynns or Fagans ... I've been in once and its nice , although hope they resolved the sticky floor issue .... However alas I wont be able to enjoy it any more as its in West St and I dont frequent that area any more due to not feeling safe in town of an evening now 😞
  15. They will most likely all have been off scoring then when the deliveries come ... just a haphazard guess 😮

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