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  1. GinTreeS7

    Look North

    What has happened Christa Ackroyd ? I do miss her 😞
  2. GinTreeS7

    Piers Morgan interviewing Michael Parkinson.

    Yes - he constantly interrupted Mel B - I was aghast with him !
  3. GinTreeS7

    Microsoft word and fuzzy toolbars.

    Typical of Microsoft adding new features which have then to be constantly switched off - I guess they must find work for their programmers somehow - sigh !
  4. GinTreeS7

    Plans for Abbeydale Picture House

    Not sure if this should be in the Going Out or General Discussions section?
  5. So excited by the future plans for this building. https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/abbeydalepicturehouse I hope they achieve their goals. What does everyone else think? It should be a cultural amenity for the community and hopefully not just another Weatherspoons 🙆‍♂️
  6. GinTreeS7

    The Sheffield gay scene part 2

    I've heard there is a new gay bar opening on the Moor area soon called "The Box" - and thet Queer Junction is turning night club only - can anyone confirm this or does anyone have any more details?
  7. GinTreeS7

    Paddy Malone bar does it exist??

    Paddy Moloney runs the White Hart , Netherthorpe - great karaoke on a sat night if anyone is interested ! Im not sure about this other Paddy Moloney pub I've never been ...
  8. GinTreeS7

    Dead Donkey bar

    I popped in the other night and yes its a great new addition to Abbeydale Rd and I wish it well. Some former bar staff from the Broadfield are involved in this new venture. Yes they need more seating, and if people have to stand, please install ledges around the pillars so peeps have somewhere to rest their beer on, this was probably raised already 🙂
  9. GinTreeS7

    Kommune - anyone been?

    I think it was a big mistake for the Hop Hideout to move from Abbeydale Rd. Whatever is supposed to be taking its place at the same location in Abbeydale Rd seems a woefully long time about opening - wonder if its issues with the landlord or something ....
  10. Ah yes chicken feet and heads ... Eastern delicacies lol
  11. If shes any good she will contact you in advance ....
  12. GinTreeS7

    The Sheffield gay scene part 2

    I sympathise with the attack in Queer Junction a few weeks back - not sure if it was homophobic or not or just some ******** customers, and it has set them back a bit in their plans to open more gay venues in the quarter, but glad that QJ is open as usual again now and soldiering on while the venue damage is repaired. For latest updates, see: http://www.thegayquarter.co.uk/
  13. I agree it was a Sheffield institution. I well remember the two friendly smiling ladies always willing to oblige and always great service. I remember one Chinese new year when they had a "dragon" dancing around the restaurant. I have a video of it somewhere on an early mobile phone when cameras on them were radical at the time 🙂 I wish them a very happy retirement. I would hazard a guess that the restaurants new incarnation, like other old chinese restaurants in town which have changed hands, such as the Wong Ting, will cater to a largely chinese clientele only and thus the food will be a lot less "western" 😞
  14. GinTreeS7

    St Patricks Day 2019

    I think considering Brexit it would be a bit provocative to have a white tent in Fargate this year 😞
  15. I doubt if anyone born in the UK would make that mistake .... was it "outsourced" to for example an immigrant employee not born here who just saw green white and orange ?

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