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  1. How is Coutts getting on? Be nice to see you lot back to full strength.
  2. I’ve heard that McCabe is holding out for £1.50 this time.
  3. Electric squirrels. Whatever will they think of next?
  4. Pretty much. Could probably do with a bit of power in midfield and another versatile defender
  5. It gets worse then, you can't even type. You said: "LDDWDWWWDLL" Which is 16 points
  6. Well, so far we have established the following: You don't know much about Wednesday's season You can't count You don't understand what mutual consent means. Time to give it up I think.
  7. 16 ....................................
  8. You'd have to be especially daft if you were to claim that Wednesday's season hasn't been catastrophically affected by injuries. And all the while Dem Blades were crying about losing Coutts.
  9. Have you been away somewhere? The following players have missed a large part of the season: Forestieri Hooper Fletcher Lee Abdi Westwood Lees Bannan Hutchinson Matias Van Aken Coutts I think most of those would make the first team squad of the BarcaBlades.
  10. Too many clubs between United and 6th. Anyway. Why would you lot want a play off place. You already hold the world record for being crap at playoffs. Surely you don’t want to make it even worse.
  11. I once encountered a whole herd of sheep in Wyming Brook car park. Mercifully, I got to the dog before he got to them. There are also plenty of deer and horses to avoid.
  12. Quick boys, back in the woodwork
  13. Westwood is sitting with Abdi, Hooper and Fletcher in box 25. Lee is elsewhere. Thanks for asking. Zzzzzzzzz.
  14. Best not buy loose fruit and veg at the market then:rolleyes:
  15. I disagree. Tomorrow, I’d happily take a defeat for Wednesday if United lost as well. That would be far preferable to both teams winning in my opinion. I really don’t want the Blades to have even a half chance of promotion. Anyway, you Blades can all tune into Radio Sheffield and see if if my dream comes true.
  16. Stick to bickering with Top. You’ll get more of a ride out of him than me:love:
  17. So. Leon. What exactly has changed to turn him into a world beater? Is Wilder a genius, or just lucky to get the motivated, fit Leon Clarke that many others did not?
  18. Or chocolate digestives. I fail to see your point.
  19. But this is a thread about Leon Clarke, not Top. I started one of those a while ago and got told off. Maybe the people who want to discuss Top could use the pm facility. Then the rest of us can talk about Leon.
  20. His main move is to head backwards into space at the last minute. I think he surprised a lot of people with his capacity for intelligent movement. If you watch, he doesn’t get away with it as much any more.
  21. I agree. I think he’s had his golden season. If you look at his record, United have done well to keep him fit and scoring. Sooner or later he will return to type. Who do you think that the Blades will recruit? You could have Rhodes for £8m
  22. At the start of the season, there weren’t many Blades on here suggesting that Leon would do as well as he has. Not many people saw it coming. Do you think he will be as successful next year? Not a dig, just giving you a chance to make a quotable prediction
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