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  1. He was scared of London Road a few weeks ago. More a Real Chicken than a Real Cockney. Although he might be a partial Real Cockney if you see what I mean. Apart from that, the bloke clearly has a few issues around race. Maybe he should get out a bit more and mix with people.
  2. To be fair, Boris is running the Foreign Office. So anything is possible
  3. I think you are right. I’d expect any deal to include reuniting the two current companies. That means a settlement with Scarborough holdings for the ground and the loans. Then you need money for Wilder to spend too. It is going to cost a few bob:)
  4. This is a contractual thing though. Not somebody’s word. The right to seek to take full control is part of the contract. McCabe wrote that contract, the Prince is simply executing his rights. I’m not saying it is s good thing, just that they both share responsibility for the mess.
  5. But, McCabe made the agreement with the Prince. McCabe sought him out. McCabe set the terms of the agreement. So he’s at least partly to blame for the mess.
  6. I disagree. We should have an electoral system that is much more robust than this one. We also need to make it easier to vote. I’d be in favour of auto enrollment, maybe from Council Tax records. We should also look at an i d system and different ways of voting, including electronic methods.
  7. I agree with your analysis of Wilder. He’s done an amazing job and United need to do all that they can to keep him. Personally, I’d like to see him gone as soon as possible:D Getting rid of the Prince won’t sort out the underlying issue, which is funding. McCabe is already owed £100m and he’s not going to be putting his hand in his pocket to pay for the kind of players you need. The best hope for United is that the two men sort their differences. McCabe gets most of his money back and the Prince gives the manager enough cash to move forward. It is either that or a long haul to find someone else willing to put up the cash.
  8. I was there the other night. I won’t be rushing back. Nothing particularly wrong with it, just generally uninspiring food.
  9. He’ll be moaning about the off field stuff. The Prince and McCabe really don’t get on. They don’t even speak on the rare occasions that both of them attend the same match. The battle for control has the capacity to turn ugly. I wonder if Wilder might consider himself best out of it.
  10. I was hoping for a précis. I don’t think I have the stamina to manage listening to a Blade for 15 mins
  11. Plenty still to play for. If the Blades win their last two and Preston, Boro, Derby, Millwall and Brentford all lose both their games heavily, The Blades will make the play offs. Preston are pretty good though
  12. I thought that we had that phrase because a lot of Tories are unimaginative dullards, whose political insight is limited to repeating silly phrases coined by other unimaginative dullards.
  13. Let’s hope that they have a bit of follow through this time. They suspended Anne Marie Morris swiftly too. Then gave her the whip back after the fuss died down. I don’t think that holding the Tories up as some kind of moral compass is a great idea.
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