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  1. i work at the tip you should not be bringing medical waste here put it in a proper yellow sack and have it collected from your home very dodgy could be anything in it bad enough working here with this virus and all other crap being brought to site
  2. why are sheffield council turning a blind eye to people burning there house hold waste at least three houses near me burn there waste they have even bought the old style metal bins to burn it in surly this is greatly adding to the poor air quality in the city and is a big problem all over south yorkshire a local patrol could easily find and fine the people doing this and improve our air quality
  3. this is a good way for the french company veolia to make lots of money out of us sorting the house hold waste for them we pay loads of cash in council tax for them to empty and recycle our waste and then we do it for them lots more profit wake up bring all the contracts back to the city and re invest in the people and make it a better service for us and not the greedy share holders
  4. why do syorks police ignore drug crime they totally ignore drug dealing in the street yet lie in wait and fine drivers doing 32 in a 30 and then spend the rest of the day at kfc we know its a hard job but why dont you get the proper criminals for a change your a joke and thats why the crime rate is out of control
  5. i think the one yorkshire devolution plan is a good idea but it should be run in one of the smaller towns who would share the money better with all involved sheffield or leeds city council would just waste the money they have not got a clue
  6. have south yorkshire police given up on drug crime.there must be atleast four drug dealers on my street and maybe twice as many growing it.i cannot remember the last time i saw the police in our area unless you count sitting in their cars at kfc
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