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  1. So apparently, for people with dependants, that are on a 0hr contract, and work within a school (Term Time Worker) will most likely be awarded Working Tax Credit. Your payment will be stretched, so you will have no break in payments during school breaks. I hope that this info is helpful to others. I agree 0 hour contract suits some people but not all, and can make ‘going back to work’ that bit more daunting.
  2. This is my fear. More so with me having dependants. There seems to be only one winner when it comes to 0hr contracts. With little advice out there, and the ones there is you have to jump through hoops just to speak to a human!..going to job centres to seek career advice is a waste of time! How many more people is in this situation. I feel 0hr contract is good as a second job..maybe couriering. But to offer these contracts out to suit the employer ONLY is unfair. Making returning back to work hard!!
  3. I’m wanting to return back to work. I’m looking for 16hr as I have two children, one of which is disabled. I’m applying for vacancy at a school. However the contract offered is a 0hr contract. Which means in short, I will not be paid during school holidays. Apparently those who already work at the school, not on 0hr contract, gets paid through the holidays..as a small amount is deducted from their wages every month, and is used for wages during school holidays. I find this very confusing. Any insight into this, or similar experiences/ worries would be welcomed.
  4. Its so funny how people blame Megan. Like she has brainwashed him, a plan hatched in infancy. Proof?..check out her bedroom wall! Honestly..really? I think what they did was a wise move and all the best to them
  5. Understood why women love george V
  6. It’s how I have reacted to experiences in my life, that makes me who I am today. And for that I am thankful. I would to tell my Younger self.. that the rubbish life throws at you..it throws at everyone else, regardless of their status. It’s how you deal with the rubbish life throws, that determines who you are! LIfe is what YOU make it. I’m in my 40s now but took me a long time to get to a happy place..and there’s still some distance to go.
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