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  1. thats my point all the other countries are more aggresive and they are allowed nuclear weapons so the argument that iran should be attacked because they would be dangerous is simply b******t
  2. I suppose its only safe to keep a dangerous country like iran away from nuclear weapons, I mean they are far more aggresive than usa, pakistan, israel or wait hang on what about north korea, they have nukes, so does india and russia. why cant iran have them if all these countries that are just as dangerous can. can i also make the point that the usa is the only country that has actually used a nuke against another country but thats ok it seems. pakistan and india are practically at each others throats and nobody minds that they have nukes. before people start making rude and ignorant responses like 'invade them they are dangerous' prehaps you should stop and think.
  3. hi, are you doing these circuit traing sessions then because it sounds intresting and i would like to give it a go if thats ok? how much will each session be and where abouts will you be doing it? cheers
  4. dragon ball z was gud but why was gt so poor? btw why are things like dragonball and all the others called anime not cartoons? what is the differnce just curious
  5. Thundercats, Batman, dragonball z (which i still watch)
  6. hi davemantis, i havent made enough posts yet to pm you sorry, but anyway I would just like to be able to use 3 section staff with a degree of skill as its such a rarely used weapon ( to my limited knowlage anyway ), I have an intrest in stuff like this i learnt how to use nuchukas (didnt learn how to spell it tho) and a few more circus props like poi and staff. i think 3 section staff would be a gud one to kno how to do but i just dont kno what ur supposed to do with it really.
  7. freddylee, my instructor is jim rigby hes taught me everythin i kno so far but hes out of action for a little while. he has told me to check out the kickboxing club at wellington st gym to keep up the training while hes away and i have been meaning to go. i ave spoken to Farhad already an told him ill be coming to train after i finish my exams this month. ps sarah gud luck with the class, and i hope you stick with kickboxing without dought best sport there is (only in my opinion tho)
  8. hi there, if your looking for a beginer kickboxing class i may be able to help, if you know where birkdale school in broomhill is then i do a small class there thats open to anyone. im only a coach tho im not a full instructor as im not a black belt yet and im covering the class for the year while our instructor recovers from an injury. that means that untill i do my brown belt grading there isnt any sparring for insurance reasons. classes are tuesdays and thursdays 4pm till half 5 price is £2.50 or £3.00 one or other cant remember. if ur intrested our first session this year is on tuesday 24th jan in the main hall. we do kickboxing, bit if ju jitsu self defence and a bit of bjj (ground work). the class i have is between 12 and 16 years old an almost all of them only started in september.
  9. Hi there, about a year ago a friend decided to get me a 3 section staff as a birthday present but I havent been able to teach my self how to use it. I can use nuchuki to limited level but would love to learn how to use the 3 section staff. Does anyone know where i could learn in the sheffield/rotherham area? any help would be appriciated as i simply havent a clue as to how to use it and I got fed up of hitting my head with it. cheers
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