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  1. Thats really sad to hear that another young one dies from drug overdoes
  2. Have you tried to promote the video so that it can reach to more viewers. Like proper promotion such as SEO and Social media promotion.
  3. I may have heard of him but doesn't ring a bell now. It was sad to hear that he passes away.
  4. Sad to hers the demise of Melissa Bell.
  5. Thats really sad news. He was the one who is responsible for making the men in the world happier.
  6. I don't like the show. It is grim show. I don't like this kind of genre.
  7. So sad to hear the demise of our beloved Chuck Mosely. I love his songs.
  8. Give him a chance. He hasn't yet anything that make him worse president that others before him. I mean really you are saying that he is worse than bush or other presidents in the past that started wars.
  9. This year's christmas is little far away but my plan is set I will celebrate with my family members after so long time.
  10. I agree this is one of the worst batting performance the entire season. No body clicked. If you don't score how you are supposed to win. So I think it is the worst bating performance ever in yorkshire cricket club history
  11. Atlast England win some event. Even if it is under 17. Win is a win. To be fair England played really well all through the tournament.
  12. I am a big fan of 80s movie and I have watched Rocky series and Rambo series again and again. I love action flicks. I still watch these movies when they come on tv. And in modern times avenger series is the one that I watched repeatedly.
  13. Netflix is expanding its horizon. It will start yearly subscription.
  14. Its okay show. Nothing great to boast about it. Direction can be more subtle.
  15. I like the castle series and who wrote the murder series.
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