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  1. I think it's all over......tonight I feel sure I saw it blocked off when I drove past, lampost -elf is this right? I can't believe there are such miseries out there who have put a stop to this if that's what's happened.
  2. I'm annoyed at that, the lovely red sparkly bit was there this morning
  3. Yay thanks! How about a cracker, or a candy red and white stick, or a candle? No, don't tell me I will look forward to the surprise, it must be costing you a fortune in paint!
  4. Well done! I will look forward to seeing it on my way to work tomorrow, I was hoping for a Christmas theme though....
  5. Why would you do that, it's a service you pay like everyone else has to?
  6. Hmmmm, I can't say as any of the other shops on that stretch do this, it just looks unusual, and an eyesore, I get your point entirely about Abbeydale Road it's just this shop stands out...
  7. Wouldn't be so bad if it were like that, it's just junk, like a car boot sale.
  8. Does the council allow shops to spill over and display their wares on the pavement? I don't know what they allow but a new shop has opened (it doesn't have a name above it) opposite the Sloan Medical centre/Lidl area, it looks a right mess.
  9. Even when I spoke to retentions they didn't seem too bothered!
  10. Lampost-elf thank you for being creative and original, look forward to seeing the latest designs, can we put requests in?
  11. I know it's a long shot, just wondered if anyone had any tickets for tonight's dress rehearsal?
  12. They know this, it's so unfair when people are trying to budget, it's hard enough with energy bills but when people can't afford to go out you need TV and broadband! ---------- Post added 28-11-2013 at 22:53 ---------- Do you work for them? Don't be so naive thinking they actually give you FREE things, nothing is for free that's why they're whacking on the 10%
  13. Just gave them a call, spent ages trying to reduce the package, they wanted me to have a TIVO box to hike UP the price at a discounted rate of £5 off, I said I'm trying to cut the bill not add to it after I explained we hardly watch all the channels anyway. Their best offer was £5 off for 6 months, in other words they will still increase in 6 but effectively 4 as you pay so far in advance, for example it's next month the price hike kicks in as that's when you pay for February. Oh and I get a whopping £10 discount for 22 years of loyalty otherwise it would be much more! ---------- Post added 28-11-2013 at 18:14 ---------- Good point, I pointed out it was a 10% hike when I have effectively had a pay but for the last 5 years.... ---------- Post added 28-11-2013 at 18:19 ----------
  14. What annoys me is I have this 'unlimited phone package' but they charge for anything other than 01 02 etc numbers, I use say no to 0870 but sometimes it's not an option so I end up paying for the damn calls on top of the package.
  15. Yes, on XL TV, unlimited landline (which I hardly use these days but need it for ageing parents calls!) and med broadband which is fast enough - it's a 10% increase though, ridiculous
  16. I shall be making the call to see if I can reduce this package, our is just going up by £5.50 per month, and then they insult me by telling me all I am getting for this extra money. I don't care a jot about the sports channel or speed it's fine as it is thanks another £66 per year is a joke. How much extra is everyone elses?
  17. They look fantastic, had exactly the same thought, save refilling all the potholes!
  18. Bought a nexus 4 after a recommendation from here, daughter really pleased except the battery always runs out before the end of the day she is a prolific user though
  19. Paul, that's really kind of you, I don't want to put anyone out though. Plus my hubby is an owl supporter and you mightn't take kindly to that! I would just take to the tip, just seems a shame that's it's all working and i thought maybe someone could use the printer/keyboard/mouse or am I wrong in this?
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