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  1. Sorry to sound thick, what's zero fill please?
  2. Thinking of parting with an older Fujitsu laptop as this has now been replaced. Should I remove and destroy the hard drive just in case data could be stolen? Would it be saleable?
  3. I saw him last year, he was waiting on a corner near to the train station and I spotted him stood on a corner, as I went in his direction I pipped my horn and waved, he looked at me and gave me a smile and a nod as if to say 'reight' made my day it did!
  4. Anyone had experience of this vile ransom encrypting virus. Currently considering spyhunter to eradicate?
  5. Exactly... As someone who was an RSPB member I just wanted a local number as as far as I could see this was fast becoming a sad situation. And is was a Sparrowhawk...so glad it's free now
  6. Yes, it was (eventually) captured by the RSPCA, took them over a day to come out the bird which was a sparrowhawk by the way was left overnight in the shop and was very distressed, happy ending though glad it escaped. I reckon it was after the pigeons at moorfoot and it misjudged and ended up in there poor thing. ---------- Post added 03-03-2016 at 17:36 ---------- I was very disappointed in the RSPB response when I phoned them his response was 'what do you want me to do about it I'm based in Essex'
  7. Angel I'd have a hard time persuading them for that, personally I m an advocate for Skiathos cats but that wouldn't wash!
  8. I work for a large organisation, at our team meeting it was discussed about charities etc and I suggested could we have a box to collect pet food as we never ever collect for animal charities and it so annoys me so.... I know we have a few charities on here that post and I need ideas to put to colleagues on whom to donate our collection to it would/could be for both cats and dogs/small animals. Also is there a charity that helps older people with donations of food for their pets as someone at work said that older people sometimes struggle to pay for food etc? Thanks in advancex
  9. Please can someone help and advise me. We have a mature Ash tree on the pavement directly outside my house which has received the' death warrant' notice on it I also had a letter pushed through stating it's removal on 21 September. This tree is lifting the pavement and has caused damage to our boundary wall BUT is the only tree near me for birds (including a woodpecker) and I am upset it's being removed. I think my main concern is land 'heave' the opposite to subsidence as the tree is huge and I am sure it's removal will cause problems. Why oh why couldn't they just manage these trees, saplings are not and never will be (not in my lifetime) a replacement. Why can't these trees be pollarded? I phoned Amey and am promised a call back from an arbourist next week What would you do? What can I do, no one else is bothered as it doesn't affect them directly.
  10. Due to public demand on their forum it has now been removed!
  11. Yes, it's just annoying having to prove I am not a robot....
  12. Cressida it's so frustrating, especially if you go in a few times a day and the photos are awful, whoever thought up this crazy idea wants shooting
  13. This is driving me crazy, more clicks to get to email, click to say you are not a robot, then you have to select photos from aboard that are 'cakes' or 'fish' more clicks and waiting, this is driving me mad, I phoned to complain then I get a message (eventually) saying they will run tests on my services so to stop what you are doing! So I ended the call. Time to move to another email methinks... By the way, check out VM forum people aren't happy with this 'extra level of security'
  14. Yes impressed, we went through the usual troubleshooting but very impressed as the 2 year guarantee starts over again on receipt. Would recommend! Course now the Nexus 6 is £480ish whereas this was about £200, would consider buying again for such good customer service right when you need it.
  15. Kidneystone, thank you for this, it's not something I'd be confident about however it appears I don't need to. I spoke to Google who say the battery is faulty/dead so they will send me a replacement phone FOC in the next 3 weeks - Result!
  16. Looking for advice please. Nexus 4, amazing phone does all I want but yet today stopped charging unless i held the charger in place, also it gets really hot. it's 20 months old, wondering if it comes under the EU warranty or if it could be repaired anywhere?
  17. Anyone have experience of letting agents in Sheffield and who are the best? I was thinking of just the vetting process rather than full management?
  18. Thanks baz, I suppose I should check some out before I buy online, keyboards can be so different, I loved my samsung
  19. As the title says my £400 samsung is dead.gutted so I need another last one came from John Lewis, anyone any ideas where is best, I don't want to pay more than 250 but would still like a fast processor, though budget is not good ideas please!
  20. Pretty certain it's soldered to motherboard, just watched a u tube vid, can be done but not something I want to do! I can get an external battery charger for £50 , no smell when I use the battery. It's a samsung notebook 305e
  21. Over time I have worked the power jack loose, it didn't help when I caught my foot on the lead last week, even though it still worked ok at the time. Now when I turn on the power is intermittent and there's an electrical burning smell so I can only use with the battery which us fine....but obviously this is now flat and I can't recharge , is it repairable? I really don't want to be shelling out for a new one right now, or how could I keep recharging the battery? Help!
  22. Hi Felix, welcome! I think most supermarkets have air and charge around 20p can't think of any free ones though...
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