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  1. After the sad passing a week ago of former Sheffield United, Rotherham and Newcastle footballer, Keith Kettleborough, it was good to hear news of a better kind yesterday when Keith's nephew, Richard was upgraded to ICC status on the umpiring panel. Richard, a former player himself, from this sporting South Yorkshire family, has been getting promising reports so it may come as no surprise, along with his colleague, Richard Illingworth, who also joined him on the international panel. I was impressed by Richard on the final game of the season when Essex played at Derby. With Kaneria bowling, there were many appeals for close catches, LBWs etc but despite the vocals Richard stood up to the task and seemingly got them correct. His dad Alan must be very proud of him. Condolences on KK but much for this family to look forward to.
  2. Anybody else remember the former University of Sheffield GP, Bob Kinsey, who always wore his dickie-bow at surgery? No mean golfer either.
  3. The show-stopping Prom of the MGM Musicals will end on BBC iplayer this evening (6 Nov). Anyone who loves songs from the musicals will relish this outstanding two-hour performance, a production I've watched five times to-date. An outstanding conductor and arranger, five brilliantly hand-picked soloists, excellent band of musicians and chorus make this a must for music lovers of the shows. This Prom is a must, it was one of the highs of a tip-top Promenade season and fittingly culminates with the encore, "Entertainment". http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00m10hz/b00m105n/BBC_Proms_2009_Prom_22_A_Celebration_of_Classic_MGM_Film_Musicals/
  4. http://www.sportinglife.com/football/news/story_get.cgi?STORY_NAME=soccer/09/11/05/SOCCER_Liverpool_2nd_Nightlead.html Sense at last! Have the operation, get it sorted.
  5. http://www.leaderlive.co.uk/news/80591/welsh-football-legend-and-liverpool-hero-ray-lambert-dies-aged-87.aspx You'd need to be 60 or more to recall this stalwart who played alongside Liddell and Paisley but 20 years with one club, Liverpool, is how loyal players were - not driven by money. I recall Ray in the 1950 FA Cup Final. Those who do remember Ray will be sorry to learn of his passing. http://www.redandwhitekop.com/forum/index.php?topic=238288.0
  6. Michael Vaughan's autobiography of the above title is available on Amazon at £11.98 compared with £19.99 in the high street bookstores.
  7. The Colemanballs when he commentated on Cuban Alberto Juantorena at the Olympics: "And Juantorena opens his legs and shows his class!"
  8. Heard more than once when a commentator speaks about the 45 0r 60 minute mark: "If these RESULTS stay the same.............." Latest scores?
  9. Good bloke Rodger; now a well-respected physio at Stockport County.
  10. I wrote a couple of weeks ago that I thought Rafa had taken Liverpool as far as he could - many signings well below expectation. They have got out of such a tight corner before but one would have to think Lyon should win at home. What really concerns me is having heard Torres hadn't trained for four days last week and played at Fulham on painkillers, is that this talent will do himself further injury by playing when injured. The injury will need rest or surgery. The above route is not the way, choose how desperate Benitez is to have Fernando in the team. Keep playing Torres in such a manner and the lad will have serious damage - witness Pietersen and Flintoff.
  11. 1961 when this happened to the "Lawman" and City. Denis Law missed out on an FA Cup scoring record because of the weather. The Scottish international had scored all six goals in Manchester City's 6-2 victory over Luton, on a quagmire of a pitch at Kenilworth Road, when the referee abandoned the game after an hour. The mind boggles as to what Law might have achieved had the game run its course. The abandonment wiped Law's efforts from the record books and just to rub his nose in it Luton won the re-arranged game 3-1, and Denis hit City's less than consolation goal.
  12. Gary Birtles once said of Wes Morgan: "No wonder they call Morgan "The Major Oak", he's like a rock!"
  13. Under these circumstances, it will be replayed. I'm sure there have been UEFA games where a score has stood as a result of crowd violence etc. Some bookmakers may have such a rule that fits in with Gina's thinking but it's the governing football body that matters.
  14. Coe and Becky Lyne were pupils at Tapton and both have been back to the school for promotions.
  15. The game will be replayed starting 0-0 for 90 minutes. I think the match has to go 90 minutes for a score to stand?
  16. Several clubs have gone this way with sponsorship - money again! Leicester played at Filbert Street but Walkers (crisps) put cash in and it became the Walkers' Stadium.. The chairman of Newcastle sees it as an avenue for raising cash and is prepared to change the name. The fans don't want this historic name to disappear but the chairman may well ignore their imput. Personally, I wish he'd sell out and clear off back to London.
  17. Before St.Mirren moved to their new ground, they played at the St.Mirren stadium in Paisley, but I, like many others, referred to it as Love Street.
  18. I think Brown's signings have been dreadful, none more so than James Bullard - and I'm not after-timing here. Fulham must have rubbed their hands when Brown's bid came in. A player his age for the fee and wages involved was bad value. More extraordinary was that during his medical, a meniscal tear was found in JB's knee. Hull went ahead! Marlon King came - caused trouble on a club bonding trip with hero Windass. Cousin had more than once let himself down at Ibrox. McShane is not a Premiership player although he gets caps for ROI but Kilbane has a 100 of those, and he became a further signing. Gary Doherty next? Altidore is a more recent signing but soon had a club fine levied. Last year, during the good weeks, Hull rarely looked like scoring in open play. The last two games have hardly seen an effort on goal. Always difficult to bridge the divide, both league wise and financially, but Brown is certainly on my departure list. Southgate would be unwise to take it because after some accounts prediction this week, Hull look to be in a good deal of trouble if they are relegated - and with this squad, it looks a formality.
  19. Hope they don't sign him, I think he's well past his sell-by-date and don't particularly care for him as a person either. I'm trying to work out what Wednesday's Wood would be like in the Premiership. Compared with that "Jessie" - Peacock who Keegan signed, Wood may be answer?
  20. The late Prime Minister, Edward Heath, later Sir, was guest speaker at a High Storrs Speech Day. Craig David visited the school but I wouldn't know him from Adam, nor would I describe him as a "star"!
  21. Appeal likely - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/8333387.stm
  22. No F1 Grand Prix at Donington Park in 2010, so it's Silverstone or nowhere.
  23. The actor, Norman Painting, who plays Phil Archer in the Radio 4 soap, The Archers, has died aged 85.
  24. Not normally one of my terms but trying to move into 21stC vernacular! I feel very sorry for the victim and King's reported quotes tie-in with those used when he took Windass on, engaging in puerile boasts about a watch. I think he is an arrogant individual and delighted the Wigan chairman has shown him the door. Of course, we must divide the sentence by two!
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