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  1. Hello, I have just moved to deepcar and have been told it is a lovely place to live and very quiet. Please buy house over here its lovely, xx xx good luck
  2. Thank you IANG, They are on the mend slowly but I cant stop thinking I nearly lost 2 most important people in my life, also third girl is a very very good friend of the famliy and equally inportant to us. Its going to be a long process but we will get there. Thankyou again to all that has sent their kind thoughts and wishes.
  3. I would love to hang him by is neck. my daughter has an 8 mth old to look after and the close close friend of my niece is still in hospital. GOD he has a lot to answer for.....................
  4. They was not racing another car. The driver was showing off to three girls going out down town and they was offered a lift. The reason I know this is one of them girls is MY daughter the other one is my niece the third girl is a very good friend of theirs. I wish people wouldnt comment when they dont know the full story. The driver has got a lot more trouble to come because I will make sure he gets done for this.
  5. Hi, One of them girls is my daughter and yes he was showing off. But wait till I get My hands on him, He nearly killed 3 girls through his stupidness. Its the third car he has wrote off since he passed his driving test in december 2007. I hope they throw the bloody book at him. Im still angry at him I nearly lost a daughter and a niece, and they nearly lost a very very close and best friend.
  6. Hiya, My aunt and uncle used to lived on nethershire lane, and my cousins used to go to hartley brook and firth park school, And I used to go there quite a lot and knock around on the brook. [ QUOTE=_BLADESMAN_;3171554]Was brought up on Godric Road along with my 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I remember many of the old neighbours from that time. Wondered if there is anyone around that can remember Shiregreen in the 70s. I went to Hartley Brook and Firth Park Schools. Used to love the knock about on't Brook after school. Anyone got any memories?
  7. My daughter has been waiting months and she has just got a house just before christmas. It might be a little shorter for you because you have 2 children. But it does take months keep pestering them every day.
  8. hiya all I used to go in the beeley wood 20 odd yrs ago. Mum still lives on the estate, But I wouldnt go in now though Ive become a Real snob since I grew up. (lol). I hope it all goes well for you and there isnt anymore trouble. GOOD LUCK CAROL
  9. Hello I worked at middlewood hospital in the kitchens on a youth training scheme in 1980 I really enjoyed it also my aunty sheila worked there as a domestic. Did anyone else work in middlewood kitchens???????????
  10. Id love to know what 2 of my old loves are doing right now, and hope they are happy in what they are doing Tony Cawthorne - Stannington Andrew Shepherd - Shiregreen I am now happy with a good man, after a bad marriage..............
  11. I used to work at Bassetts in 1983 till 1991. I really enjoyed it. Every other friday night we used to get ready to go the the crown on penistone road after we had done work at ten. they were good memoriesthere. Did anyone else work at bassetts during that time I would like to here from you. My name is Irene and Im now A Senior care assistant/acting team leader for the elderly. Please get in touch if you worked in between them times.
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