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  1. My first week’s wage, paid in cash, in 1970 was £7. 9s. 6p. When I was promoted in 1971 it increased to £9. 6s. I was never sure whether this was a lot of money as my friend, working for an insurance company, was given luncheon vouchers too. She would save them up and treat us both to lunch in the Golden Egg every so often. And, she and her colleagues were also given hampers at Christmas.
  2. I noticed this also. I didn’t know it was called a halo. I thought it was strange how the clouds had formed a perfect circle around the moon.
  3. I agree with the bullet points listed by Andy C. I am still concerned that bus stops have been moved from Pinstone Street and despite the consultation earlier this year, we still don’t know if this closure is permanent. Last week I walked to the bus stops now moved to Rockingham Street. Aside from it taking longer to walk there, there are now tables and chairs out on the pavements which have to be negotiated, and, of course, the pavements on Rockingham Street are narrow and uneven. Yes, K know that this would be sorted out eventually (one would hope anyway)if these were to become permanent bus stops, but we still have to use them in the meantime. Further, to see the buses winding their way along these narrow roads which were, surely, never meant to accommodate buses, I don’t see how this can be an improvement. Please bring back the buses to Leopold Street and Pinstone Street. They were easy to access and felt safe, and buses did not have to navigate around lots of tiny bends.
  4. If you have access to the Internet, have a look at HARC (Homeless and Rootless at Christmas) in Sheffield. Perhaps you could help out as a volunteer.
  5. Inheritance (1969) Danger UXB East of Ipswich French without tears
  6. Please can anyone tell give me more detailed information about the proposed changes to the First bus number 74? The First website just gives the following information but I cannot tell from this whether it will affect my journeys. Service 74 Service rerouted to Operate Rotherham, Brinsworth, Meadowhall, Sheffield Thanks in anticipation.
  7. I lived on Darcy Close until 1968. I know some of the names you mentioned but only because I knew their relations. I was in the same class as Brian Jacob's brother, Kevan; I was an aquaintence of Jimmy White's sister, Janet; and Brian Elgie (some relative of Norman's?)went out with my friend for a while. Tony Wespy was my Auntie's neighbour on Paulet Road. I only remember him as a respectable single bloke. I am sorry that I can't give you any up to date news about them. I travel down Prince of Wales Road quite often and I still think that the view from there is spectacular. I also thought that we had the best shopping centre back then. I loved Wilkinson's chip shop, and the bilberry tarts, apple tarts and custards from Tomlinsons. I also remember the novelty of Bates beer off opening, buying threepenny packets of ready salted Golden Wonder crisps and being given a free can opener every time I bought a canned pop. I can remember my Mum's share number for the Co-op, and I still have the foreign dolls I got free by sending packet tops from washpowder bought from 'the Meadah' (Meadow). Does anyone remember playing in the flag yard and the air raid shelters next to Pipworth School (even though we were constantly told not to by Miss Warren, the Headmistress?)
  8. I have only just found this site and was reading the archives when I came across a topic - 'Does anyone remember Jerry Stevens?' One of the replies said that Jerry had died of a heart attack in his forties. I would like to reassure everyone that Jerry is still very much alive and is now well into his sixties. I am his cousin and though I don't see him very often (we both belong to a very large and widespread family), I am often updated about him through my Mum. I last spoke to him myself about 18 months ago at his Father's funeral. Thank you for raising the question. It's good to know that he hasn't been forgotten.
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