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  1. Thanks, I’ve heard they may be slightly quicker as well which would be good. ---------- Post added 25-01-2018 at 14:23 ---------- Though shame it’s not going to half hourly service.
  2. Hi, can you tell me where to view the proposed timetable please? I commute into Sheffield from saxilby and am slightly concerned about changes to times. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the road recommendations, if I was to get there at 8:30am is there likely to be space? Someone said any on street spaces are gone by 7am!
  4. I don't know sheffield at all but will investigate Sharrow area parking, thanks. Yes, if I miss a train at Woodhouse it's 30 mins for the next and then I'd be late.
  5. Hi, I've been offered a job at Hallam Uni and am trying to work out transport options. I live about an hour away (in Notts, so travelling in from the east of the city). Train would be expensive. I understand parking is hard to find nearby. I've found some driveway parking for about £100 a month. Also Milton St car park, which I think at £4 a day would be a bit cheaper but not sure how quickly that fills up? I'm happy to park within a 10-15 min walk if there's anywhere else? Did consider nunnery square park and ride, but by the time I've paid the park and ride and then a bus from the city centre I'd be looking at £7-£8 a day. Other option is park at Woodhouse and get the train in but I think price would work out about the same as the park and ride though might save a bit of driving time/petrol but I guess having to ensure I make the train both ends of the day would be a bit stressful. Thanks.
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