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  1. A pity that you are so quick to speak with out knowledge, this is a conversation about Supertram and SYPTE not other operators and as above I said it showed normal service just like the dot matrix and on board the tram(including that it was under the impression it was at Rotherham Central when it was at Meadowhall) . Perhaps you should have a look at the SYPTE journey planner I have in the past complained that the SYPTE journey planner did not show the changes when there was planned engineering work on the tram their argument being that people would be aware because they had pubicised it forgetting completely that the people using the journey planner were the most unlikely to know or that they were using it specifically because they were aware and wanted to plan their journey My friend the issue is not the trams it is the management of stagecoach and the PTE
  2. Great now that is settled can you answer my earlier question If, as the SYPTE journey planner does, there is a little green rectangular box with the words “on time” next to the time of the trams in both directions would you expect that the tram was running to and from Rotherham? Sorry but I am sure most people would expect that they are using real time information
  3. If, as the SYPTE journey planner does, there is a little green rectangular box with the words “on time” next to the time of the trams in both directions would you expect that the tram was running to and from Rotherham? Sorry but I am sure most people would expect that they are using real time information
  4. So today decide to go to Rotherham parkgate fro cathedral tram train arrives the panels say it is going to parkgate and so does the dot matrix at Cathedral get on then conductor says it is going to Meadowhall cause signalling failure on network rail. Ask how long this has been going on told about an hour. Ask how to get to parkgate told to get a bus from Meadowhall someone else asks if tickets will be valid on bus they have to check but come back and say yes fine so far except the tram announcements continue to say the service is going to Parkgate. Why can’t the idiots simply alter the destination and pretend it is a yellow tram and of course why not also change the dot matrix . True the conductor occasionally corrects the automated message. We get to Meadowhall and the on tram info shows us as being at Rotherham central brilliant go to bus station at Meadowhall and enquire how to get to Parkgate he tell me to get the tram - I point out they have not been running for 90 minutes now and then tells me I need to get 2 buses. I give up. why oh why could stagecoach not provide the simplest of information to customers as how best to get to Rotherham central and parkgate. As usual stagecoach simply say it is not their fault which is true but any customer focused company would quickly provide their staff with the necessary information to pass on to customers. A quick search on the SYPTE journey planner tells you to take the tram which is running on time with no mention of the fact they are going to Meadowhall people wonder why Southyorkshire got no money for the buses recently well perhaps the answer lies with the incompetents that run our services who simply can not do the basics
  5. The sad thing with supertram is that on the whole it can provide a good service but the total lack of customer focus means it often fails us
  6. Perhaps you could use words of one syllable and draw some pictures to help him finally understand What I fail to understand is why the same rules do not apply to tram drivers I am fed up with them leaving early
  7. Tough do you think stagecoach or the PTE care just as in the past where they could not be bothered to run the tram link bus to somewhere passengers could transfer to a bus or the tram when the Middlewood section was closed . No they decided passengers could walk half a mile to get the bus so they could change again at Hillsborough. you really need to lower your expectations
  8. SYPTE. let’s not forget that maintenance work needs to be done. Hopefully there are alternatives but quite frankly would not trust PTE or stagecoach to plan properly
  9. No chance of decent displays the PTE are very happy with the current ones so much so that instead of getting ones fit for purpose for the tram (easily done) they bought ones that never had a hope in h**l of working. As far as the PTE are concerned they are perfect afterall they are sometimes right forgeting of course they are most valuable when things have gone wrong
  10. Don’t let facts get in the way of a good story!
  11. I rather think you missed the point of my post. I was highlighting the **** way stagecoach treat their passengers
  12. Does anyone know why the electric charging points installed by the council ages ago in the car park off attercliffe road near the junction with Worksop Road are inoperable. I can only guess that the council set a target for installations not the number actually working.
  13. No not doing something did something, he wants a legacy hahahaha Agree 100% about being a waste of space or at least in the case of jarvis and perhaps the next Mayor might devote their whole working week to the job
  14. Anyway it is good to see things back to normal. The tram I went to catch at middlewood left 2 minutes early leaving passengers behinddepite the fact that they had closed the doors right in front of someone wishing to board. Stagecoach of course will say either that the timetable is a guide or that they don’t use the clocks on the displays or British summer time but their own “stagecoach “ clocks. Funny that the next tram also presumably using stagecoach time left at the scheduled time and not early. And of course the super tram link bus left as the tram arrived leaving another bunch of passengers to wait.
  15. My comment on reasons excuses was related to having agreements in place with the likes of Nottingham Manchester and network rail like I said one would not expect multiple teams
  16. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/politics/government-has-shafted-south-yorkshire-funding-bid-for-free-fares-for-under-18s-new-bus-shelters-and-fare-cap-rejected-by-ministers-3639906
  17. Doesn't surprise me that Stagecoach fail to communicate properly with their front line staff - these guys should be their ambassadors but just another example of the couldn't care less about anything apart from running the trams and to hell with the traveling public However on the issue of fixing the wires I would have been very surprised if they had more than one team available. Mind you one might ask if there was any informal arrangements with Nottingham or Manchester (or perhaps network rail) in times of need but I suspect we will hear loads of reasons why this is not practical instead of looking at how that might be possible
  18. wow what a sad indictment of our mayor the PTE and the council that South Yorkshire was not awarded any funding for the buses
  19. Indeed I have said so since it’s introduction the PTE are happy because it is sometimes right but they simply fail to understand that the time it is really needed is when things have gone wrong - like now. can’t even understand why they did not think it a good idea to tell people when the tram between Shalesmoor and middlewood was running it was obviously working to a timetable as there was a 5 minute layover at Middlewood. No announcements and just to add insult it left 3 or 4 minutes ahead of what would have been the expected departure so anyone heading to catch the tram thinking they knew the departure time would see it leave and been faced with a long wait for it to get back again. Tried that but the box with sign in or register comes up and won’t shift. Just about time to read the message
  20. Oh dear another accident and once again the traveling public get treated with total contempt I knew nothing about the accident turned up at middlewood this afternoon - dot matrix said trams not running between Shalesmore and Cathedral but display was saying trams were running every 12 minutes from middlewood. Ha ha got home looked on stagecoach web and “service updates “not a mention of any problems although did eventually stumble across a page under news and blog - silly me for looking at service updates. don’t have a problem with the fact that there is only the one tram running the shuttle between shalesmore and middlewood but why can they not provide us with the emergency timetable both on the web and on the dot matrix don’t use Twitter so that’s no help The acid test of any service is how well they respond to problems what a pity stagecoach and the PTE don’t understand the role of communications
  21. If you have shares you can vote against the proposal Like I said Nat Express remain interested even though Stagecoach are not
  22. This has not gone through yet and National Express still seem interested. Brian Souter and his sister have decided to cash out and sell any new owner is likely to make changes To be frank any takeover/merger or whatever will have the potential for staff cuts and depot closures. I would be very surprised if the messages you have had to date are based on fact and that your jobs are at risk but are simple speculation/scare stories probably from the Union(s)
  23. BigAl1

    Fresh Sea Air.

    doubtful at this time of year
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