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  1. Good point One might expect the university to provide information of this sort to their prospective overseas students it is hard enough as a UK citizen these days opening an account
  2. amnicoll

    Mayors transport strategy

    There is some money I agree but not nearly enough to turn this from a pipe dream into reality
  3. amnicoll

    Mayors transport strategy

    Just how anyone can claim the money is there when there is no indication of costs to start with (which will then of course increase once the project starts) is beyond me . There is an assumption that the tram will continue but i thought this was out for consultation so has the decision been made? Just where would the rail link to Doncaster airport run to and from and what would the cost be and how many passengers would use it I can not see it betting through Treasure cost benefit analysis myself and just how will he secure better rail connections to other major airports I live on the Wadsley park estate and it takes 8 minutes to walk to the tram although these days I need to allow 10 minutes as trams are allowed to leave 2 minutes early (and do) then 20 minutes into town so just how will it be possible for me to do this in 15 minutes
  4. Interesting reading but I wonder how much of this will come to fruition after all there is the little matter of cost https://sheffieldcityregion.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Mayoral-Transport-Vision-V2.18.12.18.pdf
  5. A testimony to the gross incompetence of the PTE buying a system that is unfit for purpose, still better than putting fiction that is often still displayed when they do show the times.
  6. amnicoll

    Tram Trains thread

    So what did they do, I was under the impression they doing away with the right turn green filter when the lights were at red for the tram right of way
  7. amnicoll

    Tram Trains thread

    Only took the police 2 months to solve this amazing
  8. amnicoll

    Supertram complaints

    Just been told I must now fill in an online complaints form and not contact customer services by email they even want info to identify you from their cctv and of course do not allow enough room to detail the complaint as well as a host of other info such as the staff number of the person who sold the ticket. Never even noticed that they had a staff number unlike the old PSV badges that you used to see the bus crews wear ( in London anyway)
  9. basically lets bury our heads in the sand and do nothing then to see if we can improve the problem before we have all our trams taken out An obvious solution would be to introduce (at enormous expense) level crossing gates
  10. amnicoll

    Christmas cards to muslims.

    In Cambodia Pailin Chi Phat Koh Kong - Sen Monorom thailand too many to list Laos Muang xai pakse Vietnam Sapa (mid night mass) Ha Tien
  11. amnicoll

    Christmas cards to muslims.

    I assume you are not a dentist then
  12. Not a flaw in the design of the junction then simply a flaw in the control of traffic using the junction ie the traffic lights
  13. amnicoll

    Christmas cards to muslims.

    Strikes me as a complete waste of money giving everyone Christmas cards and if you are worried about causing offense use the money for something else I have spent many a Christmas in non christian communities abroad and even though it is not part of their culture one will often see Christmas activities, Even in a small town way in Cambodia (Buddhist) well off the tourist trail I was given Christmas cards by some of the kids (ironically they were all the same as it was the only one stocked in the market)
  14. I know that the trams will often edge forward before obtaining the proceed signal however I would be very concerned if each time there is a report of a tram passing a stop signal the stock answer is that the CCTV is not working. as far as I know these cameras are pretty reliable (although one must not underestimate ability of Stagecoach/PTE to get this wrong) and I would send the RAIB a list of these occurrences and the response from Stagecoach for each
  15. amnicoll

    Christmas lights

    The owner at Eastwood says he is hoping to put up his display today if he has time

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