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  1. perhaps just claiming expenses or who knows to hand in his resignation
  2. Might be a good idea to ask the police if it has been reported stolen as it is a bit of a leap in the dark to assume that they will have seen this
  3. yes I seem to remember from work I was doing around that time that they had a good reputation
  4. The odd and sad fact that many of the crowdfunding schemes do in fact raise quite a lot I have seen a number for people who have accidents abroad and had no insurance. Sure there are things where crowdfunding may be a valid option but not as a substitute for insurance
  5. I stand by what I said far too many people these days see crowd funding as a substitute for insurance
  6. I am sorry but if they do not that is their look out why do they expect other to pay for their stupidly home contents insurance is not exactly expensive
  7. what is your source for this
  8. I feel for the occupants of the flat but is this not what insurance is for
  9. A bit of a dilemma then because nearly 40% of the constituency voted remain and now as far as I can see the Labour party themselves seem to be moving towards "leave" so how will the 60% (assuming the same proportion still want Brexit which may not now be the case as they see the implications) vote next time - Brexit party?
  10. I think we need more MPs who will stand up for what the believe and not simply be lobby fodder and voting for whatever they are told by their party. lets not forget there will be many in the constituency who support her actions even if the idea of creating a new party was somewhat ill thought out
  11. The only thing I would say is it is a pity that she does not stand for her old constituency and allow the voters to decide if they back her and believe she has been a good constituency MP or not rather than running across the Pennines
  12. I do hope the SYPTE sort it out soon now that is what I call optimism
  13. so cost is the only consideration well that explains why there are so many complaints only the worst companies would only use cost as the only basis to award a contract
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