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  1. amnicoll

    Supertram Rail Replacement 2019

    Ahhh that makes sense then! So you'd have to change on to a blue one during the day time By far the easiest option for anyone at Castle Square heading to Middlewood/Stocksbridge during the day is to catch the connecting bus that departs from opposite the tram stop at Fitzalan Square
  2. amnicoll

    Supertram Rail Replacement 2019

    so Andy there is no connection at Cathedral as you previously stated Yes on board staff will be able to advise anyone getting on at castle square to stay on the tram and return to fitzalan square I am not saying there are not posters and timetables simply questioning why the dot matrix at this one stop shows the tram as going to Middlewood yes on the rest of the route I can understand the logic of showing the destination as Cathedral/Middlewood
  3. amnicoll

    Queens Rd Traffic Scheme

    I may not understand the process but regardless you yourself present two viable options but do not explain why one or the other was not adopted for works that were planned for long in advance
  4. amnicoll

    Supertram Rail Replacement 2019

    This was mid afternoon and the yellow tram was terminating at Cathedral I know you can get the blue tram to Shalesmoor I am sure Andy will enlighten me where to catch the bus to Middlewood at Cathedral I suspect that this is just another example of stagecoach supertram and the PTE failing to understand the importance of communication especially for visitors and infrequent users/laziness
  5. amnicoll

    D-Day Memorial Flypast 15th June

    at least this time it is not taking place in the middle of the rush hour
  6. amnicoll

    Queens Rd Traffic Scheme

    Me too Ash. In part this must be down to the council - during the tram replacement when the road was closed to traffic for several days I have noticed that no one thinks to change the timings on the lights so traffic waits whilst the lights show green to a traffic-less road (Catch Bar Lane both this year and last year ). Also nearly every light has a yellow box to allow pedestrians to press if they wish to cross the road but it is not uncommon to see lights run to a sequence and allow pedestrians to cross the road when there are none
  7. amnicoll

    Supertram Rail Replacement 2019

    Really the replacement bus connection goes from Fitzalan Square and as far as I know there are no buses from Cathedral to Middlewood so if there is a bus connection from Cathedral to Middlewood I would be very grateful if you could enlighten me as which bus as this would be very convenient for me I said nothing about the blue tram because yes that is going to Shalesmore with a connecting bus and makes sense as passenger would indeed get on the tram if heading to Malin Bridge
  8. amnicoll

    Supertram Rail Replacement 2019

    Can anyone enlighten me as to the thinking at Castle Square where the dot matrix next tram was showing the yellow trams as going to "Cathedral/Middlewood" . sure regular users might realise this was rubbish but strangers would not have a clue , yes there are notices on the shelter and even sometimes members of staff but why would I ask or look elsewhere when the dot matrix seems to be providing me with tram destination.
  9. amnicoll

    Queens Rd Traffic Scheme

    Do the lights for the buses and taxis coming down London Road still turn to green when there are no buses and taxis?
  10. amnicoll

    Queens Rd Traffic Scheme

    No doubt it is because it is effective that they are getting rid of it
  11. to be honest no idea if it is Middlewood or Hillsborough technically but knew where you meant but given the football ground is within spitting distance I would have though the distinction was hardly relevant No loss I went in there and asked about phones and he recommended me one but I went home and looked on the internet and realised that what he had told me about the phone (the spec stuff like memory) was not true - <removed> me off no end that he just <removed> rather than check
  12. The stupidity is that it is virtually guaranteed the people who suffer often are those who are innocent and therefore unwilling to say they were guilty and how sorry they are and that they will never do anything bad again The press could do better in reporting sentences don't you just love the headlines like "gang sentenced to 80 years" when in fact members may only have got 3 or 4 years which of course is only half that
  13. No but it should not be automatic but in addition if any further offense is committed it should be automatic that the offender first serves the full period of remission prior to their new sentence
  14. The Executive director of SYPTE refuses to engage in debate with me after my numerous complaints preferring to bury his head in the sand many organisations have customer service departments that are a waste of space but some in fairness do respond in a proper manner. I usually now complain direct to the top person as it tends to generate not just a quick response but also a positive one.
  15. I do and this was picked up by The Times but complaining to them is a waste of time With regards to the dot matrix I was on local radio and even the Star ran an articl. our counillors and MPs do nothing just forward the complaints

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