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  1. All academic as by the time any of the above kicked in we would have had an election and he will be gone lets not forget there is no punishement for not doing the job just look at how many N irish politicians are drawing their salaries and not attending Westminster or Stormont
  2. Taking money under false pretenses /fraud as not doing what he is paid to do but of course MPs work to different standards than the rest of us
  3. surely the whole point of public transport is to serve the needs of the traveling public
  4. Deselection simply means that they can not stand for the party in the next election. I can't imagine that if he were to stand in the next election he would get many votes
  5. yes the IETs were procured by the DafT but did not the train companies specify the interior design and layout
  6. So why are not Stagecoach Bus being penalised for regularly holding the bus for the arriving tram on the normal tramlink services when there is no rail replacement
  7. I think you will find that Stagecoach Supertram have insisted to Stagecoach bus that the bus replacements leave according to the timetable and ignore the arriving tram and its passengers. yes they are all Stagecoach but they operate as two companies stagecoach bus have put a lot of effort over the last year or so to holding the buses for the arriving trams on the tramlink service and are to be congratulated even if the Supertram part could not care less and will ignore the incoming bus My experience of the replacement bus is that they have been running pretty well to timetable as they have long timetabled stops along the route but of course on the Stockbridge route they like everyone else have to problems caused by the roadworks to contend with which may not help at times
  8. Indeed, As I recall the Train companies had some flexibility as long as the overall basket of the regulated fares increased by the rate set by government which is based on the inflation rate and the government can vary if they want to RPI+1% and so on or though unlikely to RPI-1% the train companies are free to set the Unregulated fares as they see fit One of the cleaver ways the train companies can get round the regulations is to restrict the times you can use the saver ticket to force people to buy other tickets The theory of splitting the Norwich Liverpool services is based on the principal that punctuality is like to be better with the service split into two as trains at the liverpool to Nottingham end of the line will not be affected by problems at the norwichto Nottingham end and the fact that only a small proportion of customers actually travel on the trains through Nottingham and of course these will certainly not benefit ( I suspect that having decided to split the trains then giving them to different Train Companies was just simple logic) you know train companies keep promising more comfortable trains but then when they get round to it go for the cheapest seating hoping people will forget the promise
  9. It is nothing to do with ownership many of the fares you are referring to are set by reference to the rate of inflation as dictated by the British government through the department of transport and all the rail companies will do their best to play the system to maximise any profit - cast your mind back to after the privatisation how Virgin even though they could not change the saver fare prices simply added restrictions on the validly and thus forcing customers to pay more or change the time when they traveled
  10. I am hoping for a step change in customer service the last time I used the first class it was far far below the expected standard (seats were the same true) with no service at all because it was a weekend service lets hope the new guys deliver on their promises and that any new trains have the interior designed around the customer with comfortable seats and window alligned Ownership is irrelevant what matters is the management and the actions/inactions of the department for transport but the MD has long experience of working on the railway in the UK
  11. hard to believe they would issue a permit for use like this blocking the peak flow well perhaps not so hard when you look around at the other stupidities highlighted on these forums
  12. this is not an unusual occurrence it was happening when there were no trams on occaision and during last years work even when the car park was closed
  13. for the last couple of days Anglia home improvements have blocked the pavement on Eastwood (Wadsley park)forcing at least two wheelchairs to make a detour to get off the estate - or risk using the road As for permits why would anyone with half a brain issue them to someone blocking the peak flow except in the case of emergency apart from of course as a money making scheme
  14. I do not use twitter really you are saying that SWFC have the right to close public roads
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