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  1. amnicoll

    Supertram Rail Replacement 2019

    Having investigated this I understand the reasons for not extending the SL tram link buses is operational not financial.
  2. amnicoll

    Supertram Rail Replacement 2019

    more important are the respective costs of extending the link buses over a separate service between Middlewood and Hillsborough.
  3. amnicoll

    Supertram Rail Replacement 2019

    Would be very interested to know what the respective costs are for extending the SL buses and providing the replacement buses separately. just how much is being saved at the expense of customer service which both the PTE and Stagecoach would have us believe is important to both companies. Stagecoach would not be funding the extension of the SL buses this would be paid for by the PTE Resident your reasons don't make sense buses and drivers will be required regardless of who operates it, and stagecoach have in the past run buses from Middlewood to Hillsborough. this is not a permanent move and no doubt stagecoach will save money as less trams drivers and conductors will presumably be required
  4. amnicoll

    Supertram Rail Replacement 2019

    I am not shocked that stagecoach do not own the infrastructure I was well aware of that. however l assume it is stagecoach and not the PTE who decided not to run the tram link buses through to Hillsborough and instead inconvenience those users of the tram link unnecessarily
  5. amnicoll

    Supertram Rail Replacement 2019

    Wish I could say I was shocked -disappointed yes that once again Stagecoach Supertram demonstrate their complete contempt for the traveling public i hope Jay will return to Middlewood to at least try and coordinate the buses
  6. Surprised that no one is imputing on the number of extra trams that will run to serve the supporters and minimise the disruption
  7. after the match for 30 min there will be road closures along Middlewood road and two fingers to inconvenienced residents
  8. I note supertram are warning of delays owing to likely congestion due to the derby match next week. I was wondering if are planing on having all their trams (with the exception of the crashed one) out in operation providing extra services to maximise the numbers who will have the option of using the tram
  9. amnicoll

    Supertram Rail Replacement 2019

    am I dreaming or did they not do Middlewood Road last year?
  10. The one thing they can do with the electronic signage is to put emergency messages on display with info for passengers. Unfortunately they usually can not be bothered and the both the PTE and Stagecoach will blame the other
  11. Not a tram problem so much as another idiot driver problem then Of course it is a tram problem and one might ask what steps did Supertram take to minimise the disruption to their customers as well as keep them informed BTW Is it legal to overtake a tram?
  12. Good point One might expect the university to provide information of this sort to their prospective overseas students it is hard enough as a UK citizen these days opening an account
  13. amnicoll

    Mayors transport strategy

    There is some money I agree but not nearly enough to turn this from a pipe dream into reality
  14. amnicoll

    Mayors transport strategy

    Just how anyone can claim the money is there when there is no indication of costs to start with (which will then of course increase once the project starts) is beyond me . There is an assumption that the tram will continue but i thought this was out for consultation so has the decision been made? Just where would the rail link to Doncaster airport run to and from and what would the cost be and how many passengers would use it I can not see it betting through Treasure cost benefit analysis myself and just how will he secure better rail connections to other major airports I live on the Wadsley park estate and it takes 8 minutes to walk to the tram although these days I need to allow 10 minutes as trams are allowed to leave 2 minutes early (and do) then 20 minutes into town so just how will it be possible for me to do this in 15 minutes

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