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  1. I was one of those kids. I had no parents or family to take me in. I ended up in fosterling care
  2. I was in lanes end children's home with my two brothers and sisters. I was 3 yrs old when I was in there. I went bck other week but you can'take get into grounds. It's all locked up an over growe. It seems smaller than I remember
  3. Thanks. Am not from Sheffield I live in Mexborough but I am looking for people who used to live in a children's home in Chapeltown in the late 60s early 70s. It was at 230 lanes end. Could you give me any pointers to finding information
  4. I would appreciate if anyone who was in 230 lanes end chapeltown children's home back in 1969 to 1972 to please contact me
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