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  1. Rony Robinson's a great phone in presenter. Toby Foster is one of the UK's best presenters. Howard Pressman's good and sounds great on Radio Sheffield. I've think perhaps Radio Sheffield have missed opportunities in the past but overall it's not a bad BBC station at all. My twopenneth. NM
  2. Duncan's a legend. All the staff there are fantastic. It wouldn't be the same without them.
  3. I went to Youth Theatre with Kate Ford, I think. Madness eh? I had a massive crush on her at the time but I doubt she'll even remember me. Full account on my blog if you're interested. NM
  4. I've posted a few clips of it on YouTube. Thought you'd all love to see them. Well done everybody. NM
  5. Despite slagging it off as a terrible site I've eaten my words and signed up. I have a total of "0" friends. Bit like real life. I much prefer blogs. There's something wrong about myspace. It does feel like an advert for yourself. Reducing the concept of friendship to a comodity. Feels wrong. Go see my blog. Do one of them instead. If you do I'll link to it for as long as you keep it updated. www.margerrisons.blogspot.com
  6. Blo#dy hell I remember Redgates. I always thought - as a kid - that when I grew up I'd work there! Madness. I'd totally forgotten about it. NM
  7. Phlegm. He's good but very busy these days. The comic he draws is selling by the truckload. NM
  8. Uuurgh! Myspace is evil. It reduces people by forcing them to write an advert for themselves. Horrible things.
  9. Not a fan of the livejournals. Prefer blogger. Can't stand that myspace thing. Horrible. My blog is here.
  10. I had this come up as a question in my theory test. I got the answer wrong by saying adjust your mirror. However, it never actually gave me the right answer. Multi-choice, can't remember what the other options were though. Ruined.
  11. Buy the lad a chord book/song book and a guitar and he'll learn it himself. Great hobby! NM
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