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  1. I was an airman in the Royal Auxiliary Air force Regiment that was based there. I was a Ground wireless Mechanic, and used to help fit Radio Transmitters/Receivers to our fleet of Land Rovers. That was in 1957/8. I also saw the Vulcan Bomber there, as it came over the base very low down as it did a fly passed during an Air Show.
  2. I think I remember that unusual name. I left School in 1953 and joined the Merchant Navy, but that did not last long due to seasickness Hi,Hi. This post is 10 years old now so maybe you are not with us anymore ??? I have just read the remark from Alan Radford. Hi Alan, are ytou the little thin guy that played Scrum Half in the 1st XV. I was the Captain and I remember that you had a nick name that sounded like Tij, but of cause it could be "Titch" ???. I have a photo of the team, but don't know to add it top this blog
  3. Hi all, My dad was a great Wednesday fan even though we lived in Heeley, closer to united's ground. I remember, I think it was in the 50's, that Dooley was known as FIVE GOAL DOOLEY. I was not a soccer fan, but remember him scoring those 5 goals. What a good player he was. ---------- Post added 11-11-2018 at 10:54 ---------- Hi all, My dad was a great Wednesday fan even though we lived in Heeley, closer to United's ground. I remember, I think it was in the 50's, that Dooley was known as FIVE GOAL DOOLEY. I was not a soccer fan, but remember him scoring those 5 goals. What a good player he was.
  4. Hi, I also cannot remember any off the names you have listed. Old age is terrible. Yes, Kieth Williams mom died, and he was brought up by his dad.
  5. I lived opposite the Sally Army at the top of Kent Hill, and My friends, and I Used to use the one arm of that Methane Gas lamp to attach our swing to. May be we were near to a big explosion !. H Ha. Does anyone know if any Methane ever did explode ? .
  6. Hi, I was a little boy during the Blitz. I can remember standing in our backyard at the top of Kent Road (Hill) Heeley, and watching "Stokes" ( I think that was the factories name) Paint factory Blazing on fire after it got hit by a bomb. On one occasion we had to stay in our Air Raid shelter all night, and part of the next day at the bottom of the garden. It had got hit by an Incendiary bomb, and we had to wait for it to burn out all it's Phosphor. On several occasions we spent the nights in the shelter, so that we were not disturbed, and have to trek to the bottom of the garden at all hours of the night. My dad used to carry me on his shoulders from the house to the shelter, and I would put his Steel Air Raid Warden Helmet on my head. One night there was a loud explosion, and the helmet got knocked off my head due to it being hit by shrapnel (too big and sloppy) for me. It put quiet a dent in the steel. If I had not been wearing the Helmet the top of my head would have been sliced off. My dad was a Voluntary Air Raid Warden, and spent many hours away from home looking out for fires etc. He was in a "reserved occupation" ,and did not get called up for the armed forces. He worked at English Steel Corp. as a Press tool fitter. They stamped out large Steel parts for military vehicles etc. ---------- Post added 06-06-2018 at 15:36 ----------
  7. Hi 74th scouters, I Passed my "fire lighting" test as part of my Tenderfoot badge in Cat Lane woods. Don't remember much about my past scouting days. Only the annual camping trips to Filey/Whitby.
  8. Hi from an Ex Heeley hi't, I've now lived longer on the African continent than I lived in the UK, but some of my Sheffield accent still remains. In my old age now, but memories of trips to Cleethorpes & Skeggy still remain, and the sing a long's on the Sharrabangs after leaving the Upper Heeley Working Men's Club. Great memories with honest and true friends.
  9. Thanks Andrew, but don't bother to answer. I only remarked, and added my little bit of Scouting info. regards, Peter.
  10. Hi, just seen you thread re Sheffield scouts. I now live in South Africa, but was in the scouts in Sheffield in the 1940/50's after WW2. Our HQ was a long wooden hut by the side of the river in the Heeley/Meersbrook area, near the Heeley allotments. We used to have a yearly camp at Filey on the Yorkshire coast. At my age 80 I am surprised I even remember that. Cheers & Beers, and Rib,Dib,Dib. from Darkest Africa,Hi,HI. Regards Peter.
  11. Remember it well, our local guy used to cry out, "Rag & Bone for Donkey Stone, any old Rags" As well as Donkey Stone we also sometimes got Gold fish. Had them in a bowl for years.
  12. I went to Carfield Infants/Junior/Senior school. At one stage some of us were moved to the Annex on Gleadless road. Is there anyone still alive out there that remembers that, and did you know any of the pupils that attended the Annex?. I remember the small bottles of Milk we used to get every day. In each classroom we had a fire, in a "house type fireplace". We stud our milk bottles in an arch across the front of the fire, to warm them up ready for break time:hihi:
  13. Hi,I remember the Wilders Zip-Bang that blew up dustbin lids. We thought the "Wollop 365" was also a powerfull Banger also. Can you remember that one in the 40/50's ?.
  14. I new the chip shop in Kent Road, just before the Waggon & horses. It was our nearest, and I belive the best.Mom always sent me there for our "Special Fish & Chip supper", when we had the extra money to splash out, Hi,Hi.
  15. Yes your correct. Thanks for the information. That was a big fire and a a great party, with things to eat that had been rationed. ---------- Post added 04-02-2018 at 16:26 ---------- I played on the Doker as a young boy in the 1940's. There used to be an old man that lived on the Doker, in an old wooden hut. Is there anyone old enough, out there to also remember him ?. He used to scare us kids.I can remember that his hut was removed, but just can't remember what year it was.
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