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  1. Do you know how many animal welfare officers there are for the city as a whole? Reckon there will be enough of them of the number of professional dog walkers?
  2. Good to know a professional code is being set up. The question is who will enforce it and how? There is an argument for licensing dog walkers and withdrawing the licence when the code is broken.
  3. I'm hearing rumours that some 'professional' dog walker lost a dog up near a reservoir recently during the snow and ice. The dog wandered off, fell in, and drowned. Owing to the ice on the edges, it couldn't get a grip to get out. Shockingly, the dog walker didn't notice it was missing until they got back to their starting point. Anyone know if this is true? Dog walkers in that area walk up to 14 dogs at a time, most of them off the lead. Easy enough to miss the occasional dog, I suppose. If it happened, I wonder what story they told the pet's owner? Mind you, the record anyone has seen up here is 24 dogs being walked together, mostly off the lead, by three professionals walking their packs together. These people must be dead good at their jobs to be able to run so many at a time. On their web-sites - they know who they are - they have photos of themselves out walking with 3 or 4 dogs, all on leads. Cunning that, because it leads the owners to believe that little Fido is being looked by a proper dog whisperer. Really, they are just mugging the owners off. Trading Standards should have a look at this. It's not just that, but I wonder if the pet insurers know what's going on? I'm sure they would be charging higher premiums if they knew what was really happening. So, they are probably being taken for a ride as well. The Council - and to be fair, between the student games debt legacy, the austerity regime imposed from London, and the national PR disaster over the trees, you can't really expect too much from them - they seem to hope that if they have a nice meeting every couple of years with dog walkers everything will work out fine. The lesson for dog owners is: if you want your dog walking by someone else, ask around, and don't believe everything you see and read on web-sites.
  4. Wish the BBC or Met Office could actually get the forecast right for once. Was in Coop in Fulwood last night when it started snowing. I jumped in the car, but by the time I got near the top of the hill on Crimicar Lane I had to dig myself out with the aid of a shovel and helpful sandbox. A massive thank you to the man and his son who gave me the push I needed. It meant I got home with the car and didn't have to abandon it. Good to know there are still neighbourly people around.
  5. Many thanks for this post. A lot of good sensible stuff there. I wish the packwalkers would adopt these kinds of Ts and Cs.
  6. Thanks, Kensmith and JustPoppedIn. As always with insurance, it seems like it all comes down to the small print. Good to know there are some people on here who have good dog walkers. End of the day, what matters is that everybody's dog gets looked after properly.
  7. So, basically, these packwalkers walking 6 or more dogs, may not be complying with their insurance conditions. Where does this leave the person, who is not one of their customers, whose dog gets damaged when a few of the pack dogs are not on a lead and kick off? Presumably they can claim on their own insurance. But can they claim against the dog walker? Seems to me the packwalkers are in it for greed, and they couldn't care less about their customers' dogs, other people's dogs, other people's anxieties and rights to the same space, or their insurance companies. It's funny to see how some of them present themselves on their web-sites as champion dog whisperers and dogs' best friends.
  8. It's that sort of thing that caused me to open this thread. There were two dog walkers up our way recently walking with a combined total of around 15 dogs, only 3 of them on a lead. That concerns me. It also means neighbours walking their own pets say they are having to avoid walking at the same time and place as the people running packs of dogs for money. If you walk 8 dogs a day, six days a week, ten pound an hour, just one x one-hour walk per day per dog, you make around 23 grand gross. It's really helpful to read the links and posts, thanks to all. It's a complicated subject with a lot of local history, legal angles, and strong feelings.
  9. There are some dog walking businesses around Sheffield who walk dogs in packs of 8-12, most of them off the lead. To me, this raises questions about risks to children and animals if the dogs in the pack got excited. How sure are these people that they have recall over their customers' dogs when they are not on a lead and running in a pack? Do the customers really know how many dogs their dog is taken out with?
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