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  1. Pretty sure it's Gillian, had an older brother Alan
  2. I would love to find a special childhood friend, Gillian Baines, who lived at Richmond, Sheffield 13. We were inseparable growing up and unfortunately lost touch when my family moved away in the late 60's. Gillian will be in her early 60's now. Does anyone know of her whereabouts?
  3. Just want to say I'm enjoying this thread over the past few days. The topic is being discussed with respect on all sides, something which has been sadly lacking previously. I am interested to hear your more balanced views and opinions, thanks in the main to Robin-H for raising the game and others for rising to the challenge and responding appropriately. More please!
  4. I fully support your stance Delayed, this thread is now dominated by a handful of pseudo authoritative posters. It's not a debate, others are not allowed the civility to express an alternative point of view.
  5. What an obnoxious thread of hateful comments; too full of your own overinflated ego to even attempt to see or understand wider than your own narrow minded perspective. Shameful.
  6. Hi Libby C., my husband is also a relative of Herbert Lemon Cole. Herbert was his great uncle and he remembers visiting him as a child. Would be interesting to share information!
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