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  1. Climbing

    Petition to abolish leaseholds.

    Just playing devils advocate. Why should they be abolished?
  2. Yes, it's like a cul-de-sac. It shows deprived via colour using the index key on the left. With more deprived being red , therefore far to say deprive vs not- deprived being red vs not red. This is the overall score yes. I imagine "barriers to housing" would make sense as it could mean something like: There is a barrier to buying a house, i.e the massive cost. Whether this should be interpreted as "deprived" is another story. I do agree with the last statement yes, many people may not have bought the houses when they were worth so much, however they must have some money to live in these houses. Council tax for example is often upwards of £2600 per year, double the city average. Statistically speaking, not everyone can be elderly although granted it does feel like that sometimes in Fulwood and Lodge Moor.
  3. I would take this with a pinch of salt to be honest. Moorbank Road where all the house are £500k+ is deprived Hallam Grange Road - House averages £400k+ is deprived The west end of Manchester Road leading into the peaks is heavily deprived despite average house prices being £600k Also it is dated as 2015 which may explain why Khelham Island is "within the 10% most deprived" I know it's not all about house prices but it's fair to say the two go hand in hand.
  4. Climbing

    Can windows update damage graphics card

    So I had this exact problem last week. Only solved by replacing the motherboard. Despite flashing the BIOS and everything else under the sun. Just one of those things I suppose
  5. Climbing

    New development in S10

    Do you mean the one's on Canterbury Cresent? They're being built by Sivils I think!

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