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  1. Lived on Whiteways Road from 1972-92. Mum and dad still live there. Went to Owler Brook and Whiteways.
  2. I have been reading the forum for about 6 months, but don't post very often. Just really want to see whats going on at home. I moved 14 years ago to South Carolina. Grew up in Grimesthorpe, my parents still live there and I get home a couple of times a year. When I first started going out in town probably in the mid to late 80's we always walked home from town. The way home took us down the Wicker, up Spital Hill, through Ellsemere and Grimesthorpe Road. I never once had a problem. I left to come over here in 92 and still would walk home. Not sure if I would do it now though, but I do not know why??? Not sure whether I am just getting used to the life over here(people leave keys in car, car running, house left open all day etc with no problem) or is it the scaremongering on forum media etc about particular areas. I went running when I was home at Christmas. My route took me down Carlisle St and then up through Ellsemere and Petre St. Felt myself running a bit quicker than normal, but felt dissapointed at myself for feeling a little worried! I would say that when people live in an area they don't see the problems that are going on in an area. I think if you are around something everyday you don't see it changing over time. I have been home every year and have progressively seen the are where I grew up get filthier and filthier, but my mum and dad don't see it (I know this is a different topic)
  3. Melthebell, I also saw Snuff at Take 2. Cannot remember the exact date, but it had to be one one of the dates that you had listed. Cannot remember exactly why I went as I was not really into that kind of stuff. I also saw Charlatans, Ride, Blammo around the same time at Take 2. I do remember thinking that Snuff were unbelievable and that gig will always be in my top10. I think they took a break to get a pint and then invited someone up to play the drums. Does that ring a bell???
  4. People may choices early in life that point to what job they will do later in life. If an individual decides that education is important and works for years towards a certain career, then they deserve the fruits of their labour. Generally, people are paid what they deserve or what they bring to the bottom line of the company they work for. I have no problem with anyone making as much money as they can and I certainly think doctors pay is relatively low in relation to the very important work they do. I also have no problem with footballers making as much money as they can, but thats for another thread!
  5. Owler Brook, Whiteways, Silverdale. Left Siverdale in 1989.
  6. Do not know of anyone called Roy Tompkins. Sorry!
  7. Where did the Tompkins live that you are looking for??? I am a Tompkins and have family in Sheffield named Tompkins.
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