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  1. personally, i dont feel that the problem of these men harrasing girls has gone/or will ever go away any time soon.... it scares the hell out of me and i didnt realise until a few week ago when i was walking past the odeon in town.. a guy (possibly kosovan but not sure) was walking along side me asking me to go to his home and have sex , i kept saying no! go away and leave me alone but he followed me all the way to hallam uni and was very persistant! although its only words, to a girl walking down the road alone it can be very scary! i found the funny side and laughed it off afterwards.. but no, its not funny and it does need to be stopped somehow.
  2. Trust and loyalty!! i strongly agree
  3. ..fortunately, i have a sense of humour and i expected it before putting the post on!! anyway, just been back to the doctors and the doc said ive most prob' broken it i guess ill be stuck in doors for a couple more week, im slowly running out of dvd's to watch!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  4. six months!? nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! oh you poor thing, i really hope that mine doesnt take that long i suppose there isnt any point of me going then, they cant exactly put a plaster cast on it, can they
  5. hellooo all. i fell over last saturday and hurt the very bottom of my spine... the cocyx!! its very paifull, especially whan sat down... its been over a week now and the pain is not getting any better.. went in to work this morning and they had to send me home as i kept letting off random screams! The problem is im really worried about it and the doctor said if the pain didnt get easier then i should go back but i dont know wether to or not as there isnt anything that they can do other than give me painkillers... or is there?
  6. idiots!!! fat pony sounds clever Pleased your ok and alive and well though..... me on the other hand??!! mmmmm
  7. i pay £1.59p for a pint of carlsberg in the lescar
  8. hello all. my friend is wanting to stop smoking and is finding it very difficult so now thinking about getting hypnotised to stop. just wondering if anybody has tried it and think that its worth paying the money to do it... help and opinions would be appreciated
  9. It looked me right in the eye Litha... arent i a lucky girl
  10. You are correct... im gonna have a great day, and a great weekend too full of GOOD luck
  11. Whilst walking to work this morning, a little black cat crossed my path, t'was a cute little thing. I smiled to myself and kept walking. I am quite supersticious and thought this was a sign that good luck was coming my way (its about time!).... however when i got to work and told people they all said that its bad luck!! whats the story? i want good luck...
  12. after a major build up of student debt, my monthly wages leave my account just as soon as they enter it and i am left with nothing for the last 2 weeks of every month lately!! its horrible and makes me very sad cos i cant eat nice food and go out and have fun however im sure ill be rich and living a life of luxury one day!!
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