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  1. No I heard that shortly after so yes it's still going. I did look at the road and couldn't really see how or what I tripped over except a small hole in the road. No it didn't have a fish tank
  2. Hi I would just like to thank the people who helped me today when I had a fall crossing the road by the dodgems. Its right what they say you know you are getting old when instead of laughing at you people come running to help. So thanks to the two guys the helped me up I very much appreciated your help and concern.
  3. The car park behind Poundland Manor top is surely on the Arbourthone estate the Manor Estate being the other side of the road. The carpark I would presume belongs to Poundland there is a path to walk from the road at the back up the side of the building and out onto Manortop. Anything dumped there would presumably be the responsibility of poundland as its a private car park. The car park behind Manortop clinic may be the councils responsibility in conjunction with the health authority as I think it also serves the library.
  4. Ridgeway village had scarecrows out last week
  5. I used tyres on the drive found them on Google, yes I could have got my tyres a little bit cheaper else where but they fitted them at work in the pouring rain and all done in 30 minutes for the pair and I got the quality tyres I wanted to put on the car.
  6. Did you get sorted as I know someone who may be interested in doing this nice person walked my cavalier when I was at work but she recently died
  7. 6.38pm tonight according to nasa from link from nagel a few posts above
  8. I would do what I do now only go into town if I have to. I have been into the city centre once so far this year to the bank the only other part of town? I go to is the hospital to the match sufc and that's it shopping is all done online or at crystal peaks or Meadowhall.
  9. The school uniform shop does uniform for all sorts of schools not just the local ones and is very busy especially at the start of the new school year.
  10. Before the tram was built (from 1978 to1993) I worked on the corner of langsett road and Cuthbert bank road and the traffic used to back up past our shop and down towards halls motorbike shop on a daily basis usually lunch times and from 3.00 to 5.30 when we closed.
  11. On my estate they have relaid some of the pavements but most of the side streets have been left. In fact on one part when the new lights went in they had to dig up part of the path they put new slabs in that are a trip hazard one higher than the other. When I complained they came and inspected my street which is a main path to the tram and said that the path was okay so much for the city having new pavements.
  12. The Greene King pups in Sheffield all stock kopperberg alcohol free cider some now stock the mixed fruit but all of them have the pear version
  13. The market at crystal peaks is open more hours than the new market open 7 days parking is free and is run by the council this year i have been to the moor market a few times but do not go to it specificly only go on the rare occasion I am in town. I park in the open air car park across the road (don't know if it's still open) which was being run as a charity the last time I went.
  14. I had to return a faulty item to the store today and found the staff most helpful.
  15. Sorry I thought it was part of the plan by the goverment at the time that it was sold not run as a concession just presumed that the Conservatives had given it away
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