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  1. Fanny's is still there and open. My mate Bob Heathcoat works behind the bar
  2. Hi Claire76. Sorry I don't recall your mum. My ex wife worked in the cake department too and was once head of the department. As I said I knew your Aunts Dolly and Greta,. I went to school with your uncle Dave and recall another of your uncles working there too. How are they all? My Name is Mark Simmonite. Please remember me to them. ---------- Post added 17-03-2015 at 11:00 ---------- He was my teacher when he passed away was Mr Appleby as I also knew him. Wonderful Man! Used to play a violin
  3. I knew the Grubb family. Worked with Dolly and Greta at Fletchers. I also know you, Mick Davison. I recall you married Janet who also worked at fletchers
  4. Yes went there last weekend. Both the 8oz Sirloin and the 8oz Lamb Steak were delicious. Good beers on too:)
  5. Yes, My name is Mark Simmonite I'm now 61 years old. Must have been there when you was.
  6. Sad to say the legend has passed on early July. RIP Johnny, one of the greats whose like Wednesday shall never see again
  7. Sorry Arthur. My fathers name was Ken
  8. Are you confusing John with Jim Mcanearney? He had a machine shop in Hillfoot
  9. Don't beleive it was a prosthetic hand' just that he had no nerves in it!
  10. Jim Davidson was ace! I was in Fez Parkers grade 1 maths class and deliberately flunked exams so as to be in Jim's class
  11. Brenda Brown is my Aunt. So far as I know both her and Dennis are still going strong. Thet did indeed live at 10 Cross Hunt Street following the death of my Grandmother Gladys Hackett wife of the late William Aunt Brenda passed away last year
  12. I remember the chippy on Wolfe Road belonging to a guy named Dennis - can't recall Alf ever having owned it.
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