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  1. Two years to make a few Traffic Regulation Orders? I guess you can't rush these things, particularly when you're incompetent.
  2. How do you get from, "Plane circling overhead", to, "It's in distress and looking for somewhere to land"? A plane "in distress" would surely not circle over a built up area. Rather it would attempt to head for a rural area, where there would be considerably more opportunities for it to land? Such as, oh, I dunno, things called "fields"? I despair about some people in this city.
  3. ...and Meadowhall is free parking and under cover. Bit of a no-brainer for most shopping TBH.
  4. So Rotherham are in the process of improving access to their borough at one end of the Parkway. What are Sheffield doing at their end? Apart from the square root of nothing, because apparently it's costly and difficult. Gosh, imagine having to put some effort into one's job. You mention structures - there are precisely none in any of the sections of Sheffield Parkway that I've mentioned which are not already paved, so mentioning them as a potential problem is spurious. Sheffield Parkway and it's associated structures were built with a view to making it easy to widen in future. Only the will to actually pursue this is lacking at SCC. If the will is there the money will eventually follow.
  5. Simple sections of extra pavement construction and road marking alterations, with a few new directional signs. Honestly very simple in civil engineering terms. Perhaps some new drainage if the original installation wasn't built with future widening in mind. Overall it doesn't need to be gold-plated. I recall a proposal for an extra lane to be added to Sheffield Parkway as a bus lane a few years ago. If it was possible to do it for a bus lane, then clearly it could be done for general traffic. Much of the construction work could be done as small, discrete schemes over a number of years, all coming into operation in the last year potentially. The taxpayer pays. Whether it happens or not is down to SCC having any interest in making traffic flow better to and from the city centre they are trying to promote. Perhaps they need to look outside the city centre to do this? And not concentrate all their efforts within the IRR. Big schemes are expensive, small ones are not. Like I said earlier, softly softly, catchee monkey.
  6. You'll note that the bridge is already paved: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.3793189,-1.4269308,186m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en Excavating the grass verge and converting it to an extra lane would be extremely quick and simple. The 3 discrete sections of verge you can see on that overhead image - any competent civil engineering contract could do that job in less than a month.
  7. That is not, by any stretch of the imagination, "a lot".
  8. Good old SCC, the "sit back and do nothing" attitude strikes again. ...and you conveniently ignore my comments on how easy it would be to widen Sheffield Parkway which, coupled with widening Mosborough Parkway would ease access into the city centre.
  9. I've never understood this "everyone drive in the nearside lane" mentality on a dual carriageway that seems so prevalent in Sheffield. Just bad driving plain and simple. The IRR clockwise, heading towards Glossop Road seems to be a prime example of where this occurs but I'm sure there are many other locations.
  10. Do people realise that it would only require approximately 700m or so of widening for there to be two lanes all the way from Coisley Hill roundabout up to the Sheffield Parkway junction. Which should make traffic flow far better, dare one venture. The 700m need not be done in one hit, rather it is perfectly possible to do it over several years, a couple of hundred metres or so at a time. Softly, softly, catchee monkey. You may also not realise that to make Sheffield Parkway inbound 3 lanes wide from Mosborough Parkway to Park Square would only require around 1km or so of widening. Much of this widening could also easily be done incrementally over a number of years. For example to make it 3 lanes from Mosborough Parkway to the Manor Lane exit, (a distance of around a mile), would only require about 100m or so of new carriageway building, between the Markets exit and entry slip roads. To any civil engineering contractor this would be a very quick and simple scheme to build. Indeed look at Sheffield Parkway generally between Park Square and Mosborough Parkway - the original land take was such as to allow it to be widened to 3 lanes in both directions. And yet SCC have done little to achieve this despite traffic growth over the decades. Makes one wonder why SCC don't actually crack on and do these comparatively small schemes, if they truly are serious about keeping business activity in the city centre vibrant. They are serious about that, aren't they? Oh. Ah. Well never mind, I'm sure the various businesses involved will relocate elsewhere.
  11. Define "a lot". Of all the people who travel into the city centre to work or shop, what percentage of them cycle? You seem to be claiming that cycling and walking are the best thing since sliced bread and cars are effectively the spawn of Satan, so please provide figures to support your views, given your claimed association with the responsible officers. Personally I don't see "a lot" of cyclists, rather "a tiny number, just barely into double figures on a very good day", would be a far more accurate description based on the roads I use to get to/from the city centre. Several of them are very steep, I'd hesitate to walk up them, let alone cycle and certainly do neither at my age. I'm not aware of any busses that run on a few of them either, so public transport might not be a viable option either. There's certainly no trams in sight that I could use either. I'm concerned that the Manchester report you quoted elsewhere seems to indicate that no matter what is done, bus usage is set to fall. Which makes one wonder whether busses are in any way, shape or form actually "sustainable" and why so much public money is thus being thrown at them. Indeed, one could argue that road widening, including the demolition of properties that you seem horrified at the prospect of is what is actually needed to improve traffic flow. Rather than, for example, the mess that is the route into the city from Meadowhead, a single carriageway road that cries out to be a dual carriageway yet SCC flee from the very idea. Because, you say, it's apparently "too expensive". More expensive than killing off the economic activity in the city centre and thus the long term interests of the city? With that attitude, it makes one grateful that the officers at SCC were not present when the motorway network was proposed last century - they'd be against it on cost grounds alone no doubt, short-sighted that they are. Perhaps "road widening on the cheap", by of doing away with bus lanes, opening road space to all traffic might improve matters generally, rather than the tinkering around the edges on the back of discrete commercial developments approach that SCC seem to currently operate under. One can't help but think that both the officers and councillors at SCC suffer from a distinct lack of vision. You also say the politicians make the decisions, which is true only to the extent that they make their decisions based on what council officers tell them. Are you sure they are told all options, however unpalatable some of them might be?
  12. The good burghers of Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster and Chesterfield must love you so, so much. Great way to kill off Sheffield city centre and drive business to surrounding towns. Truly you are a genius. Incredibly short-sighted but a genius nonetheless. The (rapidly aging) population of hilly Sheffield can walk and cycle to town or use an unreliable bus, (which doesn't actually take them from very close to their house to their desired destination in numerous cases), or go by car to somewhere else. No prize for guessing which it will be. What's that you say? The other towns will be as stupid as Sheffield and destroy their business and retail centres by making them expensive and/or inaccessible to cars? You sure about that? I'd put a good £20 on Chesterfield and the others rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of all that business coming their way.
  13. If only Sheffield could be reclassified as a London Borough. Imagine the enormous pile of money central government would throw at us!
  14. SCC do have a permit scheme. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/roadworks How well, if at all, they enforce it is an entirely different matter altogether of course.
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