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  1. Makes one wonder if SCC are supportive of hired e-scooters and hope to see them in the city, given how "successful" the yellow bike scheme was a few years ago... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53219331 Well done Magneteer, it's rare to see SCC and common sense mentioned in the same sentence 🙂 And I note the mods have removed an earlier post of mine from this topic. Nothing like silencing a critic, is there?
  2. ...and in a few weeks, (at most), from now it will all be over and done with. Try not to worry about it, it's not worth the grief. Someone is doing a job, nothing to see here, move along please.
  3. You mean they're making it up as they go along, with no clue as to what they are doing? We'd noticed dear boy, we'd noticed...
  4. I think the word you're looking for may not be "hold". My money is on the word "dirt". No one could be so cut off from reality to not realise how much damage Cummings is doing and voluntarily back him up. Loyalty only goes so far. The Tories clearly want this to all fizzle out and for people, (AKA the plebs), to forget about it. I can think of over 40,000 reasons to never forget this. Did I say "reasons"? I meant "coffins".
  5. Let's get this straight. The hospital just rang me. My mum, 92, has tested positive. STAY AT HOME
  6. Let's face it, they are only asking those questions at the daily briefings as "Gotcha"-type questions. Journalism is doing itself no favours at the moment. Times have changed but their pathetic, petty attitudes haven't. The BBC are the worst, they are constant doom, gloom and negativity merchants. It's long past the time when a politician should tell them they won't answer the bone questions that are asked at the daily briefing.
  7. /\ What he said, in spades people!
  8. Well let's see what it's like tomorrow morning then. Can't your brother in law's firm do video conference calls? The mob I work for has started doing it, so there's no need for us to go in to the office at all. It works very well. When this is all over, I'll certainly be working from home for one day a week. If as many people as possible did that, it might mean the council's money-spinning air quality zone isn't needed. Everyone's a winner, except SCC, for whom my heart bleeds purple <removed>. The government graphs on traffic flow yesterday showed a clear increase in traffic on the roads. Still, I guess with some people you can't educate pork, eh?
  9. So why was traffic massively greater this morning than last week? I'm sure most of the journeys you mention were being made last week but it doesn't explain the huge increase I saw this morning. Hope your partner pulls through.
  10. Not being policed at all from what I've seen. I'd like to think I'm wrong but have heard little to the contrary, especially around here. I've been making 9 journeys a week, 8 to take her to/from work and 1 to the supermarket. Haven't seen more than a couple of police vehicles during those journeys for, what is it, 5 weeks now.
  11. I need to take her as she can't drive. With the busses so infrequent and the risk of infection on them, it's far more sensible for me to take her in. She normally gets a lift with her mate but she is vulnerable, so isn't at work. I'm at no risk as I don't get out of the car. If all that extra traffic was off the road last week, then they clearly weren't essential - so why are they out today? I don't believe they were all on holiday last week. You need to stop excusing the irresponsible behaviour of too many of the people in Sheffield. But, hey, she's a nurse so should obviously expose herself to even more risk by travelling on the bus, so that morons can justify their non-essential journeys out. Have a word with yourself.
  12. Just back home after taking the wife to her nurse job at one of the hospitals in town. Compared to the last few weeks I can't believe how much traffic there was about this morning! What is wrong with you people? Do you not understand what stay at home essential journeys only means? This city is infested with selfish morons!
  13. Once this virus is over, I wonder if the number of people working from home will be sufficient to clean up the city centre's air such that this zone isn't needed? Perhaps SCC shouldn't rush into this. Unless they are overly interested in the income it will generate for them of course.
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