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  1. I remember hearing him (Wilder) on the radio when evans signed and he was all for it, but I must admit he didn't sound very convincing.
  2. Rumour on OT is Harris is flying back to join QPR, read into that what you will.
  3. What's Ched Evans doing these days? Did he ever get a game under Wilder? Looks like another trouble maker on the horizon. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-united-blades-among-trio-of-clubs-linked-with-former-borussia-dortmund-starlet-390930 We were once linked with a bad boy but apparently the then manager had never seen him play on grass, same player went onto kung fu kick a fan at Crystal Palace I think it was, dodged a bullet there didn't we.
  4. Yes, I can see this ending in tears. He'll be OK for a month or two and then there'll be a big bust up I reckon, he'll split the dressing room without a doubt.
  5. 😂 Here we go, another one whose problems are someone else's fault, go on then, let's hear it.
  6. He'll be following McCabe out of the door when he hands over the keys to the prince. McCabe will be buying Northampton. In other news, the Massive are mobilising.
  7. I can explain it to you, which I have, but I can't understand it for you. I clear up after myself, I try not to drop any rubbish anywhere but when I do, I pick it up.
  8. Remember where you heard it guys and gals.
  9. Some people just can't see (or don't want to see) the utter duplicity at work here. Their all cheering and clapping Attenborough whilst leaving the place a tip, disgraceful behaviour but it's OK because someones coming along to clear it up, whatever happened to clearing your own mess up, I always do.
  10. It's the old do as I say not as I do culture from the snowflakes, which we are being exposed to time and again. I blame the parents.
  11. Sorry to hear that mate, RIP Vernon.
  12. Didn't know your Dad but did your mother have a sister called Gloria.
  13. We call it rounders here mate.😀
  14. I think he'll go back to Northampton, would make sense.
  15. I'm afraid we need more than that mate, we don't knowingly send people home to their deaths.
  16. That's such a sad story. I wouldn't know what else could have been done, maybe the Australian Govt showing a bit of compassion but I suppose the civil servants just execute the law as they see it. I can see another epidemic brewing in Thailand, remember where you heard it.
  17. 15 years old is towards the end of it's lifespan, see link below. https://www.gocompare.com/covered/2013/12/when-should-you-replace-your-boiler/ In the video, the boiler required a new diaphragm, I'd make sure the repair was done by a qualified engineer if you go that way.
  18. The aircraft being escorted has to comply with any instructions it's given or they'll shoot it down.
  19. I was thinking more along the lines of The Independent, Guardian,Ch 4 News, BBC News, Sky News, but you knew that anyway didn't you. Exactly the same here, fake news all over the shop as well as manipulation. Unfortunately, you'll only see it if you're looking for it.
  20. MSM like to whip us up into a frenzy pushing their lefty/liberal views on us, they brainwash the people who can't think for themselves.
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